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Marley dance flooring vinyl for pro and home, Portable rolls of fast setups

A portable dance floor has a number of advantages for studios, schools, event hosts, and even at-home use. Whether selecting a kit, a roll, or an individual tile format, setting up a dance subfloor is a simple DIY job. There’s no need to hire a professional. It can be put together and taken apart in almost no time at all.

We have multiple offerings in stock. We are the largest dealer of DIY dance floor covering in the Midwest. We can ship specific lengths or full rolls. We'll meet the requirements of each customer for his or her marley mat needs.

Portable Marley Dance Floor for Home Studio and Pro Studios

Our subflooring formats for multiple dance styles are extremely versatile. They will work for touring companies, in a theater setting, at a school, in a performance venue, or even at the house. We offer many different use cases, making them a great value. Regardless of the size of the venue, Greatmats has the perfect options on hand.

FAQ Marley Floor Dance Q&A

How much is a marley floor?

Prices start at a little above $2 per sq. foot, making it perfect for large rehearsal spaces, a dance studio of any size, or small in-home practice areas. Considering the beauty in its design, its low price point is even more impressive. Ordering large sizes keeps the price per square foot low. With a custom size, a customer doesn't have wasted material, though, which makes this choice a good value too.

Can you tap on marley floors?

Absolutely. But for tap, a dark color will help disguise marks left behind from tap dancing shoes. The shoe’s oxidation marks blend in fairly well with darker colors versus a gray color.

What do you put under marley floor?

When placing it over cement, a variety of items will work, including foam tiles, rubber rolls, or foam atop a plastic base. If going over carpet, as an alternative, consider using a polypropylene tile.

How long does marley floor last?

Despite the fact that it is thin, it provides plenty of toughness. With such a high level of durability, many of our customers are professional and school theaters. It often carries a five year or greater warranty period.

How thick is marley floor?

It typically measures between 1.5 and 3 mm, or about 0.06 and 0.12 in. Because it is thinner, cutting marley flooring to fit is easy. When the sprungtypical underlayment is included, customers usually end up with a total thickness of 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

This product consists of a thin vinyl floor material that doesn't absorb liquids from a floor cleaner or spills. It has remained popular, because it gives dancers the traction they require. It delivers a bounce back quality to keep dancers healthier too.

Use marley tape or glue it down, so it works for a temporary, semi permanent, or permanent installation. Our product works well for each buyer’s individual use case.

For example, some types of dancing work better with soft versus hard soled shoes. Other styles will accommodate any type of shoe nicely. That's why we stock various styles, allowing us to meet the need of every customer. This is one of the most sought after options for dancer students. It is a must have for serious performers or groups.

For teaching spaces, our dance floor marley needs to be as versatile as the program. Rosco Adagio Tour is our best selling multipurpose rollout option. This non-skid design maximizes student safety, while its non-reflective properties are perfect for performances.

Those working on video shoots also can make use of it. A shine could cause photographic or video equipment to give false lighting readings, yielding poor results in the photo or movie.

The no-glare provides the same sure footing and the same slight give and cushioning that other models provide. It has a dark top layer that doesn't reflect the room lighting or spotlights. If choosing this for use in a theater, it has the durability required to handle average sized and lightweight pieces of scenery without causing indentions.

Before undergoing layout, repair the nails or loose boards on the stage that are sticking up from the subsurface. Because this one is so thin, measuring 2 mm, it could show imperfections.

Reversible Vinyl Dance Flooring

Double sided products feature different colors on each side. Install them with marley floor tape for quick removal later or reverse them to showcase a new color. This allows the user to choose the coloring that's appropriate for the location and type of performance, while maximizing the life of the product.

The reversible ballet floor is suitable for both soft shoe and barefoot use. Its semi matte slip resistant finish eliminates missteps. It is an economically accessible selection for studios.

It is lightweight, weighing just 1.9 pounds per linear foot. This makes it easy to transport, which is a valuable benefit for touring or traveling performances. Repeated installations are easy.

The Vario Reversible Dance Floors are a great pick too. They are available in a wide range of colors, including black white, black gray, Chroma Key blue green, brown gray, and red beige. They are offered in a 63 inch wide and 131 ft long roll. They instantly add character to venues or rehearsal areas.

For a troupe or dancer,touring dance marley is a must have. It was designed to meet the specific needs of a traveling troupe. It is intended for occasional use. Suitable for use with hard or soft shoes, it can be installed on stages and within theaters. It is made of heavy duty materials that are thinner and lighter.

The 5.25 ft by 101 ft rolls weigh just 165 pounds apiece, which makes them easier to roll up and transport than many traditional used marley dance floor for sale selections. They are flexible enough to be repeatedly rolled up during the course of a tour, but they will also lay flat quickly for a secure install.

We offer both full bolts and custom cut lengths. Keep the installation process in mind when deciding which choice is better. Bolts are heavier, so several people are needed to handle them during installations.

Cut to fit sizes are easier to handle, which is ideal for small crews. This is a particular advantage for repeated assembly and disassembly on a stage.

Marley floors yield ideal surfaces. But pay attention to the subflooring over which they will be placed, as its quality plays an important role in the overall comfort and safety results.

Rosco Dance Floor Use Cases

Greatmats offers multiple choices for any installations.

  1. Sprung floor pieces are made up of closed cell foam and a medium density fiberboard. These elements are combined to create a great bounce, while staying flexible to absorb a dancer's impact.
  2. Our Pro Subfloor Studio Elite is a more economical choice that is accessible to smaller groups and productions. This isn't a sprung system, though it does include a cushioning rubber layer. The snap together athletic tiles are safe and efficient.
  3. Our Home Dance Surface is economical and also easily portable, so it's a favorite of tours. The materials create comfortable subfloors that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. It's suitable for light use.

Please note that our marley floor installation and rollout materials are sold separately from the subflooring. Pair the products together in order to accommodate every need.

Vinyl Stage Flooring Option Uses

  1. Practice
  2. Performance spaces
  3. Rehearsal and practice spaces at the house
  4. Stages for theaters
  5. Portable stages for traveling troupes

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