Playground Mats for Slides and Swings

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Options for Playground Swing Mats

When it’s time to let the kids burn off some energy, a trip to the playground is a tried-and-true favorite. However, the last thing parents want to see at the playground is a series of giant ruts filled with rainwater underneath swings and slides that allow children to spend more time splashing in the mud and ruining their shoes than running and playing.

If you are in charge of a playground at a school, church, or park or if you want to create a safer space for your backyard playground, consider using playground swing mats from Greatmats. Our mats for swing sets and slides eliminate the ruts by placing sturdy, thick rubber swing mats in this area. Rather than using dirt, gravel, or mulch that will wear away under constant foot traffic from kids, our mats last for many years without wearing away.

Use Types for Playground Slide Mats

You can use these thick mats anywhere children may create ruts at the playground through repeated foot traffic, such as dragging their feet while swinging, landing hard at the end of a slide, or jumping off the monkey bars. Installing playground slide mats and playground swing mats is a smart idea in a number of situations, including:
  • Park playgrounds
  • Church playgrounds
  • School playgrounds
  • Daycare playgrounds
  • Backyard playgrounds
  • Neighborhood playgrounds
  • Apartment playgrounds
  • Hotel playgrounds
  • Campground playgrounds
  • Mall playgrounds

If desired, you can even bury the rubber matting to ensure its surface height is at the same level as the surrounding ground, reducing any trip hazard. If you use rubber playground tiles throughout the playground layout, this matting will fit perfectly and add extra protection under swings and slides.

Benefits of Swing Mats

The benefits of our playground mats for under swings include:
  • Avoiding Ruts: They help prevent the base material from being worn away, avoiding the creation of holes and pits in heavy traffic spaces.
  • Cushioning: Rubber swing mats feature additional cushioning in spots where children may experience high impacts, such as at the bases of slides.
  • Durability: Rubber playground mats for under slides are extremely durable, and most will last a couple of decades, making them a worthwhile investment.
  • Reducing Upkeep: Playground swing mats reduce the amount of upkeep that’s needed at the property, saving both money and time.
  • Resistant to Mold: A swing set mat is easy to keep clean and free of mold, yielding a healthier space.
  • Eco-Friendly: Because our rubber mats for playground slides consist of safe recycled rubber, they’re an eco-friendly choice.
  • Fall Height Safety: Some playground mats for under swings offer fall height safety ratings in case of an accident.

Outdoor slide mats appear in various natural and bright rubberized colors, depending on the look and design required. Mix and match items to meet the specific design criteria you’re seeking. Forest green, red, blue, or terra cotta are among the colors of playground swing mats we offer, along with the traditional black color often found with rubber.

Playground Swing Mats Q&A

What are the best outdoor playground mats for under swings?

The best playground swing mats have a sturdy design and a specific coverage area. Many people opt to replace wood chip mulch and rubber crumb material with playground swing mats, which will last for 20 years in most installations. They'll remain cleaner than other options, as they will remain free of mold and debris, making for a safe space.

What is the best under slide mat for playgrounds?

The best playground mats for under slides are those that offer durability and stay in place when kids land on them at the bottom of the slide. They also must be able to create an extremely safe landing space to protect against bumps, bruises, and scapes.

Can you use the same type of mat under a slide and a swing set?

Yes, some types of playground safety mats will work equally well under either a swing set or slide. As long as they are heavy-duty mats that do not shift under impact, they should work well in either location.

What type of interlocking playground mats can you use at a park?

The best interlocking playground mats to use at a park often involve thick rubber tiles. Such mats rarely need any maintenance once installed, and they provide a high level of durability, even when used regularly in a busy park setting.