Playground Mats for Slides and Swings

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Rubber slide mats for playgrounds, Swing set landing pads

Playground slide and swing mats are available for large-scale commercial installations at daycares, preschools, schools, churches, parks, and recreational locations. They can also be used for smaller home playground installations. Use outdoor rubber playground tiles for the entire space.

Greatmats offers a wide variety of playground mat surfaces, including straight-edge and interlocking units. Choose the right playground slide or swing mat for the size of the play items installed, based on their height, and to match the thickness to the fall requirement. These are an excellent addition to any kid's playing location.

Benefits of Playground Swing & Slide Mats

  1. They help prevent the base material from being worn away, avoiding the creation of holes and pits in heavy traffic spaces.
  2. Rubber swing mats feature additional cushioning in spots where children may experience high impacts, such as the bases of slides.
  3. Rubber mats for swing sets are extremely durable, and most will last a couple of decades, making them a worthwhile investment.
  4. Playground swing mats reduce the amount of upkeep that’s needed, saving both money and time.
  5. A swing set mat is easy to keep clean and free of mold, yielding a healthier space.

Outdoor safety mats for playgrounds are offered in a variety of natural and bright rubberized colors, depending on the look and design required. Mix and match items to meet the specific design criteria. Forest green, red, or terra cotta are among the colors of playground slide mats we offer. We've outlined a few of our most popular selections below to start.

Recycled Rubber Playground Mats

Our Playground Rubber Mat is a super durable option suitable for high-traffic locales. At 32 x 54 inches, it is perfectly sized for swings, and it offers a 4 foot fall rating. Use several of them to create non-slip areas, or use a single piece to add cushioning and keep the footing even. Rated for use outdoors, our playground swing mat's beveled edges will stay in place to reduce ongoing maintenance while reducing tripping hazards.

Also, consider the Blue Sky Fatigue Swing Mat. Sized at 3 x 5 feet, these fit perfectly underneath swings. Their solid construction makes them highly durable, and they are backed by a five-year limited warranty. Additionally, these offer cushioning benefits, resulting in more comfortable and forgiving surfaces for both children and adults. Offered in four impressive color hues, these are a great way to add quality and safety anywhere.

Rubber Mat for Playground Slide Landing Pad

Our Blue Sky Playground Slide Mats are a popular selection. These are non-slip, outdoor-rated, and backed by a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty. Made of 100% recycled tire buffing, these are eco-friendly and are sized perfectly.

It offers anti-fatigue properties, making it a practical option for use at industrial workstations. It is easy to install and maintain and will not mold or mildew, creating healthier spaces. It is available in four popular color designs, so choose an option that complements what’s already in place.

Our Bounce Back Playground Slide Mats make an excellent and versatile addition to playground matting. Use these rubber playground tiles to gain the added advantage of being able to extend and customize the surface that they cover. Consider installing playground safety mats throughout the spaces for kids, eliminating loose filler material entirely, and creating a series of safer, smoother surfaces where debris and mold cannot hide.

These slide mats are made of recyclable materials, making them a green product for any use case. They are found in multiple thicknesses, with fall safety ratings between 3 and 10 feet. When used with the available ADA border ramp edging, these offer ADA accessibility, which is a major advantage.

Installation is easy. They can be installed over numerous types of subsurfaces. Once the subsurface has been prepared, it can usually be installed by the maintenance crew. This is an economical alternative to poured-in-place surfacing, which requires contractors and expensive equipment for installation.

Cost Effective Playground Slide Mats for Parks

Our Sterling Tiles are budget-friendly options. These have the ability to create a customized surface area that is smooth and looks amazing. This eliminates the need for replenishment of loose materials.

These are ideally suited for tough urban environments where safety, durability, and vandalism resistance are the primary surfacing considerations. Their interlocking design ensures a secure fit, and these may contribute to LEED projects in the construction of playgrounds.

Greatmats is proud to stock a variety of models. While exploring the options, please be sure to contact our flooring experts with any questions. We would be happy to help with finding the perfect product for the project, and we can also provide product samples and detailed shipping information.

FAQ Rubber Playground Slide & Swing Mats Q&A

What are the best outdoor playground mats for under swings?
Many people opt to replace the wood chip and rubberized crumb material with playground swing mats since these will last for 20 years in most installations. They'll remain cleaner than other options, as they will remain free of mold and debris, making for a safe space.

What is the best ground cover for playgrounds or park areas?
Our playground landing mats will be frequently installed as playground swing mats and at the bases of playground slides to prevent ground erosion while also providing extra cushion for children. A slide landing mat does not wash away or blow away like a loose-fill play area can, such as a wood chip playground surface, yielding a soft area with plenty of cushion for when youngsters tumble to the ground.

What are the safest surfaces to use under playground equipment?
Look for those with height ratings against falls, helping to maximize the playground's safety. The shock absorption properties of these are the result of the unique molding process used to create them. Each one is compressed from three different directions, yielding a top-quality model that carries plenty of durability. These are guaranteed by limited lifetime warranties, so you can buy with confidence.

What padding do you put under monkey bars?
The Bounce model discussed earlier yields excellent grip for traction in shoes. It is UV-resistant and backed by a 10-year warranty, delivering outstanding value and performance well into the future. These will perform year-round in all weather conditions and are available in three eye-catching colors that kids will love.

What are Benefits of Swing Mats

green playground swing mat

  • Fall Protection

  • Less Maintenance

  • Looks Great
  • Prevent Holes
  • Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Various Color Options