Meet the Greatmats Sales Team

Angie - Dance flooring and gym floor covering

877-822-6622 ext. 109

Hobbies: Gardening and hockey

It's most important for me that the customer gets the best product for their needs. I listen to their needs, give them options, explain the delivery and installation processes. I want to make sure my customers have all of the information explained to them before making a purchase. I am also available after the purchase to assist with any questions.

Pam - Martial arts, dog agility, gymnastics and cheerleading floors

877-822-6622 ext. 103

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, sewing, biking, cross country skiing, playing with my dogs and grandchildren

I aim to provide the best customer service and help each customer find the right product for their needs at a price they can afford. I do this through being polite, listening to the customer and helping them find what would work the best and be the most cost effective for their needs.

Ryan - Commercial rubber, playground, athletic/martial arts flooring as well as industrial/warehouse flooring

877-822-6622 ext. 106

Hobbies: Walleye fishing, football, basketball, hockey, baseball and golf

My goal is to assist our customers in making the best purchasing decision possible while providing superior customer service. The end objective is not just making the sale, but to hopefully create a lifetime customer.

Eric - Stall mats, outdoor rooftop and playground rubber tiles, rubber gym flooring

877-822-6622 ext. 115

Hobbies: fishing, football and spending time with my family.

I enjoy helping customers get the right product and want them to feel like we are a company they can tell their friends and families about.

Katie - Wall pads

877-822-6622 ext. 111

Hobbies: Camping, gardening, swimming & family time

I strive to make each and every customer feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the products they are ordering. When helping my customer through the process of ordering wall pads and similar products I make sure that I put myself in their situation so I can help provide the best possible experience for their purchase.