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Gymnasium flooring is available in many different forms and materials. Greatmats offers a wide variety of athletic flooring for numerous uses. We also have protective models that will keep the indoor volleyball court flooring hardwood in great shape during times of nonathletic use.

Benefits of Gymnasium Floors

These will provide the facility with significant benefits, including:
  1. Ideal traction for a variety of activities to help prevent slips and falls
  2. Shock absorption to make practices more comfortable
  3. Durable construction to withstand heavy traffic and regular use
  4. Simple care and minimal upkeep requirements

We have numerous selections. Ask these questions when shopping.
  1. What will the gyms be used for?
  2. How much traffic will it see?
  3. How large of a space will be covered?
  4. Are durability, cost, and appearance important?
  5. Will there be a professional installer, or is it a DIY job?

These are as easy to remove and store as they are to install. Some options are also great for permanent installations in multipurpose athletic facilities. We've highlighted some of our most popular picks below.

Multipurpose Gymnasium Flooring Options

Ours will provide cushion, comfort, and style. These are lightweight for quick lay out and transport. One of the major benefits of school gymnasium flooring is its ease of installation. Interlocking indoor court tiles are conveniently sized so that they are easy to transport and install.

They fit together like puzzle pieces, locking together securely so that they won't separate until it’s time to remove them. There is no adhesive required. Installing these can even be a great DIY project. Save money by opting for versatile indoor sports court flooring.

Gymnasium flooring tiles have the benefit of being able to create patterned designs. It’s a piece of cake when creating a solid look with a single-colored court floor tile flat top or a checkerboard appearance by alternating two different colors or patterns. Even use multiple pieces to create a logo or other recognizable design. The possibilities are endless for developing a customized appearance.

Certain models of ours feature a raised base, and all are nonabsorbent. This means that they can be used in an area where moisture may be an issue since air and water can freely circulate and dry within the sport court tile base. These Greatmats court tiles offer an excellent option for dances and multipurpose event areas.

Artificial Athletic Turfs

Hold indoor soccer practice on padded artificial turf, which is a smart way to get the look and feel of real grass without any mess, cost, or maintenance.

It is available for permanent installation, but we have portable, temporary products available too. For instance, our Gym Turf 365 requires no adhesive, can be installed in minutes, and can be easily rolled up again until later.

These work well for indoor track and field shot put areas or football sled work.

Rolled Gymnasium Flooring System

Rubber gymnasium flooring products are a popular choice for larger installs, since they have fewer seams. They are usually an economical choice, though they can be heavier and may require multiple people to lift and install them.

Protective Mats for Gym Floors

Flooring for gyms is a big investment, so it's important to protect it whenever possible. If using the spaces for nonathletic activities like dances, banquets, meetings, graduation ceremonies, or other events, protective mats on gym floors can help keep the spaces looking brand new.

We have a gymnasium floor cover in the form of roll out vinyl. These are specifically created to yield protection from the wear and tear of nonathletic events, including high-heeled shoes and the potential for spilled drinks.

For a fast gymnasium floor covering system, our 10-foot-wide panels are the way to go. Two people can deploy them over the entire space within 30 minutes. Due to the size of these, we highly recommend our Premier Safety Storage Racks, which come with two hand cranks for winding.

Care and cleaning of our gymnasium flooring are best accomplished with an automated, commercial walk-behind cleaner. Please refer to the information provided for each specific product for details on care and maintenance.

We have many gymnasium flooring products that can be easily installed by local maintenance personnel. Our snap-together plastic court tile subfloor and screw-on wall padding make for a simple, efficient installation, saving time and money.

To protect the gymnasium's wood flooring, consider our protective carpet tiles. They measure 6.5 by 3.3 feet in size and feature a non-slip backing. These can be installed by a single person. Rolling carts are offered for easy mobility and storage when the covering is not in use.

FAQ Gymnasium Flooring Q&A

What kind of sports flooring for gymnasiums is common?
We offer elementary, middle & high school gym flooring in modular tiles as well as rolled vinyl and turf materials.

Is vinyl flooring for gymnasiums good?
Vinyl gymnasium flooring is commonly used for indoor basketball court tiles. It has smooth, durable surfaces, but it generally does not carry much cushion.

Why is the flooring in gymnasiums slippery?
Moisture can create a slipping hazard in some gymnasium flooring.

What is the best flooring for gymnasiums in an athletic facility?
Vinyl and vinyl-topped gymnasium flooring offer an excellent wear layer and are generally one of the top-performing materials for water resistance and ball bounce.

How long does the flooring in gymnasiums last?
The wooden indoor basketball court flooring can last 50 years or more if cared for properly by using protective floor covers during non-athletic activities and events. Wood flooring needs to be refinished occasionally.