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Finding the Best Rubber Flooring

In your search for flooring options, you'll find that rubber floors are an extensive category encompassing mats, tiles, and rolls. Each product type caters to different requirements, such as gym flooring, horse stall rubber mats, and outdoor paver tiles.

As you consider rubber floor mats, understand that they generally offer protection for smaller areas. Tiles, in contrast, present a modular and customizable solution, facilitating straightforward installation. For larger spaces requiring uniform coverage, rolls are a low-seam solution and cost-effective. This range in form and function allows you to select the most appropriate rubberized solution to match your specific needs, whether for commercial or personal spaces.

Greatmats Expertise with Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats has been an important category for Greatmats for over two decades. We have established strong partnerships with most of the leading rubber floor manufacturers in the USA. Our deep understanding of this sector and established supplier relationships allow us to deliver optimal solutions for your specific needs.

Our expertise and connections in the industry ensure you have access to high-quality products, whether for commercial or personal use. We pride ourselves on understanding and meeting your specific flooring needs with the finest rubber solutions available in the market. Whether you seek the resilience of gym tiles or horse stall mats, We invite you to leverage our expertise and extensive network to find the perfect rubber product for your project.

Rubber Manufacturing Processes

Rubber materials are bonded with urethane binders or crafted through re-vulcanization processes. Within this multifaceted category, one can find solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of uses, from high-performance gym flooring to comfortable and resilient options for home and outdoors. This range allows for custom solutions that deliver durability, longevity, and functional value.

Rubberized Floor Surface Benefits

Rubber flooring solutions are durable and easy to install, and they can provide excellent shock absorption, sound insulation, and slip resistance. This combination of qualities ensures that you're investing in a rubber floor mat option that enhances the comfort and functionality of your space and offers a blend of practicality and performance.

Indoors and Outdoor Rubber Installations

As you consider rubber flooring for your space, not all rubber mats suit both environments. It is crucial for you to understand which type of rubber is best suited for your specific location, whether indoors or outdoors. Indoor rubber covering options are often designed for comfort and aesthetic appeal. In contrast, outdoor rubber mats need to withstand harsh conditions like weather and expansion and contraction. Your informed decision will ensure that the rubber you choose not only meets but exceeds your expectations regarding durability and suitability for its intended use.

Rubber Use Types

Rubber use types have evolved over time. Initially prominent in gyms and equine areas, rubber flooring has expanded its reach to include decks, rooftops, playgrounds, home shops, residential garage gyms and dog training facilities. This expansion illustrates the material's versatility and durability in various environments. Gym flooring remains the largest and most common installation of rubber. This continued preference for gyms underscores the material's ability to provide safety, comfort, and resilience, qualities that are essential in high-impact and high-traffic areas.

Recycled Rubber Materials

Rubber surfaces are predominantly made from recycled rubber materials, primarily sourced from truck and car tire treads. This approach exemplifies a sustainable solution and ensures your flooring is environmentally friendly and durable. The recycling process transforms automotive tires into rubber crumbs or buffings, which are ideal for various manufacturing processes. Your choice to use recycled rubber contributes to environmental conservation.

Rubber Floor Rolls

Available typically in a standard widths of 4 feet. These rolls are available in a range of sheet thicknesses, varying from 2 mm to 12 mm, to suit different requirements. Whether you're looking for a thinner option for underlayments or a thicker option for high-impact surfaces, the variety in thickness ensures that you can find a rubber roll that aligns with your specific indoor application.

Rubber Tiles

Consider that rubber tiles come in two main types: straight edge or square and interlocking. Tiles can vary in thickness, ranging from 1/4 inch on the thin size to 3 inches thick. Depending on their thickness and design, interlocking rubber tiles are more suited for indoor use, providing comfort and durability in areas like gyms and workout areas. In contrast, square tiles are designed for outdoor environments, offering resilience against weather and moisture. Your choice between straight edge and interlocking tiles, as well as the appropriate thickness, will significantly influence the functionality and suitability of the flooring for your specific indoor or outdoor application.

Rubber Mats

As you explore the options for rubber mats, it's important to understand their versatility and adaptability to different environments. Rubber matting is designed for single stand-alone uses and, when waterjet cut, can fit together for larger areas, making them an ideal choice for gym floors. Rubber floor mats are durable for gyms and barns and can withstand heavy use. Your decision to use rubber mats in these settings ensures a practical, long-lasting rubber mat solution tailored to your specific needs.

Types of Rubber Flooring

When you select rubber flooring from Greatmats, you receive one of the most versatile floors. You can select among:

Where to Use Rubber Flooring

Each design has specific use cases where it fits especially well.

Gyms and Fitness Rubber Floors

Whether for a gym at a commercial center or for a workout space for a garage gym or for a home gym, flooring consisting of rubber matting, tiles, or rolls is a smart choice.

Equine and Horse Barns Rubber Mats

Black rubber stall mats provide the best results for use around horses, as they are easy to clean and give the horses and handlers the cushioning and traction they need for safety. Kits that contain multiple mats are available to cover specific measurements.

Anti-Fatigue and Commercial Locations

Large spaces that require a lot of flooring often work best with rolls of rubber matting, which also provide anti-fatigue benefits. For a little extra cushioning in certain places that need it, place thick rubber mat flooring over the top.

Basements Floors

Interlocking tiles are easy to install in a tight space in a basement, as you can select the precise number of tiles you need.

Playgrounds Rubber Tiles

Playgrounds that use rubber pavers have a high level of cushioning that protects kids when they fall. Pavers are easy to install over a large space.

Rubber Flooring Q&A

Does rubber flooring absorb sound?

It will provide a sound-dampening capability if used in an area where noise is constantly present, like in workout locations where weights are often in use. It also yields a cushioned subsurface to place under exercise machines, which cuts down on the noise they generate.

Rubber flooring rolls vs. rubber floor tiles: Which is best?

Rolls of rubber floors tend to be thinner and less expensive than tiles. You may need tape or glue to hold them in place. Tiles often interlock, which simplifies installation, while providing a greater level of support underneath heavy items.

What are the best low odor rubber options?

Some new rubberized floors have an odor that resembles a 'new car' smell, and some people have sensitivity to this odor. If you need a low odor floor, you can select one containing non-vulcanized rubber, which has a less obvious smell.