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Types of Rubber Flooring

When you select rubber flooring from Greatmats, you receive one of the most versatile floors. You can select among:
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Rubber floor tiles
  • Rubber flooring rolls
  • Rubber interlocking pavers

Where to Use Rubber Flooring

Each design has specific use cases where it fits especially well.

Rubber Flooring for Gyms and Fitness

Whether for a gym at a commercial center or for a workout space for a garage gym or for a home gym, flooring consisting of rubber mats, tiles, or rolls is a smart choice.

Rubber Flooring for Equine and Horse Barns

Black rubber stall mats provide the best results for use around horses, as they are easy to clean and give the horses and handlers the cushioning and traction they need for safety. Kits that contain multiple mats are available to cover specific measurements.

Rubber Flooring for Anti-Fatigue and Commercial Locations

Large spaces that require a lot of flooring often work best with rolls of rubber, which also provide anti-fatigue benefits. For a little extra cushioning in certain places that need it, place thick rubber mat flooring over the top.

Rubber Flooring for Basement

Interlocking tiles are easy to install in a tight space in a basement, as you can select the precise number of tiles you need.

Rubber Flooring for Playground

Playgrounds that use rubber pavers have a high level of cushioning that protects kids when they fall. Pavers are easy to install over a large space.

Rubber Flooring Q&A

Does rubber flooring absorb sound?

It will provide a sound-dampening capability if used in an area where noise is constantly present, like in workout locations where weights are often in use. It also yields a cushioned subsurface to place under exercise machines, which cuts down on the noise they generate.

Rubber flooring rolls vs. rubber floor tiles: Which is best?

Rolls of rubber floors tend to be thinner and less expensive than tiles. You may need tape or glue to hold them in place. Tiles often interlock, which simplifies installation, while providing a greater level of support underneath heavy items.

What are the best low odor rubber flooring options?

Some new rubberized floors have an odor that resembles a “new car” smell, and some people have sensitivity to this odor. If you need a low odor floor, you can select one containing non-vulcanized rubber, which has a less obvious smell.