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GrassTex is the best alternative to traditional grasses. Faux grasses can easily convert spaces into inviting areas suitable for more rigorous use than natural grass. Faux turf can be the single most effective way to make an outdoor space perfect for kids, pets, sports, and even playgrounds.

As GrassTex dealers, Greatmats offers a variety of GrassTex products that offer superior drainage as well as natural looks and top-quality performance.

GrassTex Installation Delivers Excellent Longevity

A well-maintained lawn or field consisting of faux materials is a luxury Greatmats can provide. Live grasses require major financial and time investments in order to keep them in tip-top shape. And even then, they’re only suitable for limited activities and conditions.

Maintaining a growing yard, sports field, or lush landscaped area requires extensive maintenance. However, with GrassTex turf installation from Greatmats, there's no more mowing, weeding, or fertilizing to worry about.

In high-traffic spots, there will be no thinning, mud, or divots with GrassTex. After athletic events, walk away knowing maintenance will be minimal, especially during excessively rainy or drought-ridden summers.

These materials work well for pets and virtually eliminate the cost of maintaining them, as they are easy to clean and maintain. As an added benefit, these options offer a realistic look that is versatile and lasts for years.

Benefits of a GrassTex Install

Wondering if man-made turfs are the right choice? Consider these benefits.
  1. Maintenance free
  2. Zero wait
  3. No seeding and watering
  4. Easy to lay out, even in locations inhospitable to real lawns
  5. Superior water drainage
  6. Comfortable under bare feet
  7. Durable enough for shoes and equipment
  8. Maintains fresh appearance all year

These are useful for:
  1. Decks and Patios
  2. Terraces and Balconies
  3. Pool surrounds
  4. Golf courses
  5. Pet Areas
  6. Indoor and Outdoor Athletic Facilities
  7. Kids Play
  8. Residential or Commercial

Grass Turf Rolls

If working on a large project, this is a practical choice. These cover large spots in a hurry, leaving very few seams. Many save both upkeep costs and time. Ours are highly durable, and many are made to withstand use anywhere and in any climate. These grass rolls are resistant to fading, staining, and tearing.

For golfers seeking a product from a leading manufacturer, our GrassTex Money Putt is very popular. The 15-foot width creates an ideal surface for putting, with no infill required. For golfers looking to develop a more consistent putting stroke on a realistic surface, GrassTex One Putt is a smart pick. Installs are simple and cost-effective for use in all weather conditions.

Our Play Time is a versatile option for kid areas. It has a plush body with a natural look and feel.

Want a different color than green? Take a gander at our Bermuda model. This is available in seven different colors, yielding plenty of options. This is suitable for indoor baseball practices and games without the requirement for infill. Also consider this for track and field, trade shows, agility training, soccer, and other specialty sports.

Choosing The Right Workout Turf Rolls

Consider the following factors to narrow down the shopping options:
  1. What types of activities will it be used for?
  2. Where will it be installed?
  3. How big of an area is needed to cover?
  4. Is the existing surface flat or uneven?
  5. How heavy will the traffic be?
  6. What type of subsurface will the layout occur on?
  7. Who will be installing it?

FAQ GrassTex Q&A

How much is a roll of fake grass?
If considering gym indoor turf for sale, the cost depends on whether padding is included on the underside of the GrassTex synthetic turf. The thickest pads will provide the highest level of cushioning for the athletes using the athletic turf for sale, but they will also increase the price per square foot that athletic fields will have. You can expect to pay around $7 per sq ft for the thickest padding measurements, while those with no padding or thinner padding will run around $2 per square ft. We offer the ability to order a length of turf to fit any project.

What size do synthetic turf rolls for sale come in?
We have them in a 15 ft wide roll, and customers can purchase the precise lengths they need, although a 100’ roll is the common length. With this setup, customers can buy exactly the amount required. Think about this for public playgrounds, backyard layouts, golf courses, and trade show display booths.

Can I install artificial grass myself?
This can be a tricky job, but it can be done by a single person under the right circumstances. These jobs usually go better when multiple people and power equipment are available. For an outdoor installation, the installers may need to be able to level out the ground underneath as well as lay out treated wood posts around the perimeter to create a place for it to attach securely. For a certain indoor installation, such as indoor artificial turf for Cross Fitness gym use, the method of layout will depend primarily on the type of subflooring in play. These gym turf rolls sled layouts are heavy, so equipment may be required to move them into place. Using glue or another adhesive is the best way to perform the process. Additionally, we have the products and expertise you need to create successful installations.

Is an underlay required for astro turf rolls?
It will depend in part on the base or subfloor that exists. Some people choose to use a foam or rubber underlay when doing the install outdoors or indoors. If going atop dirt, underlayment is okay to use, but it is often not necessary. For a layout going over rock or cement indoors, including an underlayment will give those using it a cushioned type of area that’s ideal for many different types of use cases. Sometimes, the underlay is already bonded to the custom turf flooring, which simplifies the process. Some choose to use a silica sand base material instead of underlayments.

What is the cheapest synthetic grass?
To save money on gym turf flooring, seek out a product that does not have a foamed or rubbery underlayment attached to it. Grass turf alone will be slightly less expensive than other types of layouts. Additionally, a customer will spend less when the pile height is shorter, which is ideal for putting greens, versus a longer blade length, which may work better for sports like football or soccer.