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Calming rooms and sensory rooms are spaces at school where children can de-escalate and learn to self soothe. Contractors and architects usually refer to them as seclusion rooms. These rooms are generally equipped with wall padding and soft flooring for safety. At Greatmats, we offer a large selection of both floor and wall padding suitable for calming rooms.

Calming Room Floors

Custom folding mats are a great option and top choice for many calm rooms, sensory rooms and de-escalation rooms.

These floor mats are made with a 2 inch high impact foam which provides nice protection for anyone using the room, and they will have an 18oz heavy duty vinyl covering so they are built to last just like your wall padding. Many times you will need 2 mats to fill a whole room but the mats will connect together with a sewn in hook and loop system on the bottom of the mats.

One major benefit of these mats is how they are a more secure option. The key to success with these folding mats is a good install. We recommend that you have your wall padding installed 2-1/2'' to 3'' above the base floor so you have just enough room to tuck the folding mats under the wall pads. This helps reduce the risk of anyone being able to get to the edge and pull up the mats while inside the room. Yet you can still remove the mats as needed for deep cleaning - you would just simply stand outside the room in the door way and pull up on the mats.

Folding mats are not the answer to every calm room flooring. Often times we will see rooms that will have different angles or ones that require us to work around several columns. In those cases we often look at vinyl roll out mats or anti-fatigue PVC tiles with hidden interlocks.

The roll out mats can be cut to fit on site with just a sharp utility knife. Since the rolls only come 6 ft wide, often times you need more than one roll. You will need to tape the top seam of these mats if you go this route. There is a risk of the tape being pulled up so this is only a good option if there is observation windows or openings.

Some of the rooms that are geared more toward sensory we will often use our foam tiles. We have thicknesses ranging from 1/2'' up to 1.5'' with a variety of densities so we can get a tile to match your needs. These tiles are 2x2ft typically and can also be cut to fit on site. These tiles can be pulled up while inside the room with a little effort so again, this one is good for sensory rooms or if there is an observation window or doorway.

De Escalation Room Wall Pads

Often times, when children are in need of calming, tempers or violent outbursts can occur. In order to prevent these outbursts from resulting in physical harm to the child or teacher, wall padding is added to the rooms. It is important that this wall padding stays securely in place, so permanent installation is recommended.

Padding for Special Needs

In a case where a child or adult has special needs such as autism or seizures, wall padding and floor padding are essential to prevent serious injuries from banging their heads against the floor or wall. All of these padded surfaces are designed to absorb and cushion against impact.