Tumbling Mats for Gymnastics

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Custom Tumbling Mats, Kids Tumble Mat, Home Tumbling Mats

When looking to outfit a professional training program or a residential practicing space, Greatmats has a wide set of tumbling mats that are sure to suit the needs of gymnasts everywhere. These are versatile and found in a variety of colors.

These create a safe athletic surface for temporary layouts. They are used in gyms, schools, homes, gymnastic team facilities, and yoga facilities across the country. Because they’re typically foldable, it's easy to store them away until the next session.

Gymnastics Mats for Home

Pick from kids tumbling mats in thicknesses from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. If seeking mats for tumbling that provide plenty of protection, we offer thicker pads suitable for skill development. We have a wide assortment that can fully equip any gymnasium with the supplies required for a comprehensive program. We have a complete catalog of professional gymnastics tumbling mats.

We offer tumble mats in a number of designs, including rolls, non-convertible, and folding gym mats. There’s a wide variety of options to select from at Greatmats.

Many have a durable construction with a high quality foam interior and an exterior vinyl shell. The foam core offers cushion and shock absorption for an athlete, supporting athletic activities like somersaults and cartwheels. The heavy duty exterior is rigorous enough to withstand use from the majority of athletic shoes. Cleaning and disinfecting take very little time, so maintenance is minimal.

Many times, a folding mat will have the same construction, incorporating a soft middle and durable vinyls in the cover. But they have another special feature, as they're equipped with connector strips on their edges. Use connectors to make larger practicing or training surfaces.

Customize them according to the type of activity, arranging them into a longer run lane or large floors for team practices. This design aids in simulating competition.

Tumbling Mats for Toddlers and Older Children

  1. We have both rolls and interlocking tile forms.
  2. They typically measure 1.5 to 2.5 in.
  3. The fluffy denim is our thickest option, measuring 12 inches thick. It does not fold or roll up but absorbs shock.

Our cheerleading tumbling mats feature a slightly different design, so that they can provide exactly what athletes need for practice. Rather than featuring vinyls, they have a carpet topping that gives athletes the extra rebound tumbler students need.

Use them as long lanes for tumblers, as the lengths up to 42 feet are perfect for commercial and competitive installations. If working out at the house, our 10 foot lengths are more practical and manageable, while yielding plenty of spaces for practices.

Connect them together using their hook and loops, creating a longer lane by using several pieces. We have the right option for a residence or a commercial application.

We have the tumble mat in many sizes. With more cushion and protection, it’s suitable for a higher impact activity. Our gymnastics mats for sale are suitable for activities such as cheering, floor exercises, and more.

If seeking something specific, don't forget that we can also develop custom designs. For help with customizing, please contact our professional customer service representatives. We would be happy to find or develop one that is just right.

A bright color adds a bit of life to the gymnasium or to a workout in the house. To match a team's logo or a child’s favorite hues, there are plenty of ideas with Greatmats.

We commonly offer black and blue, but there are other colors, too. Looking for something truly unique? Our customized picks are available in 14 gym mat color options, including green, pink, rainbow, blue, red, orange, gray, tan, yellow, white, and burgundy.

If working within a tight budget, don't feel like sacrificing quality for affordability is necessary. We keep our best tumbling mats in stock and at discounted prices, so they're accessible for all budgets. Guaranteed to be a great value, we have them on hand so that they ship quickly. Some orders are eligible for free shipping.

Our most economical unit still offers excellent quality and is designed to yield a strong performance. It has strips for making connections on each side, allowing for creation of lanes and wider floor surfaces.

These are versatile enough to be used for almost any kind of activity, saving money. They're a practical pick for those on a budget, while still receiving excellent products.

For something made to match certain specifications, ours are manufactured right here in the USA and can be made to fit precise requirements. The production lead time varies, but it typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks. Each is backed by top-of-the-line product warranties, so invest with confidence.

Cheer Tumbling Mats for Home

For fast delivery, choose from our selection of in-stock home gym mats. We keep them on hand in our warehouse, so they're ready to ship. These are equipped with 18 oz vinyl coverage, so they'll hold up to rigorous use and gymnastics equipment, even in commercial facilities.

They feature a hook and loop fastener on all four sides, making them as versatile as possible. Put them together and lay them out for larger full floors. They are available in several color picks, including blue, black, purple, red, and green. Select either 1.5 or 2 in. for thickness, and among sizes from 4x8 to 6x12 feet.

For training spaces in homes, our 5x10x2 tumbling mats have a carpet top with a cross-linked polyethylene center for absorbing shock. They measure 1 3/8 inch thick.

A product that isn't in stock will just take a little bit longer to ship. But don't worry. We process all of our orders promptly to speed them along as much as possible.

Consider our vinyl topped rolls. They are easy to clean. These are great for use at the house, and they’re practical to use in a pro setting for individualized practice. They roll out easily for a simple and fast installation, so begin working immediately without wasting any time.

They are equipped with special tatami texture vinyls, which help to prevent skin burns from contact with the surface. The top is flatter and firmer, and there are fewer noticeable seams or creases. The straight edges allow for connections to yield a bigger area to train.

Additionally, we have wrestling and MMA matting. Choose one with the surface option that best suits the needs of the students.

Our puzzle style kids gym mats are particularly popular with programs for kids. They can be used with youngsters and toddlers, creating surfaces that are both soft and forgiving. They help to absorb the impact of a fall, minimizing the potential for injury. Some even have fall ratings, showing athletes are protected. We have incline mat selections for youngsters too.

For a tumbler athlete, pick at least 1 inch of thickness. These also work for judo where falls and other significant impacts regularly occur. Our 1 5/8 inch Grappling MMAs are ASTM fall height rated for 4 feet. They have proven to be our most popular puzzle foam selections.

To further increase the safety when practicing, review our catalog of wall and pole pads. They are available in various size levels and thicknesses. Additionally, custom order them to fit the uniquely sized posts and pillars of a facility.

Q&A Tumbling Mats FAQ

How thick should a crash mat be?

The crash matting will need to have a thicker measurement to yield the padding desired for protecting against hard landings while learning new skills or playing. Tumblers may want 8 to 12 inches of cushioning, but we also have models with 16 to 18 in. of thickness. These likely will have carrying handles.

How much are tumbling mats?

Padding for tumblers can seem expensive, as it can cost anywhere from $4 to $7 per square foot. A crash pad may cost around $15 to $20 per square ft. However, these are important to the safety of the cheerleaders and others who will be using them, so they’re worth every penny.

What size tumbling mat should I get?

Our fold gymnastics tumble mat offers typical dimensions of 4x8 or 5x10 foot. However, multiple other sizes exist, depending on the planned use case. Large coverage helps with protecting from falls. We have customized sized selections too.

How long is a tumbling run?

During tumbler runs, it’s important to have enough space to catch them as they make their landings after running their skills. The end of the runs needs to have extra cushioning when landing hard. The runway should contain a grippy material, preventing slips. The run can range from 10 to 42 ft long for a residence or studio setting.

How can I practice tumbling at home?

With gymnastics mat folding panel mat models, cheerleaders will be able to adjust the size of the coverages they will have. Start with a 4x8 that folds down to 4x2 ft that’s four times thicker. The adjustable sizing is great for multiple types of practices.

The gymnastic mat can be used for the following purposes:

  1. Cheerleading
  2. Gymnastics
  3. Yoga
  4. Basic exercise
  5. Play spaces
  6. CrossFit
  7. Floor exercise
  8. Wrestling
  9. Martial arts

Thinking about buying gymnastic mats for homes or gyms? Here are a few reasons why they are a wise investment:

  1. They are affordable, instantly creating safe workout or play spots.
  2. Choose different thicknesses to achieve varying degrees of firmness and impact protection, allowing multiple activities.
  3. Fold them up for convenient storage, even with limited space.
  4. Since they’re made to be temporarily installed, use them to increase the versatility of a facility.
  5. Use them to lay out a spot to train or to just enhance safety.