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Flexible Cheer Mats, School Cheerleading Mats, All Star Cheer Floors

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Cheer mats are designed for professional, high school and university cheerleading practice and competitions. Most of our cheerleading mats are made in the USA and are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Greatmats cheer mats are some of the best cheer mat options for professional, extracurricular and recreational cheerleading. Our flexible carpet top cheer mats are engineered to handle daily practice and competition setups.

Non-slip, carpet-topped cheerleading mats are designed to provide fatigue relief for catchers while also providing a layer of padding for flyers. They are excellent for stunting, tumbling and other floor exercises. Safety cheer matting allows your athletes to perform their routines with the highest safety precautions available.

Home Cheer Mats

Greatmats carries many home cheerleading mats that are available with free shipping, including our 4x6 foot and 5x10 foot roll out carpeted cheer mats. Consider a durable 18 oz. covered gym folding mat for your cheerleader at home, especially if your athlete participates in other sports such as gymnastics or martial arts.

Our carpet topped cheerleading mats for home use are available in 4x6 and 5x10 foot sizes. These cheer mats are made of the same durable and high-quality materials as our professional mats, making for the same feel under foot, whether at practice or in competition. They are the ideal size for baseline or sideline setup.

Professional and All-Star Cheer Mats

Greatmats carries a complete line of professional quality 6x42 foot carpet top pro cheerleading mats for All-Star Teams and competitions. All-star and competition cheerleading mats are available in 1-3/8 and 2 inch thicknesses. These cheer mats are designed for years of use and come with a 3-year limited warranty. They are precision-cut with a water jet. This helps to ensure that the cheer mats are perfectly square and will lay side-by-side with no gaps. This product features a flexible, easy roll-out design and multiple mats can be connected using hook and loop connect strips.

Create a full-sized competition floor by simply unrolling multiple cheer mats side-by-side. Push them together until the butt up next to each other and unroll the connect strips, hook side down along the seams.

Color Options

Many color options are available. Black and royal blue are the most popular selections, but some folding panel mats are available in red and purple among other colors. Custom color mats are also available for those with specific color needs. Please consult our professional customer service personnel to discuss logo options. Many customers choose to put a school or club logo in one strip of their mats to share their school spirit.

Cheer Mat Construction

All home and professional roll out cheer mats come with a durable, needle punched, commercial-quality carpet top. Where some manufacturers use glue to attach the carpeted top of their cheer mats to its foam base, the carpeting on our mats is flame-laminated to the foam. This ensures that the bond between the foam and carpet won't begin to fail with use. Your cheer mats won't come apart. All our cheerleading mats come with a three-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The foam in our roll out mats consists of cross-linked polyethylene material. Slits in the back of the mats are cut into the foam with water jet precision. These slits allow you to roll up the mats for storage or transport without creasing or damaging them. This flexible style is a popular solution for people who need to transport and use their mats in various locations. A lightweight design makes it easy for one person to install and move the mats.

Shipping and Care

Shipping of the large 6x42 foot rolls is via freight delivery. Home flexible cheerleading mats ship via ground delivery. Lead time for production of our mats is usually about 1-3 weeks before shipping. Smaller 4x6 and 5x10 foot mats usually ship via ground delivery within 2-7 working days. Small home mats come with free shipping.

To add to the lifespan of your cheerleading mats, vacuum them on a regular basis. On occurrences where the mats are extra dirty, a light mopping with water should suffice. Avoid using any powerful cleaning agents, as these can damage the product. Large, full-size cheerleading mats can be steam cleaned on an annual basis as a part of regular maintenance.

If the mats are to be used outside, do not leave them in the rain. It is best to always keep cheerleading mats dry and indoors for storage.

Cheer Accessories

Add to your training arsenal with our incline/wedge mats or octagon mats. Both are available in multiple sizes.

We also carry protective sleeves for cheerleading rolls. Please call for details. Our friendly customer service team will make sure you get great service, great quality, great pricing and Great Mats!

Choosing Your Cheer Mats

Fall height should always be a consideration when choosing which form of matting is best for your cheerleading training and/or competition. As a general rule, the thicker the matting the more shock absorption and fall protection it will provide.

For basic cheerleading training with fall heights of 4 feet or less, tatami puzzle mats or carpet-bonded foam mats with a thickness of between 1 3/8 inches and 2 inches are the standard choice.

If you are working on drills and learning new skills, vinyl covered landing pads or crash pads are a better option. Crash mats are not as firm as landing mats and are therefore not intended for stunting, however. Both options are generally used when there is a fall height of 6.5 feet or less. However, additional protection for greater heights can be achieved by layering landing pads over foam matted flooring.

Spring floors should be used for any cheerleading activity with a fall height exceeding 11 feet.

Contests and Promotions

Stay tuned to Greatmats Facebook page for contests and promotions. Congratulations to Denfeld High School of Duluth Minnesota for winning 2016 Greatmats $1000 Giveaway: Cheerleading Edition. Learn more about how Denfeld won this great prize!

Also in 2016, Greatmats began honoring outstanding cheerleading coaches who demonstrate strong quality, integrity and service in their coaching and in the community as part of the Greatmats National Award Series. Anyone may nominate a cheerleading coach for the Greatmats National Cheerleading Coach of the Year Award each October. Winners are named in December each year.