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Gym Floor Covering Systems for School Gymnasiums

  1. Hardwood flooring is expensive to resurface and our gym floor covers prolong life.
  2. Temporary floor coverings increase the versatility and use of these spaces for awards ceremonies, graduations, parties, and other special events.
  3. Maintain pristine condition of the gymnasium floor while protecting the gym floor against hard sole shoes, tables, chairs, and spills.
  4. Create a buffer, preventing wear and tear and extending the subfloor's lifespan.

Basics About Gym Floor Covers and Protections

Gymnasiums are among the busiest locations in schools, universities, churches, athletic facilities, and similar gathering places. In most cases, it is a multi-purpose space that hosts all kinds of different events. Sports practices and games are only the beginning. It serves as a gathering place for pep rallies, assemblies, graduations, dances, and fundraising. It may allow the public to hold craft shows and trade shows.

Natural wood simply isn't made to handle heavy-duty foot traffic, non-athletic shoes can scuff the surface, and a spill can cause significant damage to the finish.

Greatmats has a wide range of portable gym floor tarps available, all of which create a slip-resistant surface and protect your subfloor. Using a gym tarp-style covering will enhance the versatility of the area.

Many of our vinyl floor tarps are around $1 per square foot of coverage. This delivers strong value in a product that will stand up to regular use. In fact, the right systems can almost pay for themselves over time. Our materials will keep it looking new for longer which means less resurfacing, and saving money.

We offer carpeting and vinyl. We've outlined some of the advantages and disadvantages of both styles below.

Vinyl Gym Floor Covers for Events

  1. Large sheets of flooring are easy to roll out and install
  2. Install them across an entire basketball court floor, taking two people only about half an hour
  3. Vinyl is available in various thicknesses and widths
  4. A quick mopping will have it looking amazing
  5. Multiple colors to match the school or team
  6. Floor runners yield coverage for smaller, high-traffic areas, like team benches or walkways for fans

Gym guard gym floor covers and tarps appear in numerous thicknesses and color options. Use this as a cost-effective option where a quick installation is required.

It rolls out fast. It is best stored on hanging racks, which makes storage convenient. With the right gym floor cover storage racks, the work goes fast, as the material will roll out quickly from the racks. Our Self Cleaning Brush Attachment is another great investment. This attachment mounts to the rack. As the material is rolled onto the rack, the brush sweeps it at the same time. This brush ensures the gym cover will look great.

If you're working with an average-sized building, a pair of people can easily install these covers in about 30 minutes. For larger gyms, we sell rolls up to 100 feet in length.They should be taped down when installing them.

We have narrower units too. These measure 4 or 5 feet in width, making them perfect for use along the sidelines. Place them under the chairs on the bench to catch spills and keep the wood floor surface protected. Or employ runners to go atop areas that will serve as reception lines.

Both are available in weights ranging from 10 to 32 ounces. For frequent use, thicker ones are more appropriate. Thinner installations work nicely for light-use situations.

Carpet Gym Floor Covers

  1. A large tile consisting of carpeting is easy to handle
  2. Each tile can be stored on carts for simplified layout and removal
  3. Non-slip backing eliminates the need for adhesives
  4. Gym carpet tiles create traction, helping to keep event attendees safer

Gym floor carpet tiles are durable, providing perfect protection. These are conveniently sized at 1x2 meters per piece and 6mm thick. We have a three-year warranty on this product.

Our 1x2 meter sizes are handy to have on hand. They offer so much versatility for use in gymnasiums that customers receive a very good value.

To simplify storage, we offer carts for transporting them. When using the carts, just roll them anywhere they're needed. Have the cart on hand for disassembly too, speeding up this process.

FAQ Gym Floor Covers Q&A

Which gym floor covers are best for gymnasiums?
One of our most popular covering is called Gym Floor Covering Carpet Tile. Our basketball floor covering is a perfect choice for churches and other dual-purpose facilities. Employ it anywhere it may be used for dances, banquets, ceremonies, or another special event.

How heavy are vinyl gym floor covering tiles?
Ours measure 1 by 2 meters and weigh a little less than 14 pounds per unit. Stack them on a cart for easier transportation. They have a slip-resistant backing. This means no tape or glue is required during installation, allowing for a quick layout.

What kind of tape can you use on hardwood indoor sports courts?
Specific types of tape made from vinyl are safe to use, and they usually have a waterproof design, so they will last. We offer transparent tapes that are recommended.

Will duct tape ruin wood volleyball flooring?
Yes. Using especially strong adhesives for taping down items on the volleyball floors is a bad idea, as they will leave behind residue.

How can I clean my gym floor covering carpet tiles so they will last?
To clean the basketball court covers made from carpeting, just run a vacuum over them occasionally.