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Vinyl and Carpet Protective Gym Floor Covering for Schools

Protective can help to extend the life of your investment in a wooden gym floor. Available in two different designs, including roll out sheet vinyl and large carpet tiles, both options are simple to use and install, saving you time and making it easy to protect your gym floor.

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Vinyl and Carpet Protective Gym Floor Covering for Schools

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Protective can help to extend the life of your investment in a wooden gym floor. Available in two different designs, including roll out sheet vinyl and large carpet tiles, both options are simple to use and install, saving you time and making it easy to protect your gym floor.

Either type of cover will do a great job of preventing damage or wear and tear to a floor, and are suitable for use in high schools, universities, and institutional applications. Vinyl covers are usually faster to install, but carpet tiles provide a more comfortable surface. The type of cover that's right to you will depend on the different ways you use your gymnasium, along with the qualities that you want the cover to have.

The Benefits of Gym Floor Covers

Why use protective floor covers? In short, because you can't afford not to.

  • Hardwood gym floors are expensive to both install and resurface. Gym floor coverings can help to prolong the life of your gymnasium floor.
  • Gym floor covers increase the versatility of your gym, so you can use the space for awards ceremonies, graduations, parties, and more. There's no risk of damage from hard heels, black soled shoes, or spilled drinks when you have a cover properly installed.
  • Covers help to keep your gym looking great, so the space will look professional for the games and rehearsals that matter the most.
  • Covers create a buffer between shoe traffic and your floor, which preserves the integrity and lifespan of the floor. These durable covers can withstand multiple heavy traffic events.

When you consider the protection that gym covers offer to your floor, the covers pay for themselves. Just think of the resurfacing treatments that these covers can help you to avoid, and the money they'll save the school in the process.

The Basics About Gym Floor Protection

Hardwood gymnasium floors cost tens of thousands of dollars, and they see heavy traffic and significant use. Gyms aren't just used for practices, games, and pep rallies, but most schools also use the significant space gyms offer for multiple other purposes. A single gym may be the central hub of the school, used for ceremonies, graduations, fundraising events, parties, proms, and more - but gyms weren't designed for these events. A gym floor may be damaged by shoe scuffs, scratches, and spilled drinks when used for these types of events. A gym or basketball court floor covering can make all the difference.

By investing in a basketball court floor covering, you'll help to protect your investment in your gym. A floor cover increases the versatility of your gym, allowing you to safely use the space for the activities mentioned above. A floor cover is an essential investment for a school, university, or public gym which must serve double-duty. With most of our school gym floor coverings coming in at under $1 per square foot, they're a relatively inexpensive investment that will help to save your school money.

Don't forget that a floor cover can also help your school to bring in extra money. When a gym is more versatile and is able to host multiple events, you can potentially rent it out for community events without worrying about potential damage or wear and tear. Since you can also host your own events in the gym, you'll save on rental fees for outside venues. A quality floor cover can keep your gym looking great for years to come. You'll have to resurface the space less often, and will save money on the costs of overall upkeep.

When it comes to choosing a cover for your gym, you'll need to decide whether vinyl sheets or carpet tiles are right. We'll explore the options below to help you decide which is right for your gym.

Vinyl Gym Floor Covers

Benefits of vinyl gym floor coverings:

  1. Large sheets are easy to roll out and install
  2. Installation across an entire gym takes 2 people only about 30 minutes
  3. Vinyl covers are available in various thicknesses and widths
  4. Cleaning is easy; a quick mopping will have the cover looking great
  5. Multiple colors are available, so you can easily coordinate with your school's or team's colors for an impressive appearance
  6. Cover floor runners provide coverage for smaller high-traffic areas without the necessity of a full gym cover installation

Vinyl gym floor covers are available in a variety of thicknesses and color options. These gym floor tarps offer an easy roll out application that allows you to cover your gym floor quickly. The covers are best stored on hanging racks, which makes it convenient and simple to roll out the covers. Our Self Cleaning Brush Attachment is another great investment, since it sweeps each cover section as it's rolled up. This brush attachment saves you time in cleaning your covers, and keeps the covers looking great.

Our 10- and 12-foot-wide vinyl gym floor covering options are an easy way to provide gym floor protection. The sheets are generously sized, so they will quickly cover significant areas. When working with an average sized gym, two people can easily install the cover in about 30 minutes. If you have a larger area, we offer rolls of floor covering that can be as long as 100 feet. Vinyl is easy to clean, requiring just a quick mopping.

Choose from a variety of vinyl thicknesses from 10 to 32 ounces. The thickness that's appropriate for your gym will depend on the number of times you plan to use the gym floor cover. (See product page for more information.) With 15 different colors available, you can easily find colors that reflect your school spirit. Cover storage racks are easily closeted or tucked away, so they're both convenient and unobtrusive.

Vinyl gym floor covering should be taped down with each installation.

Additionally, our floor cover runners are smaller, available in 4- or 5-foot widths, and are ideal for use along the sidelines. The runners are made of 32-ounce vinyl for excellent durability, and can provide extra protection to areas that receive heavy traffic. Unroll runners to cover areas that will serve as reception lines. You can quickly install the runners to provide extra protection to these areas without needing the time that it takes to completely install a vinyl gym floor covering.

Carpet Tile Covers

Benefits of Carpet Tile Covers:

  1. Tiles are easy to handle and can be stored on carts for a simplified installation and removal
  2. Non-slip backing eliminates the need for adhesives, so you save time during every installation
  3. Gym floor carpet tiles offer excellent traction, helping to keep event attendees safer
  4. SoftTuff Gym Floor Protect is high-heel proof, making it a great choice for use with formal events

Protective gym floor carpet tiles are durable and conveniently sized as 1x2 meters and 6mm thick. You can store the tiles on carts for a simplified installation and easier transportation. The tiles are equipped with a non-slip backing, so there's no need to use tape or other adhesives during installation. This feature makes installations faster, saving you valuable time before each event.

One major advantage of carpet tiles is that, unlike vinyl, they won't tear or get bunched up during use. Carpet gym floor tiles offer excellent traction and a forgiving surface, making each even safer. They're available in both blue and gray, and come with a three-year limited warranty.

The American-made 1x2 meter gym floor carpet tiles are easy to both install and store. There are carts available which are made for tile storage. With the carts, you can wheel the tiles anywhere you need them, rather than having to carry them across the gym for installation and/or breakdown. The tiles are easy to clean; with just a pass of a vacuum you'll be done. It's simple.

We also offer a protective product called SoftTuff Gym Floor Protect. This product is a high heel-proof 3 1/3-foot square high density fiber interlocking floor tile. These double-sided reversible tiles are gray on one side, and black on the other, so you can select the color that's appropriate for each event. The tiles measure 3/16-inch thick, and each tile weighs 3.3 pounds, so they're easy to carry. They may make an excellent investment if you plan on hosting formal events in your gym.


For commercial locations, gym floor covers ship via freight delivery. Installation is usually handled by on-staff personnel.

If you have questions about a product or need some help choosing the floor cover that's right for your gym, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect product, and are always happy to send you product samples and to provide shipping quotes.

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