PaviGym Flooring Tiles

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Showing 1-5 of 5 Products

PaviGym flooring tiles work well in functional training rooms and lightweight to heavyweight strength training areas. There are a few different products to choose from.

Aerobic and Group Exercise Flooring

PaviGym Motion is the perfect selection for a busy studio space for aerobics, cardio areas, yoga, and HIIT training. It will accommodate small dumbbells or step aerobics. It absorbs impact and offers optimized friction, helping to prevent injuries.

PaviGym Endurance delivers great floors for Pilates, group exercise, and cycling. With wear resistance, it maintains the highest standards of hygiene for gyms and fitness studios.

Weight Room Flooring

Use the SS line of mats for heavy free weights and high-impact areas. These interlocking mats offer the strength of vulcanized rubber without the odor normally associated with it.

It maintains a safe atmosphere through easy cleaning, impact reduction, and sound reduction, along with tight-fitting pieces that reduce tripping hazards. It works with or without equipment. Either way, those who have installed it are glad they did.

PaviGym Flooring Features

As gym flooring, it has a wide range of benefits. PaviGym tiles include multiple features, such as:

  1. Absorption of noise
  2. Absorption of dropped weights
  3. No rubbery or new car odor
  4. Strength of vulcanized rubberized product
  5. Loose lay install with tight interlock edges
  6. Excellent durability

PaviGym Flooring Q&A

How do you clean PaviGym flooring?

The PaviGym Initial Cleaning Pack is required to do a first cleaning of PaviGym products.

As with other types of rubber floor tiles for gym floors, use a neutral pH cleaner. Damp mop the surface, using the cleaner and hot water. Do not use steam cleaning machines, as higher temperatures could damage them.

How much does PaviGym flooring cost?

These interlocking tiles will cost roughly $8 to $20 per square foot.

Why should I choose PaviGym flooring?

This is an extremely popular product, installed in thousands of locations across the world. At a health club flooring, a PaviGym floor has the durability and style that helps PaviGym locations stand out from the crowd. PaviGym flooring installation goes quickly, ensuring the studio is up and running as fast as possible.