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Kids Carpet Squares

When you want a durable type of flooring that’s also comfortable and looks great for a child’s bedroom or playroom, consider purchasing and installing kids carpet tiles. We offer multiple styles of tiles that can brighten any room, creating a fun atmosphere.

Installing a patterned carpet with a bright color is a popular choice for the best kids carpet tiles. But you can also find darker or neutral colors that may complement a room's existing color scheme while limiting the impact of stains or discoloration.

Size and Shape Options

When shopping for carpeted tiles for a child’s room, you have multiple options for the size per piece. A smaller tile will be easier to carry around and move into place for installation, while a larger tile covers more square feet per tile, making the installation go much faster.

A popular size for kids carpet tiles is 1-by-1-meter, or about 3.3-by-3.3-feet. This is a great choice for a big room, as each tile has more than 10.5 square feet of coverage.

These tiles may also appear in a size of 2-by-2 feet, meaning each tile can cover 4 square feet.

Most of these products are square-shaped. Some have flat edges, while others have puzzle edges. A few products will provide a rectangular or plank shape.

Material Options

A variety of carpet materials and styles are available with kids carpet tiles. Most of these products will have a low pile height and consist of easy-to-clean materials, as manufacturers know that kids and their friends will probably track in or spill things on the carpet.

Nylon fibers are a popular choice with these types of carpet-top tiles. They’re cheap to produce compared to some other options, and they have plenty of durability. Another option is synthetic polyester fiber in the carpet pile.

The attached base layer of the tile will often provide some cushion using some type of EVA, polyethylene, or polyurethane foam. However, some of these tiles do not have a cushioned backing, meaning you may want to add a roll of cushioning on the subfloor before laying out the tiles over top.

Pattern and Texture Options

With kids carpet tiles, you’ll sometimes receive patterns and colors that remind you of printed art, which makes them a joy to install in the kids’ playroom.

Some of the products we offer have stripes or subtle block shapes, creating a colorful pattern for children. We even offer products that have drawings of crayons, books, stars, roadways, or flags on the surface of the carpet.

Other carpet tile options to use in a child’s play area will look more like commercial carpet with a textured pattern, which gives the carpet a high level of durability. Textured carpeting will hide soils and stains better than low-pile, flat carpeting.

With kids carpeting that offers multiple color choices, installers can choose to create a checkerboard pattern that looks amazing at a daycare.

Common Use Options

You should think about the way the children will use the carpeted surface before purchasing any tiles.

If the carpet will appear in a bedroom with limited foot traffic, you probably will not need commercial-level durability, saving some money with a less durable product.

When installing the carpet at a daycare, however, you may want a commercial-style material, allowing it to stand up to regular foot traffic from multiple kids simultaneously.

If the kids will be sitting and playing on the carpet, you may want a thicker pile height and a thicker foam backing to create more cushioning. Carpet in a high-foot traffic area should have a shorter pile height for easier cleaning.

Installation Options

One of the benefits of our kids carpet tiles is that installers often do not need to apply extra glue or carpet tack strips, as occurs with rolls of carpeting.

Tiles that have a puzzle-style edge will connect to each other securely without the need for adhesive or gluing. The full layout of floating tiles with interlocking edges will not slide around after installation.

We also offer peel-and-stick, self-adhesive carpet tiles for children’s rooms, which have a pre-applied adhesive on the back. This makes the installation extremely easy, and there’s no chance of messy glue spilling everywhere.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

You can care for our carpet tiles for playrooms just like you’d care for a roll of carpeting.

Vacuum the carpet on a regular basis to remove soils before they can become ground into the fibers, making cleaning tougher. You can also run a carpet cleaning machine across the top of the tiles to remove spills or perform a deep cleaning.

Another advantage of peel-and-stick or interlocking carpet tiles versus a roll of carpet is that when one tile becomes damaged or soiled beyond the point where cleaning will fix the problem, you can often pull that tile out of the layout and replace it with a new one.

Our carpeted tiles for children will carry anywhere from five-year warranties to lifetime warranties.