Golf and Putting Green Mats

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Find many sizes of putting greens for home and backyard use.

When seeking to create a durable space to practice golf safely, consider any of the several golf mat designs that Greatmats offers.

Our practice mats for sale can give golfers a realistic surface for using a putter, making chip shots, or taking full swings. When paired with a golf practice net, you can use our golf mat products to set up a space where you can practice at any time of the year, indoors or outdoors.

Size and Shape Options

Review the area where you want to be able to practice when selecting the size of golf practice matting you want to use.

If you are looking to create a large putting green that will yield a realistic ball roll, you will probably want to select a type of artificial turf that ships in a roll format.

We have rolls of artificial golf turf that measure 12 feet in width but allow customers to select a custom cut length. The roll format lets the installer cover a large area in a short amount of time, simplifying installation. A roll will have a lower cost per square foot versus a mat as well.

The most common shape of a pre-cut golf mat will be a rectangle or square that’s much smaller than the roll. You can use the rectangular or square mat to swing the golf club and hit practice shots without damaging the actual grass underneath or the golf club.

Common sizes range from 3x3 feet to 5x5 feet.

Material Options

When selecting a golf mat to use for practice, this type of mat will consist of lightweight materials that allow the mat to remain portable. When you buy a mat like this, you want to be able to carry it anywhere that you want to practice, so portability is important.

The faux blades of grass in these mats will consist of polypropylene plastic, giving them a realistic look and feel that is ideal for golf practice.

The majority of them use a foam pad backing that provides stability and a secure place to connect the polypropylene fibers. The foam backing will provide cushioning when the golf club strikes the ground.

Rolls of artificial grass have a nylon material in the blades, providing excellent durability. They typically use a woven nylon backing, rather than a foam backing.

Pattern and Texture Options

When selecting a golf mat, don’t expect to be able to select a color other than green.

These mats will all have the same surface texture as well, as they attempt to mimic real blades of grass.

Common Use Options

One of the best aspects of our mats for golf practice is that they are available for use in almost any location.

Take these mats outdoors when you want to practice full swings with real golf balls into a practice net or with plastic balls. Because these mats are portable, you can even take them with you to the driving range and use them instead of the cheap mats that the range provides.

When you want to practice chip shots or putting indoors, you can use these small mats to create a safe space for hitting balls.

We even offer some of these mats that work as an aiming target for chip shots or approach shots. Some of the mats have a float design, so you can place them in a pool, making it safer to hit balls without worrying about stray bounces. The floating mat ships with floating golf balls for the perfect complement.

Installation Options

If you select a small golf mat with a pre-cut size, you do not need to take any special steps to install it. This is a portable mat for golf practice, so you will not want to use glue or tape to secure the mat in place.

If you are installing a roll of artificial turf to use while putting or golfing, you will want to secure the roll to the subfloor or to the ground. This type of roll can go over the top of a cement or asphalt pad by being glued in place.

When installing it over a softer material, such as sand or gravel, you will need to bury treated wood around the perimeter of the installation. Then attach the roll to the treated wood to secure it.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These are highly durable mats that will stand up to regular use without showing premature wear and tear. You can use them indoors or outdoors, and they can stand up to the weather when used outdoors.

To clean the surface of the mats, you can use a vacuum cleaner. If you are cleaning the roll of turf, you can use a leaf blower to remove leaves and other debris.

You do not need to perform any special maintenance techniques to extend the lifespan of the materials. If possible, when you finish using the mats, store them in a weather-protected location to preserve them.