Rubber, Vinyl & Plank Commercial Flooring Tiles

Greatmats offers a wide range of retail flooring. Whether it will be commercial floor tiles for retail stores or for a show room, or items for a stairway or for a wall base, we are sure to have just the right units to create a professional, durable, and attractive finish.

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Top FAQs for Retail & Commercial Flooring

Greatmats offers a wide range of retail flooring. Whether it will be commercial floor tiles for retail stores or for a show room, or items for a stairway or for a wall base, we are sure to have just the right units to create a professional, durable, and attractive finish.

What Are the Best Retail Flooring Ideas for My Space?

It really depends on the specific area and usage case planned. The following factors can help with the decision:
  1. Appearance: What should the finished setup look like? We have finishes that resemble everything from wood to stone to various carpet patterns.
  2. Material: Think about the type of material that is the best fit. Will people be spending lots of time on their feet and in need of cushioned surfaces? Is anti-slip traction important? What about a warm, welcoming carpeted surface?
  3. Amount of Use: What kind of usage will the space see? We offer numerous ideas that are long lasting.
  4. Installation Method: These can be installed in a number of ways. Some are suitable for DIY installations, while others may require professional installations.
  5. Temporary: Does it need to be removed or expanded in the future? If so, interlocking tiling floors are the perfect pick.

What Type of Industrial Floorings Are the Most Durable?

For factory or warehouse floorings, where the company seeks to cover concrete, plastics or rubberized materials for retail flooring industry uses are popular.

Which Is Better, Laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

They each have usage situations that are ideal. Vinyl commercial flooring stands up to high traffic from customers and employees, while laminates are resilient flooring types that look great.

What Are the Disadvantages of Laminate Floors?

Although this material has quite a few benefits, making it a commonly used retail store flooring, it is not a perfect fit in every situation, including the following disadvantages of laminates.
  1. Tough to repair when damage occurs
  2. Don’t dampen noise from foot traffic
  3. Sensitivity to water and chemicals

Is Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring Good?

Yes, as it gives a multitude of potential use cases. Commercial vinyl plank flooring works for things such as:
  • - Trade show booths
  • - Retail environment
  • - Restaurants
  • - Schools
  • - Churches
  • - Hotels
  • - Hospitals

What Office Flooring Tiles Are Best?

Commercial carpet squares are highly popular in offices. For beneath chairs and standing desks, office floor mats work nicely. Ultimately, some office floor tiles can make use of the same retail flooring that stores will deploy.

Why Should I Use Retail Flooring Products?

There are many reasons to invest in the retail flooring systems from Greatmats.
  1. Professional Look at a Fraction of the Price: Ours have impressive style but cost far less than investing in hardwood or another option.
  2. Excellent Durability: It is set up with busy areas in mind and is backed by long warranties, so buy with confidence.
  3. Comprehensive: Finish a project with floorings at entrances, stair tread, and a base for walls.
  4. Low Maintenance: Many of our models will minimize the time and money spent on maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Specialty Products: We have models that actively pull debris from shoes in order to keep the building cleaner, fitting the needs of a busy retail space.
  6. Varied Installation Methods: Whether seeking permanent installations, DIY projects, or temporary installs, we can generate setups using any of them.

Is a Carpeting, Rubber, or Vinyl Retail Flooring Design Better?

Rubber retail floors are a low cost, reduced maintenance selection that are ideal for an industrial or retail setting. It is tough and found in a variety of surface finishes to maximize traction and safety. Since rubber flooring for office is forgiving and offers cushion, it is a smart choice for use in areas where falls may be possible, as in stairwells.

The Endura line of retail flooring options carries 10-year warranties. There are dozens of color possibilities and multiple textured surfaces. Choose from a variety of solid, marble, or speckled designs to achieve the exact appearance that suits the building. Surface textures include square, sculptured, smooth, flat, and round, all of which create a safe locale that maximizes traction.

Our flooring for retail stores is made in the USA and may qualify for LEED points. Wholesale and contractor pricing is available on some products. Please ask one of our experts for details.

On the other hand, commercial LVT flooring is another popular option. It is available in beautiful luxury finishes, such as fine or rustic wood grain, natural stone, concrete, granite, and ceramic. These are available at a fraction of the cost that actual wood, granite, or concrete carries.

It boasts an impressive 10-year warranty. When used in residential areas, the warranty is good for 25 years. It has nano-silver anti-bacterial technology, which can actually make it healthier by actively killing bacteria, such as staph and E.coli, as well as viruses like rhinovirus and molds. LVT is an easy care option suitable for multiple applications.

If seeking the welcoming feel of carpeted-style retail flooring, commercial carpet tiles are the perfect solution. These are designed with durability in mind and are easy to install. Create patterns using different colors and choose from a wide variety of carpeting colors and designs. Many of these are designed to draw dirt off of shoes, which helps to keep the rest of the building looking great, while cutting down on cleaning time.

Be sure to consider our Atlas, Champion XP, or Dominator LP Gym models. Each comes with a limited 5 to 7 year warranty. These are non-woven carpets with permanent anti-static properties. They have a bitumen backing for increased lifespan and fire safety. Designed specifically for difficult conditions, these durable carpets continue to perform for years.

Which Retail Flooring Companies Sell Entrance Mats and Stair Treads?

Not to brag, but, to complete the project, Greatmats proudly offers entrance rugs, treads for stairs, and wall bases of vinyls. We have all types and sizes. Our retail entrance flooring will withstand the traffic that any setting sees. It will complement the main color scheme. It will provide the convenience of being able to purchase the supplies for the project in one place.

In addition to our high quality permanent options, we also offer temporary setups. These can be installed without any adhesive, and they interlock like puzzle pieces or can be connected via other locking mechanisms. They connect securely, so they won't pull apart during use.

The major benefit of these, though, is that they’re removable as desired. Whether looking for a temp setup to be replaced in the future, or wanting the versatility of expanding it later by adding on new pieces, these give customers plenty of choices. If one piece becomes worn or damaged, replace that single tile rather than replacing the entire configuration.