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Heavy Duty Industrial Outrigger Pads

When operating a crane or backhoe, outrigger pads are an essential element of your success. These pads add support and stability, helping to keep yourself, your team, and your equipment safe.

Benefits of Plastic Outrigger Pads

You can make an outrigger pad out of many things, but certain materials are much more beneficial than others. Steel and aluminum are durable, but aluminum can lack strength, and both materials are heavy and difficult to carry.

Wood is another option in a pinch, but it will absorb moisture from the ground, warp, splinter, and eventually rot. Wood can also break under even lower load weights, leaving your machinery more unstable.

Composite plastic is an ideal material for outrigger pads, which is why we stock a full selection of plastic outrigger pads here at Greatmats.

Our outrigger crane pads are made out of highly durable composite plastic that you can depend on again and again. This engineered plastic is incredibly strong and can withstand even the heaviest loads on the most large-scale job sites.

Plastic is also beneficial because it’s lightweight and easy to move. Loading these pads into trucks and unloading them again in a new location is easy.

Because plastic is waterproof, these pads won’t absorb moisture and can be used repeatedly without the risk of warping, rusting, or degrading. There’s no risk of splinters, so you can handle these pads confidently and easily.

What to Look for in Outrigger Pads

Outrigger pads are designed to hold significant loads, whether you’re operating a crane, lift bucket truck, RV, or other heavy-duty equipment. But these pads aren’t all designed the same.

For a pad to be the right choice for your worksite, it needs to be the right fit for your equipment. Here are some qualities to consider to help narrow down your choices:

Pad Dimensions

It’s essential to choose an outrigger pad that’s appropriately sized for your equipment. To get the most use possible out of the pads, it’s best to buy a set that fits the largest equipment that you’ll be using since that set can also be used on your smaller equipment.

Pad dimensions vary, with our smallest pads measuring 15x15 inches and the largest pads measuring 4x4 feet. Keep in mind that the larger pads offer greater stability, so you’ll want to consider the types of surfaces you typically work on when choosing the appropriate pad size.

Weight Capacity

It’s just as important to ensure that the pads’ weight capacity is larger than the weight they’ll need to hold when supporting your machines. Our smallest crane jack pad has a vertical load capacity of 45,000 pounds and a 45-degree angle load capacity of 20,000 pounds.

As the pad’s size and thickness increase, its capacity also increases. Our largest pad has a vertical load capacity of 135,000 pounds and a 45-degree angle load capacity of 52,000 pounds.

We’re proud to stock a variety of pads with varying capacities to accommodate the smaller jobs as well as the biggest jobs you’ll face.


Durability is a must for any quality outrigger pad. Your pads will be exposed to the elements and must be strong enough to withstand repeated heavy loads.

We’ve carefully selected the outrigger pads we carry to be tremendously durable. These pads are manufactured from an engineered thermoplastic for exceptional support and strength.

That thermoplastic is resistant to temperature extremes, chemicals, water, and oils, so you can confidently use the pads on even the most demanding job sites.

These pads are built to return to their normal shape even after bending, so you can use them again and again.

Easy Cleanup

You don’t have time to deal with tedious cleanups when you’re on the job site. Our outrigger pads are very easy to clean and maintain.

Just brush them off or hose them off as needed. They’re completely waterproof and hardwearing, so there’s no need to worry about drying them when you’re on the go.

Ease of Transportation

When moving your equipment around the site or packing up to head to the next site, outrigger pads are one more item to grab, so they need to be easily portable.

We sell pads that have safety orange handles for easy gripping and carrying. Those handles are easily visible, even in low light or muddy conditions. They provide a secure, comfortable hold, so you can easily move the pads around as needed.

This ease of transportation is particularly important when you’re working with pads that are 24x24 inches or larger.

Investing in Outrigger Pads

Your investment in quality outrigger pads is an investment in your business’ safety. The pads that we have for sale at Greatmats are quality, durable components that you’ll be able to use repeatedly.

With the right supply of pads, you can save time as you work by setting up your equipment where you need it and knowing that you’ll have the stability and support you need to get the job done. An investment in outrigger pads can pay off in faster, easier work and increased safety, too.