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Carpet Plank Flooring

Discover the beauty and durability of carpet plank flooring for home and commercial use. Carpet planks are a highly versatile flooring choice. If you want your flooring to have a distinctive look and need a product that can withstand the demands of a commercial installation, carpet planks might be the ideal option.

Benefits of Carpet Planks

Carpet planks have a skinny design that gives them a unique look. Most planks measure 1x4 ft, so they’re an agile choice suitable for rooms of all different sizes.

When compared to a carpet tile, a plank’s looks may be preferable for your business or commercial installation. You can use them to create different patterns, adding a unique touch to any room.

While carpet tiles can also create different patterns, planks give you more choices, especially if you’re looking for a herringbone pattern or similar option. These planks can be installed in ashlar, brick, quarter turn, monolithic, non-directional, and herringbone patterns.

By purchasing carpet planks in multiple colors, you can create a distinctive look, adding a professional touch to a space.

Carpet planks are also highly durable. Many planks are designed to be stain and wear resistant, so they can withstand high-traffic areas.

When you install carpet planks, you can easily maintain and repair the flooring. If a plank becomes damaged or worn, you can replace that plank, rather than having to replace an entire room of carpeted flooring.

Planks also give you many of the same benefits that you would enjoy from carpeting. Carpet planks are comfortable underfoot, and they provide shock absorption and insulation properties.

It’s also important to consider how carpet planks can enhance a business. The carpeted surface can transform a space into a more welcoming area, encouraging customers to stop in and stay.

Installing carpet planks is fairly easy. You’ll need a hard, flat subfloor, like concrete, and will need to perform a glue down installation.
That glue down installation adds durability and ensures that the planks withstand foot traffic and rolling cart traffic.

Carpet Plank Uses

You can use 12x48 inch carpet planks in many potential areas, including in spaces that see heavy traffic. These planks are ideal for offices, medical facilities, and hallways.

They’re also ideal for schools, thanks to their durability and comfort. The planks are available in many different colors, including bright, bold colors, so they’re suitable for schools for students of all ages.

Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet Planks for Your Needs

At Greatmats, we have a variety of carpet planks for sale that are suitable for many different applications. Consider the following points when deciding which plank is right for your needs.

Desired Color

Carpet planks are available in many colors, so consider the existing colors in the room that you’ll be flooring. Available color shades range from bright and bold to the more reserved and neutral tones.

Carpet planks are also available in patterned finishes, including striped patterns. These patterned planks can add visual interest to a space.

As you consider the available plank colors, it’s helpful to think about how the planks will be used. For example, planks that will be installed in a high-traffic area will also be exposed to significant dirt. In this instance, choosing a darker colored or patterned plank can help to conceal dirt and stains.

Desired Pattern

As you weigh the colors that you want to incorporate in a space, think about the pattern that you plan to use for your installation. Planks can accommodate many installation patterns, and each pattern brings a different look to your space.

If you’re planning to install planks in a more complicated pattern, like herringbone, it might be best to opt for a plank with a simpler finish, such as a solid color. A plank that’s highly detailed and that features a patterned surface may detract from the overall effect of your installation pattern.

This is also the time to consider whether you want to incorporate planks of different colors. Planks that feature coordinating colors can be useful in creating a visually appealing installation pattern.

Carpet Tiles You’re Planning on Using

Some of our carpet planks can be mixed and matched with carpet tiles, but it’s important to make sure that the two products are compatible. If you’re planning on using both carpet planks and tiles, then the specific brands and products will determine which carpet planks are suitable.

Environmental Exposures

Think about the area where you’ll be installing the carpet planks, as well as what the planks will be exposed to in that space. High degrees of foot traffic can be demanding on carpeting, so it’s important to choose planks that are designed to withstand that type of wear and tear.

You’ll also want to think about other elements, like potential stains. Choosing a stain-resistant plank can help to extend its lifespan, so you get the maximum value out of your flooring investment.