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4x8, 3x8 & 2x8 Alturnamats For Sale

If you're looking for high quality Alturnamat ground cover mats, you've come to the right place. Greatmats offers a large selection of Alturnamats, including its Mat-Paks and Versamat lines of ground protection products. Alturnamats are available for sale in a wide range of sizes. Beyond the ever popular 3x8, 4x8 and 2x8 foot sizes, some varieties of these ground cover mats are also available in 3x6, 2x6 and 2x4 foot dimensions.

When seeking to protect soil or established grass from tire damage from vehicles or from construction equipment, count on Alturnamats ground cover mats. These mats can support tons of weight and almost any heavy load. They even can go over the top of mud safely.

These mats are extremely durable and can withstand repeated uses without splintering or breaking. This gives them a big advantage over using plywood to create temporary roads. When the job is over, just pick them up and take them to the next jobsite.

Size and Shape Options

Alturnamats ground cover mats will have a rectangular shape. This simplifies the process of creating a temp road over the top of a lawn. Just lay out these rectangular mats end to end to extend the road for any desired length.

For small vehicles, such as golf carts, a single 4-foot wide mat may create the desired road width. For larger trucks, you may need to lay out two sets of mats to accommodate the spacing between tires.

A few different size options are available. Some of the common sizes for each rectangular mat include 2x8 feet, 3x6 feet, 3x8 feet, and 4x8 feet. Larger mats will weigh more than smaller mats, but they also can cover a larger space in a shorter amount of time.

Material Options

Our rugged Alturnamats ground cover mats for sale deliver long-lasting designs that you can use repeatedly. These mats consist of recycled polyethylene plastic, which yields impressive durability.

You can trust the manufacturing quality and the ingredients in these mats, as they are made in the United States and often carry a lifetime limited warranty.

By using this material, the manufacturer creates a mat that isn’t excessively heavy and that has a reasonable price per mat. Yet the polyethylene plastic will maintain its sturdiness, absorbing all of the weight from the vehicle traveling over the top and providing protection for the grass underneath.

Pattern and Texture Options

With these Alturnamats ground cover mats, you can select among different texture options.

With some of these mats, you will have a diamond texture pattern on one side of the mat and a smooth finish on the other side. Some versions of these mats will have textured patterns on both sides.

The diamond texture pattern provides a grip for tires as they go over the top of the temporary road. It also helps grip the ground below to prevent the mat from slipping. This is helpful in muddy conditions, where mud may splash on top of the mat, creating a slip hazard.

Less aggressive or smooth treaded sides allow for easier turning of vehicles on the mat or can be place face down to prevent indentation from the tread when protecting surfaces like running tracks, sidewalks or pavement.

Two different color options are available. Black mats are highly popular, cost effective, and will work almost anywhere. However, for those situations where you will want to place the mats over an established lawn, select a transparent mat that will allow some sunlight to reach the grass. Clear mats extend the period of time in which the mats can be laid over grass without killing it.

Common Use Options

These mats are usable in a variety of locations. You can deploy them anywhere where you want to drive a vehicle into an off-road area, while protecting potentially soft ground from tire ruts.

Laying out these Alturnamats ground cover mats at a construction site provides a safe roadway for driving vehicles or for allowing people to walk without worrying about sinking into mud.

At a school, maintenance personnel may deploy these mats over a baseball or football field when they need to bring in heavy equipment to work on fencing or a sprinkler system.

You also can lay these mats over the top of a track, protecting it from football or soccer players walking across it in cleats to reach the playing field in the center of the oval track.

Installing these mats is a better option than creating a temporary road from gravel, as our mats will not leave any residue behind that needs removal to plant a lawn.

Installation Options

To install the Alturnamats ground cover mats, just lay them out end to end to create the temp road.

If you have concerns that a heavy vehicle may cause the mats to slide out of place as it travels across them, these mats have a connection system that allows you to attach mats together to yield a greater level of stability.

These mats can stay in place indefinitely, as they are waterproof and will not suffer damage or rot when exposed to weather elements for days or weeks at a time.

If going over established grass, be sure to select the clear mats and move them occasionally to allow the grass to receive airflow.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

These temporary roadway mats do not require any special cleaning or maintenance techniques. To clean them, you can rinse them with a power washer or a garden hose with a spray nozzle.

Because the polyethylene material does not absorb water, you do not have to keep them dry to lengthen their lifespan. They’re made to survive in tough weather and environmental conditions.

When storing them between jobs, you can stack them in a pile. They should fit in the bed of a pickup truck or on a trailer when moving them around the jobsite.