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Peel and Stick Outdoor Carpet Tiles

Greatmats offers the best outdoor carpet tiles for sale anywhere, with solutions for a patio or pool deck, a marine setting, or commercial decks.

When considering flooring solutions for outdoor spaces like decks, patios, verandas, and other settings, you may not think of carpet as a possible choice. However, Greatmats offers a great variety of outdoor carpet tiles that are appropriate for all weather conditions and applications. From a patio to a fish house to a deer stand or outdoor bar, some solutions will look great and perform well for years to come.

The outdoor carpet tiles at Greatmats have been installed in homes, offices, indoor pool areas, shopping mall entrances, commercial buildings, schools, daycares, churches, and other areas where a waterproof, durable flooring product is preferred and/or necessary.

You can use the Greatmats outdoor carpet tiles for multiple purposes, with specific tiles being appropriate for certain settings. There are 18x18, 24x24, and other sizes from which to choose, as well as standard colors like blue and green, as well as design options that are patterned and textured.

High Value, Eco-Friendly Options

There are outdoor flooring products that deliver tremendous value while offering extremely attractive qualities and appeal. These specific products are made of fibers constructed from 100 percent recycled purified plastic bottles, and they feature excellent colorfastness. The fibers will not fray, pull out, or unravel, and with a peel-and-stick, pressure-sensitive self-adhesive, these products are fast and easy to install.

These carpet squares have a very tight fit, making it appear as though they’re a single piece of carpet. This commercial-grade product is available in many color options, so you can mix and match them to reflect your style. These options are made in the USA and are known for their performance and durability. They can stand up to heavy foot traffic and are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

There are different colors to choose from with excellent colorfastness. Outdoor carpet tiles resist deterioration caused by mold, mildew, and odor.

Antimicrobial Tiles

If clean and healthy flooring is a top priority, Greatmats has options for you! One of the most beneficial features of these outdoor carpet tiles is the backing, which has been treated with an antimicrobial agent to protect against mildew, fungi, and other harmful bacteria. They are stain-resistant, have an easy peel-and-stick installation process, and can be vacuumed as needed.

Waterhog Carpet Tiles

Waterhog tiles are available that are frequently used to cover large areas, and they are easy to install with their modular, link-together design. Made in the USA and designed for high-traffic entrances, these stain-resistant, fast-drying, anti-static, and fade-resistant tiles feature a square pile surface texture with a rubber-reinforced bi-level cleaning surface, providing long-term cleaning performance. These are suitable for any setting, but they are often used in schools, commercial lobbies, and other high-traffic entrances.

Entrance Mats

Greatmats offers tiles perfect for residential or commercial entrances. This type of tile was designed specifically to perform as entryway flooring, as it is very durable, long-lasting, and simple to install without glue or special tools. Entrance mat floor tiles feature interlocking male/female T tabs with locking teeth that keep the tiles tightly fastened together. These tiles are portable as needed and easy to replace, and they brush shoes clean if they have sand, dirt, or slush on them. They feature an open grid design that helps drain away water, dirt, and debris.

Other indoor/outdoor tiles suitable for entryways are eco-friendly, made in the USA, non-slip, and ribbed. These tiles boast an easy, snap-together installation with no adhesive requirement, and they are waterproof and non-absorbent, making them highly effective in entryways where rain and snow could get tracked in. These tiles are outdoor and UV-resistant, so they are very versatile and durable. They come in many design options and have commercial-grade carpet strips attached to their tops.

High Performing Carpet Tiles

Like the other options, there are tiles with fused-core fiber lock systems for durability and performance. They are also manufactured with recycled fibers that won’t fray, pull out, or unravel. This durable carpet tile also resists stains, soils, and fading.

These tiles are available in four different color options to mix and match if you please, and they are latex and lead-free. They are easy to install and cut to fit with their simple peel-and-stick application, and they are guaranteed to maintain a great appearance and high performance for years to come. They come with a lifetime limited warranty, so these tiles are made to last.

Outstanding Outdoor Tile Options

Outdoor carpet tiles offer excellent flooring solutions for a multitude of settings and applications. They provide quick and easy installations, have mold and mildew resistance qualities, are affordable, and are among the best-performing outdoor flooring options.

If you’re building a new home or looking for ideas to improve your outdoor entertainment space, getting a top-notch carpet tile floor installed will raise the overall quality, value, and comfort of your space, and it will transform the area into a cozy and attractive one.