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Playground Turf and Padding for Backyards & Kids

Playground Artificial Turf Fall Height Rating

The International Play Equipment Manufacturer's Association has certified our pads to be a perfect option for adults, pets, and youth. Pair our faux sod with an appropriate subsurface material for the ultimate performance. Adding between 1 and 2 inches of backing, coupled with antimicrobial fill, is a good choice. With the infill in place, the cushion will match the desired fall safety standards.

In addition to a great artificial grass playground price, injury prevention is a significant advantage of our materials. We’ll use high-quality foam pads on the backside of the roll that will match or exceed ASTM ratings. It will meet compliance requirements for the ADA/ABA and the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission. We make all of our testing documents available for our customers whenever requested.

We exceed Head Injury Criteria recommendations with our playground safety surfaces for elementary school students. This results in the safest possible places for youngsters to enjoy themselves and gain valuable exercise. Think about the size and height of the climbing toys, slides, and swings in use. Then determine the thickness of the polyethylene pad that should be placed underneath the safety surface.

Even quite a while after installing our rolls, they will maintain their rating for protection from falls. This gives people great value for the artificial turf for playgrounds they receive from us. Please reach out to our support team with questions regarding exactly what’s required to meet certain standards.

Synthetic Playground Turf Padding

We’ll cover large areas with our outdoor and indoor products. That means it’s important to consider the environmental impact of the ingredients in use. We always use 100% recycled elements in the closed-cell foam on the back, and it’s also lead-free. Odors, mold, and mildew will not appear over time.

Children will enjoy playing at recess with our manufactured field space. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say recreational activities for grade schoolers yield significant benefits for the development and wellness of the young person.

Many organizations spend a lot of effort researching the equipment that will be installed for the child to climb on and use. But it’s important to closely consider the rubber playground turf too.

Picking any random faux grass flooring may yield a nice-looking installment. But true avoidance of injuries requires a particular type of quality in the construction. Many serious injuries are preventable with the right thickness.
Additionally, our design uses non-abrasive materials. If a kid slips, he or she will avoid scrapes, which outperforms rough asphalt or gravel.

Indoor & Outdoor Playground Turf Options

Standard rolls measure 15 by 100 feet, delivering 1,500 square feet of coverage. Those who need a different coverage space should contact us to determine which custom sizes are offered.

It will maintain its integrity and realistic look, even when battling tough weather on a constant basis. After rainfall, the woven polypropylene-layered backing allows the water to flow through the plastic blades into the subsurface. This means the park won’t have pools of water standing following a rainstorm.

The pile height is a key aspect of selecting artificially manufactured grass surfaces. Outdoor playground turf from Greatmats typically measures around 1.25 inches in pile length, which nicely resembles the pleasing look of real lawns immediately following mowing.

Each of the yarns consists of a poly that’s a beautiful green.

As an added benefit of the poly yarns, they deliver an impressive level of traction. This allows a child who’s running and playing to avoid slips. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they’ll result in the same level of excellent footing.

Parents appreciate quite a few aspects of our turf surfaces. They have numerous advantages versus both natural and synthetic grass in a park. For starters, they don’t require much care post-installation. This saves customers money over time. All plants require watering, mowing, and fertilizing, creating ongoing costs and requirements for regular inspection.

The synthetic turf hides show wear and tear, no matter how often people walk on them in a day. An actual manicured lawn will eventually wear away under constant foot traffic, leading to bare spots and ruts that must be repaired or replanted.

After installing playground turf, no one will be exposed to chemicals used to treat and nourish real sod. The yard and the dirt underneath can become extremely firm in the summer without frequent watering. Sun-baked earth cannot compare to the soft pads and infill we use.

Parks for youngsters are often owned and operated by organizations like local governments, schools, or churches. Constant watering and repair of the grounds will sometimes be overwhelming work for the groundskeeping workers, who often have multiple responsibilities at the facility.

But the long-lasting material we provide requires a minimal amount of time and effort to keep it looking new. It almost pays for itself within a few years compared to other options that may be in use. Our customer service team can answer questions about design possibilities for comfortable recreational fields for boys and girls.

FAQ Playground Turf Q&A

Does the artificial turf for playgrounds melt in the sun?

No. Fake grass for playground surfacing is okay to use in the overwhelming majority of weather conditions. Certainly, if someone poured fuel on the synthetic grass for playgrounds and applied a flame, it would burn. But it will not melt in sunlight, as long as it doesn’t contain unwanted contaminants. Flaws during the manufacturing process could contribute to damage in hot conditions. However, any fake grass play area Greatmats ships will adhere to the strictest manufacturing tolerances, using only approved ingredients. It will not heat up to uncomfortable temperatures when placed in a location with frequent and direct sunlight, either. This is a common complaint with older versions of playground turf for backyards from other companies.

What is the best ground cover for a playground?

Some groups prefer to allow natural grass to grow in the recreational field. This decision results in regular mowing as well as surfaces that can become weedy and muddy. Others like to install gravel, mulch, or wood chips. However, these items can wash out in heavy rain or be blown away by heavy winds. The look of artificial playground turf will be inviting to children and parents.

How do you install artificial grass for playgrounds?

Each playground turf has unique installation recommendations. Please contact us or refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

How much does artificial grass for a play area cost?

Expect to pay $2 to $10 per square foot. Over the course of time, playground turf prices have become extremely affordable compared to the care and maintenance of green grasses. Our rubber playground turf outlasts the models from our competitors while delivering good value. The actual cost will ultimately depend on the size of the ground being covered. Call us to learn more about pricing options.

What should I put under my DIY playground?

Many of our clients start with foam padding or options that have cushioning attached on the opposite side. This simplifies installing it. Various thicknesses of the backside are available, which helps with cushioning. After all, children will constantly be falling down during playtime.