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Greatmats offers artificial turf mats and tiles for an easy DIY installation option at home. Because artificial turf rolls are often 15 feet wide and are delivered by freight truck, they can be expensive to ship and hard to unload without a forklift. This is one advantage of choosing artificial grass mats or turf tiles.

Our line of RageTurf Tiles is available in three options, all with a rubber backing. These tiles are most commonly used for sled training and weight rooms.

The Rally Interlocking Tile features interlocking edges for easy installation with no glue required. Rally Interlocking Tiles are 23 by 46 inches in size for a unique style.

The RageTurf UltraTiles feature straight edges that connect with quad block connectors. If you are also looking to install heavy-duty rubber tiles in your gym, these turf tiles will connect with rubber UltraTiles.

RageTurf dBTiles are similar to UltraTiles, but they are 2.5 inches thick. They will also connect to our Quantum Rubber Tiles for the ultimate weight room flooring system. If you want the best quality turf and rubber flooring for your gym, this is the product for you!

Our artificial grass mats can be used indoors or outdoors for a variety of purposes. Your kids will love the soft feeling of grass mats in their playroom. Use it outdoors on your patio or pool deck. Bring a mat camping and use it as a camper patio mat!