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Options for Horse Stall Mat Kits

For creating comfortable and safe flooring for horses and handlers to rest and work, the best options are horse stall mat kits. With our DIY horse stall kit mats, you can do the work yourself to create a far more forgiving and cleaner floor than bare dirt, gravel, or a bed of hay.

We offer a number of different preconfigured sizes for the interlocking rubber flooring pieces. Once assembled, you end up with all the mat pieces needed for complete horse stall coverage in a particular size of stall. Ordering the perfect size option of horse stall kits we have for sale couldn’t be easier when you rely on Greatmats.

Benefits of Horse Stall Mat Kits

Our mats consist of only high quality materials, giving them durability at the same time they deliver a cushioned base for the horses. Some of the benefits of these products include:
  • Thick rubber: At up to 3/4 inches in thickness, our horse stall mat kits have impressive durability and cushioning.
  • Recycled materials: The rubber in our mats consists of recycled crumbs, providing outstanding quality while keeping old tires out of landfills.
  • Cushioning and firmness: Rubber works well in horse stall mats, because you want the horses and handlers to have a firm flooring that also has a little bit of give for comfort.
  • Non-slip surface traction: Equine stalls are often wet, so you may want to choose a stall mat with a textured surface.
  • Dark colors: The black rubber won’t show stains and soils as easily as other flooring options for use around horses.
  • Ease of installation: The puzzle style eddges on our horse stall mat kits pop together with just a little force, allowing for a DIY installation without needing glue.
  • Easy to clean: Use a plastic manure fork to muck out stalls as normal. Using a metal pitchfork may puncture the stall mats. Use a broom on the rubber to sweep away small debris and sawdust.
  • Noise suppression: Rubber materials naturally cut down on noise generation, making spending time in an enclosed space more enjoyable for everyone.

Sizes of Mats Coverage for Horse Stall Kits

We offer a number of sizes for horse stall mat kits that will meet whatever coverage area you need. Measure the space and then order the preconfigured interlocking mats kit size to match. Options include:
  • 6x12 feet
  • 8x10 feet
  • 8x12 feet
  • 10x10 feet
  • 10x12 feet
  • 10x14 feet
  • 10x16 feet
  • 10x18 feet
  • 10x20 feet
  • 12x12 feet
  • 12x14 feet
  • 12x16 feet
  • 12x18 feet
  • 12x20 feet
  • 12x24 feet
  • 14x14 feet
  • 14x16 feet
  • 14x20 feet
  • 16x16 feet

Where to Use Horse Stall Mat Kit Products

Although many of our customers use these equine stall mat kits in a horse stall, there are a multitude of potential use cases.

Horse Stall Mat Kits Q&A

How do you install horse stall mat kits?

To put together the mats in the kit, just connect them using the puzzle-like edges on the rubber mats. Each kit ships with a map that shows exactly how to install the different horse stall mat pieces to create the desired coverage area.

Does Greatmats have small mat kits for wash bays?

Yes, Greatmats offers wash bay horse stall mats kits in a range of sizes. You can find the perfect size to match the layout space that you have available.

How thick should stall mats be?

You want your mats to be thick enough to stand up the weight of an adult horse, which can be more than 1,000 pounds. Thicker rubber yields a higher level of durability and cushioning than thinner rubber. Most commonly, the thickness for mats in horse stall kits should be 3/4 inches. 1/2 inch stall mats are used for barn aisles, walkways, and tack rooms.