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Count on Greatmats to carry a large selection of ice rink rubber flooring and temporary hockey rink rubber flooring installations. Choose ice skating mats or anti slip floor surfaces for ice arena flooring covering. These are economical and easy to install.

Rink floors consisting of 1/2 inch thick rubberized mattings at 4x6 sizes are also very popular for temporary and permanent ice rink rubber flooring.

Ice Rink Rubber Flooring Systems

Skate flooring is simply the smartest choice if looking for indoor skating rink flooring. It is tough enough to stand up to the sharpness of the blades on the boots, while also delivering a sturdy footing, so skaters can walk safely from the frozen surface to the dressing room. It stands up to all kinds of weather and temperature conditions.

It does need to have a consistent thickness throughout the entire section, or it will be subject to curling up or giving way underneath those walking on it with their skater boots. This increases the chance of someone losing his or her footing, resulting in a dangerous fall.

Greatmats only sources rubber mats for hockey rinks that fit our demanding manufacturing tolerances, ensuring consistent levels of materials that are sure to last a long time, even if subjected to regular foot traffic.

Hockey Locker Room Flooring

For facilities that host team practices and games, the ability to deliver a consistent hockey rink rubber flooring from the edge of the playing surface to the locker rooms is a must.

Players do not want to be walking on their skate blades on a variety of surfaces to reach the lockers, changing from rubber floor mats to carpet and back to cement. Not only do changes in the material over which they’re walking create a greater hazard for a slip or a loss of footing, it also can cause the blade to become dull more quickly than it should.

Ice rink rubber flooring for ice skates is the perfect solution, as, when laid out properly, it provides a path directly from the arena gate to the dressing rooms, ensuring a player can move safely between these two areas.

Our products look great, so they can be used everywhere in the arena, both inside and outside the lockers. They will give the facility a professional appearance that will impress visiting players, coaches, and parents, while being easy to maintain.

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

Ice rink rubber flooring is available in both interlocked pieces that have puzzled edges, straight edge mattings, and a roll with straight edging.

Interlock edging skating tiles: If selecting interlock hockey rink rubber flooring, the individual units will have edges that resemble jigsaw puzzles. These fit together tightly, meaning they won’t slip out of place when placed under stress. No adhesive or glue is required.

Straight edges hockey floor mat: These slide tightly adjacent to each other, thanks to the perfect rectangle shape of each one. Installations go a bit faster with these than with the puzzle pieces, because installers don’t have to line up the tabs and slots on each piece to complete the interlock. However, if motorized carts or forklifts will be driven on them, they could slide a bit, unless they will be glued down.

Ice rink rubber flooring rolls: These cover a large space quickly and deliver the most economical means to cover huge areas. These can be ordered in lengths of up to 100 feet, but they will be extremely heavy, so installers will need some equipment to be able to move them around. Ice rink covers like this have a limited number of seams versus ice rink mats, which helps them stay in place.

Commitment to Our Customers

Some of our ice rink rubber flooring is offered with color flecks mixed in the black color, which some people prefer. Others have all-black coloring. With certain products, a customer may be able to add a team logo or facility branding, which can add a nice touch to the ice rink rubber flooring.

We want customers to be happy with the shopping experience. We offer a price match guarantee. We have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

For questions about any product, a pricing quote, or a sample, call us at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help choose the right model for the project.

FAQ Ice Rink Rubber Flooring Q&A

Is skate resistant rubber flooring expensive?
Not really, especially compared to the maintenance costs and repairs required when the subflooring has no protection against the blades. Expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot.

For hockey rink rubber flooring, how thick should you use?
At a minimum, we suggest 3/8” thickness in ice rink flooring. However, for those that will primarily be used for smaller youth players, 1/4” is usually adequate. For maximum performance, customers may want to select 1/2'' designs. If there will be significant hefty equipment being hauled over the ice flooring covers repeatedly, consider going with the 1/2'' material, as it will have the ability to remain in place better than thinner selections if exposed to significant stress.

What kind of ice rink rubber flooring mats are under the bench area?
Ice hockey rink rubber flooring rolls work nicely to cover this space. However, for those who need specific sizes, such as because the benches have a narrower than normal configuration, skate mats that are precut to a specific size may be preferred. The rubberized surfaces in the bench location give coaches and trainers who are wearing regular shoes a grippy surface, so there won’t be any slips.

What kind of a rubber mat for ice skates is best?
Because of the sharp blade, selecting high quality rubber tiles and rolls is the key. Poorly manufactured models of hockey rink flooring would have weak spots or bubbled spots, either of which affects the integrity of the materials, while potentially leading to a tripping hazard. Inconsistent tolerances in manufacturing could cause the material to curl on the edge, enhancing the possibility of someone tripping. Rely on Greatmats to deliver the finest materials. Nearly all of our products are made in the USA or Canada, meaning only the purest ingredients are in use, along with the best manufacturing processes.

What is ice rink floor covering made of?
Many of our hockey skate floor mat models consist of recycled tires, which bring an outstanding quality and longevity. This makes it eco-friendly, too, as it keeps used automobile tires out of the landfills.