Residential Carpet Tiles

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Carpet Tiles for Home Basements, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, & More

When seeking to create a comfortable space at home that also delivers warmth and style, count on residential carpet tiles from Greatmats.

Our tiles are available in numerous colors, textures, and installation designs, making it easier to match the planned use case to the type of product selected. We have products that will fit within almost any budget, including for those who want basic tiles, luxury tiles, or something in between.

Size and Shape Options

One of the best things about these tiles is that they have a square shape. This greatly simplifies installation, as installers don’t have to do a lot of complicated math to determine the number of tiles needed to cover the desired square footage.

Our residential carpet tiles for sale are typically available in sizes of either 18x18 inches or 24x24 inches. Because these modular tiles are available in multiple colors and styles, installers can mix and match tiles from the same product family to create a pattern in the final layout.

Material Options

Our residential carpet tiles all use real carpet fibers in the upper layer. Unlike some cheap tiles from other makers, where the carpeting fiber is of below-average quality, our products will stand up to tough conditions and high foot traffic levels.

Some of our carpeting squares will make use of recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to create the fibers. These fibers are more comfortable than you may think, especially in low-pile carpeting.

Polyester and nylon fibers are common in the carpet layer of our products too, including plush polyester for a deeper pile height.

Some of our products will have a built-in foam padding layer attached to the back of the carpet, providing the desired level of cushioning. Others will have a nylon or natural woven jute backing layer that does not include padding.

Some models use a hidden, firm plastic base layer that creates durability in the interlocking tabs and loops. Installers can then assemble and disassemble these carpet tiles multiple times.

We even offer tiles that deliver commercial-level durability, including trusted brand names like Foss, Pentz, Mohawk, and Shaw.

Pattern and Texture Options

Our residential carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, just as would be available in rolls of carpeting.

The majority of these carpet squares appear in neutral colors like dark blues, grays, and tans. Some of these squares designed for outdoor use, such as on a porch or deck, may use deep greens or dark browns in their colors.

We offer a range of pile heights in these models, typically ranging from around 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch. Some of these models have varying texture heights in the carpet layer, which is useful near an entrance door so people can pull moisture and debris from the bottom of their shoes.

Common Use Options

We offer residential carpet tiles for assorted use cases and almost any application. When used in a home, installers can place them in any room, as they provide comfort and warmth.

Installers place some waterproof models of these tiles in a basement or other location where moisture may be a problem. When going over a concrete floor, having a tile with a padded backing layer is a nice feature.

We offer some plush tiles that have a soft top layer that’s perfect for a kids’ bedroom or for a family room where people may be laying on the floor and playing.

For outdoor locations, we offer squares made to stand up to unpredictable weather and constant sunlight without fading.

Installation Options

Unlike a roll of carpeting, which often requires hiring a professional to do the installation, our residential carpet tiles provide a self-install option, saving money.

We have some models of these tiles that use an interlocking edge. Some tiles have puzzle-style edges, where the tile pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Others make use of a plastic base layer that contains tabs and loops, simplifying the process of connecting adjacent tiles without the need for glue. The interlocking edges will remain connected even when placed under the stress of people walking and lying on the tiles.

We also offer peel-and-stick carpet tiles that greatly simplify installation. Just peel the protective backing layer to reveal the pre-applied adhesive. Then press the tile into place to activate the adhesive. This is a far cleaner process than applying adhesive separately.

No matter which installation system is in use, the edges of the squares blend, meaning it won’t be obvious that the layout uses tiles.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our squares do not require any special maintenance techniques to keep them in top condition. Just run a vacuum cleaner over the top regularly to remove dirt before it becomes matted down, as matting affects the quality and look of the carpet.

To remove stubborn soils, occasionally run a carpet cleaning machine over the top, just as with a roll of carpeting. Use a safe carpet cleaning solution, depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the particular carpet squares installed in your home.