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Why Invest in Rosco Dance Flooring?

Rosco floors deliver many benefits:
  1. Top Quality: Greatmats Rosco Adagio dance floor is used in professional studios around the country and throughout the world. It is second to none.
  2. Versatile: Rosco Adagio tour dance floor is suitable for almost any need.
  3. Easy Installations: In most cases, a Rosco dance floor installation is a DIY job. These are designed with portability in mind to take them on tour.
We are proud to offer a quality selection of Rosco dance floors.

Rosco Sprung Floor

We have a number of different models. All of these are set up to create a safe, ideal surface while helping to prevent injury.

The DIY Sprung Floors help to eliminate hard or soft spots, creating an ideal locale. The major benefit of this is the ability to do in-house installations, which saves money. Easily disassemble it and take it along to a performance too. There's no glue. All of the panels screw together. Equipped with WaveLock technology, this is the best quality available.

The Sprung Dance Floor Full Panel is a well-built unit designed to provide the perfect combination of resilience, spring, and stability. This comes in 42x42 inch panels that spoon into each other seamlessly. A bit of light construction is required for assembly, but this is a portable dance floor type that is easily moveable, too. WaveLock eliminates soft and hard spots.

If you're looking for an affordable subflooring option, consider our Home Dance Subfloor. This provides excellent cushioning and support, and it includes a soft rubber bottom layer topped with plastic athletic tiles. The rubber layer yields cushion, while the plastic tile layer provides a firm foundation. Lay a Greatmats Rosco Adagio Marley dance floor on top to complete it.

This requires no glue or hardware for installation, and it's easily removable and portable. It's an excellent economical choice, and the durable materials ensure that it can hold up to rigorous use. This is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Choosing a Rosco Dance Floor

We offer a number of Rosco dance floor products. Consider the following factors:

Types of Dancing to be Performed
The first thing to decide is what type of activity will be performed. Our customer representatives can help select the right surface based on the planned use case.

Additional Activities
Once the usages for the Rosco floor have been nailed down, the next question to ask is, “Will there be nondancing activities taking place here?”

Certain people use their studios for nondancer activities, such as drill team practice, especially when the students are working on their moves. A studio is often used for meeting rooms, yoga centers, and classrooms.

Be sure to mention these usage cases to the customer service representative. The solution could be to invest in something that can be temporarily installed and removed as required.

Frequency of Use
How often will it be used? This is another important factor to consider. Certain units may be used daily, and others are made for touring and less frequent usage.

Installations Methods
Is the troupe seeking permanent installations, a semi-permanent installation, or a temporary layout that will be rolled and unrolled for a particular event? Will there be a need to move it later?

Installation Location
Will it be installed in a television or dancing studio? A multi-purpose room? How about a stage for theatrical performances? These are variables to mention to the representative, so he or she can help find the perfect Roscoe flooring.

Necessary Durability
What types of equipment or scenery will be placed on it? If it is to be used in plays, musicals, or TV shows, chances are props and equipment will be placed on it. Wheeling cameras, lighting, or other equipment across it can damage certain Rosco dance floor models. Even casters can be destructive on the wrong surface. This is also true of folding chairs and tables.

However, a heavy-duty vinyl floor is sometimes specifically designed for supporting these items.

Installing a Rosco Dance Floor

Please note that it cannot be used directly on concrete or carpeting. Instead, install a subfloor to serve as the base. We have three different subfloors. We have a pre-built panelized subflooring system that can be installed in any necessary room dimension.

Don't forget to also invest in some official Rosco Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner for use with these. This approved cleaner is for stripping grime and for deep cleaning, but it can also be used for daily maintenance.

FAQ Rosco Dance Floor Q&A

What are the best dance floors?
Carefully developed to meet the unique needs of a dancer, Rosco flooring provides the ideal combination of traction, resistance, and spring to bring out the best performance in any dancer.

What are the best surfaces for ballet?
Our Rosco reversible ballet dance floor is flexible enough to absorb impact while still providing just the right amount of resistance, which makes for a safer, more comfortable location suitable for styles including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, tap, flamenco, and more.

What kind of flooring do dancers use?
A Rosco dance floor is an excellent option for:
  1. A professional planning a new academy building or upgrading an existing one
  2. A performance venue
  3. An enthusiast who wants an at-home practicing option
  4. A traveling troupe

Can you tap on a Marley floor?
Yes, although some dancing types, such as tap, can be particularly tough on joints in the lower body. Be sure to use the right subfloor underlayment and Rosco dance floor for this. Meanwhile, something like Pointe requires a surface that isn't too fast. An overly slippery vinyl dance floor will not work well for controlled slip dancers.

How much does a Greatmats Rosco Marley dance floor cost?
The thickness measurement will play a big role in the overall price, as will the overall coverage size. For those in the 1.5 to 2 mm range of depth that ship in a large roll, expect to pay $2 to $3 per sq ft. Thicker Marley Adagio flooring in smaller coverage sizes may run $5 or $6 per square foot. Black may be cheaper than other colors too.