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Competition Landing Mats, Gymnastics Landing Mats, Landing Mats for Competition
3 Products

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Blue competition landing mats, Gymnastic landing mats, Competition landing mats for gymnastics
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are an essential tool in gymnastics training and competitions. Offered in 12 cm and 20 cm thicknesses, these competition landing mats come in dimensions ranging from 4x7.5 feet to 8x18 feet. Choose landing mats in either non-folding or single-fold options, offered in standard blue color. These comp mats are custom made to order in the USA to your specified landing mat size. All Greatmats landing mats for gymnastic competition are topped with a laminate layer of 1-3/8 inch crosslinked polyethylene foam.

Durability and longevity make these competition landing mats a great tool for any program. Our landing mats feature a matted textured 18 oz vinyl cover. Equipped with a double-stitched top edge and a number 10 YKK molded zipper, these mats are made to last. Two-inch thick polyester web handles are included for easy relocation. All four sides off hood and loop fasteners. No loose foam is in the covers.

Competition landing mats are designed for indoor use and are not recommended for use outdoors as they are not waterproof or UV stable.

A laminate layer of royal blue 1-3/8 inch cross-linked polyethylene foam tops all competition landing mats. The bottom layer of our 12 cm mat features a custom formulated polyurethane foam. Optimal shock absorption and mat performance is insured by this premium formulation.

The one-piece 18 oz vinyl tops offer a seamless top surface that is perfect for all landings. It is smooth and flat, and there are no heat sealed top seams, providing a longer life of the mat. These competition landing pads come with a 3-year limited warranty. The cross linked polyethylene foam is also laminated to the bottom polyurethane layer.

Along with a bottom layer density of 1.8 lbs, these mats offer 55 ILD (indentation load deflection) polyurethane foam. It comes with double stitched edges and a 4 inch loop fastener sewn to all mat widths make for easy and secure mat-to-mat attaching. A hook and loop connector strip is included on orders of 2 or more mats.

Common sizes for the 12 cm mats, folding and non folding, are 6-8 feet wide and 12-18 feet long. Most 20 cm folding competition landing mats fall between 7.5-8 feet wide and 12-18 feet long.

An alternative to the competition landing mats is the Fluff Denim Gymnastics mat, which is 1 foot thick, 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. The soft foam and cover takes away the slap and sting of landing on a traditional safety mat.

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