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No gymnastics training facility is complete without . An essential tool in both training and competition, these mats come in dimensions ranging from 4x7.5 feet to 8x18 feet. Choose from 12 cm and 20 cm thicknesses to provide plenty of cushion and shock absorption.

Greatmats is proud to offer a variety of quality competition landing mats in a variety of styles, including both non-folding and single-fold options. These landing crash mats are custom made to order to your specified mat size, and are made in the USA.

All Greatmats landing mats for competition feature a top layer of 1-3/8 inch crosslinked polyethylene foam, giving the mats both durability and excellent shock absorption properties.

How to Choose the Right Landing Mats for Your Facility

Whether you're purchasing gymnastics cushion mats for a professional facility or for home use, it's important that you choose the right mats for your needs. Consider the following factors.

  1. Activity Type: You'll need different landing mats for different purposes. Are the mats going to be used for tumbling? Skills work? Bar work?
  2. Versatility: Our folding mats can be used both as landing mats and also for skills building. On the other hand, our fluffy denim mats are a versatile alternative to a pit in your gym. Some mats can be attached together to create different sized surfaces.
  3. Quality: You don't want to sacrifice on quality when it comes to landing mats. You can be assured that you're buying quality mats when you purchase them from Greatmats.
  4. Warranty: All of our mats are backed by excellent warranties; our manufacturers stand behind their products.
  5. Color: At first glance, a mat's color might not appear to be important, but it's a powerful branding tool, especially if you're using the mats for competition. Many of our mats can be custom ordered in colors that represent your team, school, or business.
  6. Storage: If you're not able to keep your landing mats in place in your space, then consider how easily they can be stored away. Folding mats are easy to move and store, and will take up less space than a standard flat mat will.

Greatmats Folding Competition Landing Mats

At Greatmats, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you top-quality products. That's why we choose to offer our custom-made folding gym mats. These mats, which are made in the USA, feature the highest quality materials, including an 18 ounce 6P compliant vinyl cover and a durable foam interior.

Because these competition landing mats are made to order, you can get exactly the look and size that you need for your program. The manufacturing facility is dedicated to quality and customer service, ensuing a great experience. And while these mats are custom-made, they are still available at an affordable price, meaning they're accessible for schools and smaller programs as well as for professional upper-level training centers.

Consider these folding competition landing mats for:

  1. School gym classes
  2. Tumbling training
  3. Gymnastics practices and competitions
  4. Martial arts take-down mats
  5. Cheerleading
  6. Home practice

These landing mats for competition feature a medium density and shock absorption, making them a great multipurpose mat. Designed for durability and superior performance, these mats have a 1.5-inch polyethylene foam, topped by a 1-inch layer of polyurethane foam. They're specifically designed to absorb the impacts of a gymnast, creating a safe surface that also helps to maximize the gymnast's performance.

The vinyl cover is also designed to provide top-quality and performance, but also offers customization options. You can choose your own mat colors to coordinate the mat with your business, school, or team colors.

The hook and loop fasteners are also customizable. The V2 mats have hook and loop fasteners on the two short sides. The V4 has the fasteners on all four sides of the mats. The V2 is a great choice if you plan to attach the mats end-to-end for tumbling passes. The V4 offers more versatility, in that you can create these long lanes, but can also attach the mats to each other on the long sides for side-to-side placement. When you order your mats, you'll be able to choose the V2 or V4 design based on what your facility needs.

Because these mats fold up, they can be used for skills building, as well as serving as landing crash pads. They are lightweight enough to be easily moved, and can be folded up and stored away when not in use.

Choose from a variety of sizes, including:

  1. 4x6 feet
  2. 4x8 feet
  3. 5x10 feet
  4. 6x12 feet
  5. Custom sizes are also available by order

Consider the benefits of investing in these custom-made gymnastics landing mats:

  1. Choose the size and attachment style that works best for you
  2. Get a top-quality mat featuring two foam layers designed for optimum safety and gymnast performance
  3. Receive a mat designed with durability in mind, and backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  4. Choose your custom colors, so the mats coordinate with your team, branding, or school colors
  5. Put the versatile mat to use for multiple purposes, from practice to competition to skill building

These custom mats can help to:

  1. Keep gymnasts safe and performing at their best
  2. Establish branding for your business, school, or team
  3. Represent your team at competitions
  4. Bring your training facility to the next level
  5. Host well-respected competitions

Fluffy Denim Gymnastics Mat

For exercises where an athlete repeatedly lands on their stomach or back as they learn a skill, the Fluffy Denim Gymnastics Mat offers soft shock absorption that helps to remove the slap and sting from a landing. This mat's soft foam is 12 inches thick for superior shock absorption. The denim cover is soft yet durable, making for an ideal, comfortable landing surface.

Made in the USA, this gymnastics mat features handles so that you can easily move it during practices. Generously sized at 60x80 inches, it offers plenty of surface area for all sorts of activities. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty, this durable mat is designed to last.

Consider the benefits of investing in this denim gymnastics mat:

  1. Help to keep your athletes safe with a generously sized, thick mat
  2. Take the slap and sting out of repetitive landings during skills building
  3. Mat can be more easily moved around the gym, as opposed to using a modular pit
  4. Enjoy a mat built with durability in mind, and buy confidently with the 1-year limited warranty

This mat can be used for:

  1. Skills building
  2. Bar work
  3. Vault releases
  4. And more

Gym Wall Padding

If you're purchasing landing mats for competition or practice, then consider investing in gym wall padding to fully outfit your facility. Suitable for both home and professional use, these wall pads provide an important safety precaution in case an athlete were ever to collide with a wall. They're particularly valuable in areas where gymnasts are practicing tumbling, since it is easy for athletes to lose control and possibly run into the wall.

Our gym wall pads are 2 inches thick and offer plenty of shock absorption to help soften impact. They are ASTM impact rated, and come with 14-ounce durable vinyl covers which can be upgraded to Class A fire rated materials. You can even order these pads in custom sizes, and with cutouts for light switches, outlets, handles, and more. Made right here in the USA, these pads are backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

A wood backing allows you to secure these pads directly to a wall, and a lip top and bottom makes for easy, simplified installation. Additionally, you can request a Z-Clip installation design if you would prefer.

Don't forget that you can choose from more than a dozen different color options for these mads. You can even have your team logo, mascot image, school name, business logo, or other image added to this padding for a beautiful finished look.

Consider the benefits of wall padding:

  1. Maximize the safety of your gym in case an athlete collides with a wall
  2. Choose from more than 12 colors to get the exact look that you want
  3. Offer your athletes the best protection with an ASTM rating and Class A fire rating
  4. Customize the pads to include cutout areas for light switches, handles, and more
  5. Incorporate a logo or branding onto the pads

Commitment to Customers

At Greatmats, we run our business according to the Golden Rule model, meaning that we treat you as we would want to be treated. We want you to be happy with each and every shopping experience, so we offer a price match guarantee. Thanks to that guarantee, you can shop with confidence, knowing you'll never overpay for a product at Greatmats. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, we've earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating - and we're proud of it!

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