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To gain the most benefit from dance lessons you or your kids are taking at a studio, you can practice between sessions at home. Trust the Greatmats dance floor kit options to deliver a safe and effective space to practice at home.

We offer kits that deliver a high level of performance for many different dance styles. These are studio-quality flooring kits that give customers the same types of floors that they will experience during classes and performances.

Size and Shape Options

Our dance floor kit products are available in a variety of pre-configured sizes, giving customers options for selecting a size that fits well in the space available for dance practice. Everything required to put together these lightweight flooring layouts ships as part of the kit.

For those seeking a marley dance floor kit, we offer a size of 10.5 by 10 ft. The kit is easy to install, as the installer just lays out the two segments and secures them with vinyl tape.

For tap dance practice for one person, we offer square-sized kits with interlock edge designs that go together quickly and that deliver a realistic surface. These kits are available in sizes between 3x3 feet and 6x6 feet of coverage. The kits measure 5/8 inches in thickness.

Each tile in this dance floor kit measures 1x1 foot, which makes it easy to carry the tiles wherever required for installation. This portable size is ideal for home installations, but it’s also usable at a dance studio for giving individual lessons in a room other than the main studio setting.

Material Options

Our residential marley dance floor package consists of the vinyl flooring and tape to keep the vinyl tight to the floor. We also offer a marley kit for at-home use that includes foam tiles made to go underneath the vinyl, making it more comfortable to practice for long periods of time.

With our tap dance floor kit, the individual tiles consist of a vinyl layer over the top of a plastic base. The base contains the interlocking mechanism, which is hidden from view upon the final installation.

The vinyl layer is extremely durable, and it will stand up to extensive use and continue to look great.

Pattern and Texture Options

With the marley floor dance kit, customers can select between two solid colors for the vinyl top layer – black or gray.

If selecting a kit that includes interlocking foam tiles, those will be black. They will not be visible after installing the marley layer over the top, though.

With the tap dance modular tiles, the vinyl layer is available in a faux wood grain design. The printed wood grain image on top of the vinyl contains darker and lighter colors in the wood stain color, giving it a natural appearance. The wood stain colors available include:
  • Light oak
  • Maple plank
  • Walnut plank
  • Dark oak
  • Cherry plank
  • Court gym hardwood

Common Use Options

Customers primarily will use these dance floor kit products for practicing various types of dancing at home or at a studio.

The marley flooring kit works for dance styles like ballet, hip hop, ballroom, modern, tap, jazz, and others. Dancers can work on their craft in soft-soled shoes, in hard-soled shoes, and in bare feet.

This is a semi-permanent type of flooring, so it isn’t made for holding large classes all day long. But it works extremely well for occasional practices and for individual workouts.

The tap dance flooring is a great selection for tap dancing practice, as it delivers a realistic sound with tap shoes. Additionally, it works for clogging practice, ballroom dancing, flamenco dancing, Irish dancing, and Latin dancing.

Installation Options

Because this is a portable type of flooring, we know it’s important to make the installation process as easy as possible.

With the marley flooring, if using a kit with the foam padding, start by connecting the interlocking foam tiles that serve as the cushioned base underneath the segments of vinyl flooring.

Then place the two sections of vinyl flooring side by side over the foam padding or over the subfloor. Use the included vinyl tape to connect the two segments or to secure the entire layout to the subfloor.

With the tap dance kit, just connect the modular tiles using the snap-together design. Do not apply adhesive to the edges of the tiles or to the underside of the tiles, as the layout will remain tightly connected and sturdy without glue.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

With both types of kits for dance flooring, the cleaning process is the same, because both kits use vinyl.

Use a broom or a dust pad sweeper to sweep the surface of the vinyl to remove dust and other debris every few days or each time you are disassembling the layout to place it in storage.

To remove stubborn stains, you can use a mop with a neutral pH cleaner or a common household floor cleaner that’s safe to use with vinyl flooring. Avoid using products with bleach.