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Options for Jiu Jitsu Mats

High-quality jiu jitsu mats are a must for professional dojo settings or practice sessions for garage gyms at home. No-burn tatami BJJ mats for sale from Greatmats deliver the safest surface for practice and competition settings.

You can trust the puzzle mats, roll out mats, and folding mats that we deliver to give you long lasting performance without showing wear and tear. No matter what size of space you need to cover, we have products to match your requirements.

Professional Quality Jiu Jitsu Dojo Mats

Interlocking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mats from Greatmats use professional quality EVA foam material. Each tile is built to exact tolerances, which makes the DIY installation process extremely easy.

At 1.25 inches in thickness, our martial arts mats deliver waterproof capabilities and cushioning. This is an ideal material for submission wrestling practice as well.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mats for Home Use

Setting up a safe space to practice at home is important, and our floors deliver the quality you need at a great value.

Each of our Home BJJ Mats has 1.5 inches of thickness for outstanding cushioning. Yet the EVA foam is firm enough to allow athletes to make quick, sure movements to gain the most from every practice rep. Should kids fall while practicing at home, the tatami surface doesn’t cause skin burns.

Types of Jiu Jitsu Mats

No matter what kind of use case you have in mind, Greatmats has multiple designs and types of mats to fit your needs.
  • Puzzle mats: Puzzle mats are easy to install, using interlocking edges that fit together without the need for glue.
  • Roll out mats: Roll out mats have a highly cushioned base with a sturdy top layer that provides excellent traction.
  • Folding mats: When you want temporary outdoor jiu jitsu mats, our folding mats are portable while delivering excellent cushioning.

Jiu Jitsu Mats Q&A

What are the best tatami jiu jitsu mats for home?

When you want to create a covering of 10x10 jiu jitsu mats to fit in a spare bedroom, our home options have a convenient 2x2 foot size, making it easy to create a layout that matches the size of the room. Even if you have an odd-sized room, puzzle mats let you create a specific size easily.

How many square feet are jiu jitsu mats?

Competition mat square footage requires specific sizes. A jiu jitsu competition mat is 1,076 square feet, for example. This is smaller than competition wrestling mats in high school and college. With our puzzle mats, it’s easy to create a size that matches what’s required for competitions or to set up a practice space of any size.

What are jiu jitsu mats made of?

Jiu jitsu mats are made of a foam core with varying materials as the top layer. Some of the options include:
  • Closed cell EVA foam in a puzzle edge design
  • Polyethylene foam core with a vinyl covering in a folding design
  • Polyethylene foam bonded to vinyl in a roll out design

How thick should jiu jitsu mats be?

A minimum of 1.25 inches is the recommended thickness for jiu jitsu mats. For extra padding and protection against falls, we’d recommend going with 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or thicker. When additional padding is needed, we offer rolls of foam that can be used as an underlayment.

Are puzzle jiu jitsu mats good?

They have excellent cushioning and will not cause skin burns when they have a tatami surface. Our Brazilian jiu jitsu tatami mats consist of EVA foam that is durable enough to handle frequent workout sessions. Certain models we offer have a fall height rating of up to 4 feet.

What texture is a tatami jiu jitsu mat?

Tatami jiu jitsu mats are an excellent choice because of the textured top layer. It will let the athlete maneuver across the floor tiles without catching the skin, preventing painful skin burn and scrape injuries. The rice-like tatami texture delivers this valuable benefit.

How safe are jiu jitsu mats?

Greatmats jiu jitsu mats offer the best safety features. These not only provide cushion for takedowns, falls, and throws, but they are also firm enough to allow the athlete to move freely without sinking or getting stuck. Our 1.5 inch thick puzzle mats are the thickest puzzle mat available. For additional padding, choose a Martial Arts Crash Mats which will provide more protection during throws.

How can I clean jiu jitsu mats?

Roll out, puzzle, and folding jiu jitsu mats can be cleaned with regular sweeping, vacuuming without a beater bar, and damp mopping using a mild household cleaner. Be sure to follow up with a mop using only clean water to remove all residue from the floor cleaning product. For tougher stains or soils, interlocking mats can be hand scrubbed.