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Matting for Jiu Jitsu, BJJ & Submission Wrestling

Count on Greatmats to deliver professional quality interlocking jiu jitsu mats for residential use, for a dojo, and for MMA training floors. Professionals train on our interlocking grappling mats nationwide.

Is Puzzle Matting Good For Jiu Jitsu?

Yes, as they have excellent cushioning and will not cause skin burns. Our Brazilian jiu jitsu tatami mats consist of EVA foam that are more than durable enough to handle frequent workout sessions. Certain models we offer have a height rating for falling of up to 4 feet. These have an impressive construction that’s sure to deliver the value and performance any professional or residential setting requires.

How Thick Should Jiu Jitsu Mats Be?

It really depends on the planned usage cases. A minimum of 1.25 inches is recommended for jiu jitsu matting. For extra padding and protection against falls, we’d recommend going with 1.5”, 2”, or thicker. When additional padding is needed we offer rolls of foam that can be used as an underlayment.

How Many Square Feet Are Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu Mats?

Officially, they are 38x38 for high school and 42x42 for college. However, for practicing, smaller units are workable. Some wrestling mats are perfect for use in the house, measuring 10x10 ft. Additionally, we have grappling mats that will ship in smaller pieces, such as 1x1 meter or 2x2 feet, to simplify installation through an interlock method. Rollable or folding models greatly simplify storage at the end of the practicing session. When ordering from us, several size options are available for helping customers find just the right coverage for the space required.

What Are Jiu Jitsu Mats Made of?

Commonly, these will have a foam core surrounded by a few texture choices. Our special no-burn tatami texture is the preferred selection in the majority of cases to avoid scrapes on knees and elbows while still providing traction. The closed cell EVA foam delivers a high density design, which is certain to give the ideal mixture of cushioning and sure footing without resulting in burns to the bare skin.

What Texture Is a Tatami Jiu Jitsu Mat?

Tatami jiu jitsu mats are an excellent choice because of the textured top layer, which is going to provide the highest level of safety for those involved in competitions or classes. It will let the athlete maneuver across the floor tiles without catching the skin, preventing painful burns and scrapes. The rice-like tatami texture to deliver this valuable benefit. Athletes certainly can use other textures, including smooth or thatch, but there’s no guarantee that they won’t end up with painful scrapes on elbows, knees, and forearms.

How Safe Are Tatami BJJ Mats to Use?

Use our interlocking tatami mats at any location and for any situation involving classes, competition, or practices. If looking for affordable matting, Greatmats is the best place to start. Our elite selection is popular for houses, academies, and training centers due to the high quality construction.

Greatmats jiu jitsu mats offer the best safety features. These not only provide cushion for takedowns, falls, and throws, but they are also firm enough to allow the athlete to move freely without sinking or getting stuck. Our 1.5 inch thick puzzle mats have been critical fall height tested and are rated for falls of up to 4 feet. They are designed to prevent serious head injuries during throw and takedown drills.

For professional centers, the 1x1 meter interlocking mats offer faster installation and easier cleaning due to a limited number of seams. They are easy to cut for custom installations around poles, pillars, columns, and other obstacles at academies. For added protection and design uniformity, they can be installed as gym floor mats or gym wall pads.

What Are the Best Home BJJ Tatami Mats?

For someone looking for jiu jitsu mats for home, the 2x2 foot puzzled edge pieces are worth looking into, as they can be easily stacked and stored in basement closets, on/under garage workbenches, or behind doors when not in use. These space savers can be installed pretty much anywhere and are easy to carry down narrow hallways or stairwells by a single person.

We have home sized rollout mats too. These are great for portable practice flooring, as they are quickly installed and have a protective smooth vinyl cover around the entire mat. This allows students and professionals to take their practices home.

Be aware that if you intent to use these mats outside for practice or demonstrations, the underside of the mats may suffer some damage from sharp rocks or sticks. These mats are designed for indoor use.

A better option for temporary outdoor use are our folding panel style mats. Multiple folding pieces can be connected together to reach a desired coverage area size in a hurry. Each panel within the mat is 2 feet wide and at least 4 feet long.

How Can I Clean Roll Out Jiu Jitsu Mats?

Roll out mats, like all of our jiu jitsu mats, can be cleaned with regular sweeping, vacuuming without a beater bar, and damp mopping using a mild household cleaner.

Be sure to follow up with a mop using only clean water to remove all residue from the floor cleaner.

For tougher stains or soils, interlocking mats can be pulled up and scrubbed in a sink or tub. Do not allow standing water to collect on installed puzzle mat floors, as it could allow the moisture to seep through the interlocks.

If dampness does get under the matting, simply lift them and let them dry before reinstalling. The mats themselves not absorb moisture.

These can be cleaned and disinfected with a damp sponge too. Avoid soaking vinyl wrapped models to prevent water from getting inside the vinyl covering.