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BJJ Mats for Home Options

Trust BJJ mats for home installations from Greatmats to help you transition any space into a safe practice area. We have multiple format and size options for tiles and jiu jitsu mats, allowing you to match the space available to the flooring you want to install.

All of our martial arts mat options have fall protection and a no-burn tatami surface to keep athletes safe during ground-based workouts. Avoiding a skin burn or a scrape from sliding across unsafe MMA mats makes practice time more enjoyable for kids.

Recommendations for BJJ Mats to use at Home

We offer only the best home training mats, ranking highly among our residential customers. Trust our roll out or puzzle home BJJ grappling mats for their durability, cushioning, value, and traction.

When you want to mimic the quality of a professional jiu-jitsu mat for home use, our Jiu Jitsu Interlocking Mats are a popular choice. They use a safe tatami surface in puzzle tiles that are easy to install and use for your martial arts training.

Types of Jiu Jitsu Mats for Home

With the different formats that we offer for home BJJ practice surfaces, you can find the exact model to meet the use case you have in mind.
  • Roll out: When you need a bit of extra cushioning that also has a sturdy top layer for traction, the roll out mats are an ideal choice.
  • Folding: Folding mats are great for temporary uses, because they fold down to a small size for storage. They work well as temporary outdoor mats, too.
  • Puzzle: When you want a DIY installation, mats that have a jigsaw puzzle edge don’t require glue to make a tight connection.

Benefits of BJJ Mats for Home

When selecting our mats for BJJ workout sessions at home, you receive several benefits, including:
  • Safety: Many of our products have a burn-free tatami surface, protecting the skin, while also delivering plenty of cushioning in the foam core. We only use EVA foam that’s lead- and latex-free.
  • Color designs: Many different colors are available in our BJJ home mats, and some have reversible designs to help with creating fun patterns, such as our Home Sport and Play tiles.
  • Wood grain designs: If you need a design that resembles a wood floor to maintain the aesthetics of a certain room in your home, our Premium Martial Arts Karate Mats are a popular selection.
  • Ease of installation: You can install our mats quickly, as they cover a lot of space per piece.
  • Ease of disassembly: If you need to transition the practice area back to its original purpose, our mats come apart just as quickly as they went together, revealing the original floor.
  • Replace damaged pieces: With the puzzle-style tiles, when you have a damaged piece, just replace it with a new one, which is impossible to do with a single-piece floor.
  • Good value: For a large order, we offer convenient shipping options. We also have numerous models that deliver a great value per square foot of coverage, such as our Pro Martial Arts Mats.
  • Thick mats for cushioning: We offer some highly cushioned mats, such as our Grappling MMA Mats, that helps with protection during throws and falls.
  • Durability: Our Folding Gym Mat measures 2 inches in thickness and offers the same quality as a pro-level floor. With dimensions of 5x10 feet, it covers a lot of area for significant impact absorption, yet it resists wear and tear and offers a double-stitched vinyl cover.

BJJ Mats for Home Q&A

What are the best BJJ mats for home training?

For Brazilian jiu jitsu training at home, the best BJJ mats need to meet the use case you have in mind. If you need to practice throws and falls, extra cushioning is important, but such mats will cost more. If you’re going to stick with stand-up workouts, a thinner and cheaper mat may work well.

What is the difference between home and professional BJJ mat options?

Typically, when comparing jiu jitsu mats, the coverage area plays a role in determining pro mats versus mats made for home use. A pro mat often measures 1x1 meter or larger, as studios probably will have larger floors to cover. Home mats often are about 2x2 feet or smaller, helping homeowners do a DIY installation more easily.

What is the best thickness for BJJ mats and how does it compare to professional mats?

Pro-level mats typically range in thickness from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. This provides maximum protection for falls and throws. Our 1.5 inch Home BJJ mats are the same thickness as the Grappling MMA Mats that are used in professional studios.