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Options for Non Slip Flooring

When you need to select flooring to create a safe atmosphere at a residential pool, a commercial kitchen, or an industrial work area, you should pay attention to the likelihood of moisture causing slick conditions. In these damp areas, non slip flooring is the best choice.

At Greatmats, we have numerous options for slip resistant flooring. Our products often have a grippy surface material, raised texture surfaces, and perforations that allow water to drain away. Hard flooring, like vinyl or concrete, can become slippery when wet. You can improve the safety of any space by installing the non skid, high grip surface flooring materials that we offer. Because of the many options we have at Greatmats, we can help you find the perfect material.

Types of Non Slip Mats

One of the key decisions to make with waterproof and slip proof commercial floor mats is the size of the coverage area and the type of flooring configuration.
  • Perforated Matting Rolls: Perforated rolls often are a few feet in width and 30 or more feet in length, providing a safe walkway surface for use along an industry assembly line or near a pool.
  • Vinyl Rolls: We offer numerous vinyl rolls made to cover extremely large areas, such as an entire room in a warehouse, the flooring of a boat, or a factory workspace.
  • Tiles: When you need to create a certain coverage space, use interlocking non slip tiles to easily set up the exact coverage that you want.
  • Mats: We offer many different sizes of pre-cut mats, usually made for one person to stand and work in front of a food prep area, a workstation in a factory, or a dishwashing station where liquid spills could make the space slippery.

Features and Benefits of Non Slip Flooring

The slip proof flooring that we offer at Greatmats offers numerous benefits and features that help you avoid dangerous falls, while also delivering a good value.
  • Waterproof: Our flooring products will not absorb moisture or become waterlogged.
  • Drainage: Many of these flooring options have perforations that allow excess water to drain away.
  • Materials: Some products use rubber mats, PVC plastic mats, and other non slip materials.
  • Texture: The surface of the slip resistant floors may have a raised pattern or grit to add extra traction.
  • Comfort: In areas where people need non slip floors and may be walking in bare feet (such as near a pool) or standing for long periods of time, non slip flooring mats should offer comfort and anti fatigue properties, too.
  • UV Resistance: If you are using these mats outdoors, having UV resistance allows the floors to avoid fading in direct sunlight, providing a longer lifespan.
  • Design: We offer multiple colors in these flooring products for areas where the design is important.
  • DIY Installation: Many of our non slip products offer an easy DIY installation option, so you can save money versus hiring a professional installer.

If you are unsure which type of product will give you the exact features you need for your particular location, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team for some help.

Where to Use Non Slip Floor Tiles

You have many options for installing non slip PVC or rubberized mats in your home, commercial facility, or swimming pool area. These floors are tough enough to stand up to industrial use, yet they also can provide the anti fatigue benefits you want when working in your kitchen at home. Depending on the product you select, some of the usage options include:
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Pool decks
  • Boats
  • Docks and piers at the lake
  • Industrial work areas
  • Warehouses
  • Assembly lines
  • Industrial workstations
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Residential kitchens
  • Laundry areas
  • Restaurants
  • Public buildings
  • Areas where people must stand in line
  • Entryways
  • Outdoor venues
  • Commercial gyms
  • Home gyms
  • Spas
  • Commercial locker rooms
  • School locker rooms
  • Swimming pool locker rooms

Non Slip Flooring Q&A

What are the most slip resistant pool deck tiles?

When seeking the most slip resistant tiles for a pool deck, look for those that can maintain slip resistance, even when they are wet from splashing pool water. Soft surfaces are helpful to provide a cushioned surface, while they also tend to be more slip resistant than hard surfaces. PVC plastic tiles are often the best materials for this purpose.

What is an anti slip mat and what are the best products?

The definition of an anti slip mat is a type of flooring that provides traction, even when it becomes wet, that helps people walking across it avoid slipping. Some of the best mats that have anti slip capabilities include the Heronair Industrial Matting Roll, which covers 66 square feet and has perforations to allow liquid to drain away, and the 3x5 Foot TruTread Mat, which is oil, grease, and water resistant for use in kitchens and other industrial locations.

What are the top non-slip commercial floor mats and matting?

High-quality non-slip commercial matting will include features like traction (even when wet), drainage using perforations, and durability for use in tough conditions. A couple of the best non-slip commercial floor mats will be the SaniTop Anti-Fatigue Mat, which has a cushioned design to go along with the traction it provides, and the Vynagrip Plus Heavy Duty Industrial Matting, which easily contours to uneven surfaces as needed.

What is the best anti slip matting for wet areas?

The best anti slip mat rolls for wet areas will deliver both slip resistance and the ability to allow water drain away without absorbing it. This material often works to create a walkway that has plenty of traction. Some of the best choices include the Waterhog Eco Elite Roll, which uses a ridged surface design to catch dirt and moisture at the entrance to a building, and the Flexigrid Industrial Matting Roll, which has a diamond tread surface that gives those walking across it a sure footing, even when the material is wet.

Which Wearwell safety mats offer the best non slip surface?

The best non slip Wearwell safety mats deliver a sure footing in industrial areas where they receive exposure to water, oils, and chemicals. A couple of the most popular choices for this material include the Wearwell ErgoDeck Perforated Gritshield Tiles, which have a gritty, rough surface that delivers extra traction, and the Wearwell ErgoDeck Perforated Tiles With Cleats, which have raised cleats that create a significant level of traction.