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Top FAQs for Wrestling Mats

Greatmats offers top quality wrestling mats for home or for competitive use. They are found in flexible rolls and interlocked puzzled designs. We have the best vinyl covered, professional quality units available.

How Much Are 10x10 or 12x12 Wrestling Mats?

Our catalog contains units in a large range of price points, which simplifies buying just the right one that fits the planned use case and budget. The majority of them will have a price between $1.50 and $4 per square foot. We have multiple at home wrestling mats for sale that fit nicely into any planned cost range. For the least expensive models, look toward rolled foams. Interlocking units with extra thickness will cost a bit more.

How Thick Should a Portable Wrestling Mat Be?

It really depends on whether it will be used only as wrestling floor mats or for multiple sports. For a location where athletes may be subject to hard takedowns to the surface, anything from 1.25” to 2” is appropriate. For martial arts mattings, such s for karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, or muay thai, a thinner unit delivers a sure footing and could be up to 1” in measurement.

What Do You Clean Wrestling Mats With?

Cleaning a small wrestling mat is easy, especially with those from Greatmats, which make use of high quality materials. Use the following steps:
  1. Sweep them to remove debris or use a vacuum that does not use spinning brushes
  2. Damp mop them with hot water and a gentle cleaning solution for floors
  3. For stubborn soils, use a non-abrasive scrubber or rag with the water

Cleaning them on a regular basis will ensure a long wear life. Disinfecting 8x8 or 10x10 wrestling mats is possible as well, but customers must only follow the instructions that ship with them to guarantee it can be done safely and without causing unwanted damage that would shorten the lifespan.

What Are Jiu Jitsu Tiles Made of?

Customers have several construction materials options for martial art workouts, making it easier to find the perfect one for the projected usage cases. Each will have its own advantages, so pay attention to the way in which practicing sessions will be held and find a unit that has these benefits.
  1. EVA: Delivers softness along with reasonably good traction, while absorbing the shock of falls.
  2. PE foam: Lightweight material with extra cushioning, and it may have a tatami top.
  3. PU foams: Primarily used as crash matting, thanks to its extremely thick measurement and maximum cushioning.

How Do You Store Custom Wrestling Mats?

For interlocking wrestling mats, just pop them apart at the end of session and place them in a closet or utility room. For roll up mats wrestling practices usage, they should be rolled as tightly as possible. Store them standing on end to avoid having the materials collapse upon themselves over time.

Are Roll Out Designs Good for a Wrestling Room?

They are, as customers can use flexible roll outs for full sized setups in schools and universities. These feature a vinyl top with smooth or tatami surface textures. Smooth surfaces are recommended for use with grappling shoes, while tatami textures that provide additional grip are the best option for barefoot practice.

The durable, vinyl surface is bonded to cross linked polyethylene material in 1-1/4'', 1-5/8'', and 2” measurements. For competitions, we recommend the 2-inch option. The thicker it is, the more cushion and impact absorption against throws and falls it has.

They are offered in up to nine different standard and customized colors. Ordering custom graphics or school logos imprinted on them is a simple process, giving them a significant advantage versus clearance wrestling mats. Our larger packages include competition and practice circle markings.

Simply unroll multiple mats next to each other and apply mat tape to them at the seams to expand the covered area as needed. Our foam wrestling mats are 6-feet wide and found in any length. Greatmats’ models are made to handle shoes and boots and feature a 5-year limited warranty.

Ours ship via freight delivery for schools and gyms. Installation is a piece of cake.

Is It Possible to Select a Home Wrestling Mat for Practices?

Yes, as 10x10 foot rollup and interlock grappling designs are intended for use at the house. These are designed to be easy to install, transport, and store.

It has heavy duty, non-slip vinyls and will never crack or peel. It is built with Bio-Pruf antimicrobials to inhibit growth of fungus or bacteria. This comes with markings for practices. It comes in two 5x10 sections that can be taped together.

These can ship with ground service for training at the house and are delivered in any of four colors. Versus cheap wrestling mats, ours simply will provide a perfect fit every time.

For irregularly shaped practicing areas, consider our Grappling MMA and MMA BJJ products. Both feature 1-5/8'' foams and no-burn tatamis, meaning they will not cause floor burns on the skin. They are also available at a significantly lower price, perfect for residential practice installations.

These will lay down quickly for wall-to-wall or island creations. Created in 1x1 meter or 2x2 foot sizes, these provide excellent cushion and support and are designed to handle the most intense workouts, while providing a 4’ fall height rating that will accommodate most throws or takedowns.

Simply pop the puzzle style pieces together. Cut them with a sharp utility knife to fit around edges where the tiles are not sized correctly. The bigger ones include 4 border strips per tile for a finished edge. Beveled strips are sold separately. Those in the 2x2 ft size are shipped with 2 borders for each tile.

These will not absorb moisture, so they could be combined as a temporary outdoor wrestling mat. They are easily cleanable. They are also easy to remove without damaging the subfloor indoors, should the space be needed for other activities or uses.

For additional fall protection, consider using our 2-inch thick rolls under the floorings for wrestlers. This underlayment provides extra cushion and comfort for falls and throws.

Make sure the space provides the best protection available for the athletes by equipping it with wall padding. We have customizable gym wall pads in all sizes and shapes. They are also capable of accommodating custom colors, logos, and graphics.