Wrestling Mats For Home Use

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Options for Wrestling Mats for Home

Most homeowners don’t have room for a full-sized regulation wrestling mat. However, when you want to practice at home, there are multiple designs of wrestling mats that are smaller or that have a DIY installation option to simplify the setup process.

At Greatmats, we offer numerous wrestling mats for sale that deliver a safe workout space. You can buy affordable, small mats that are ideal for practice time for a couple of people and that are easy to clean and maintain.

Types and Sizes of Wrestling Mats

Select among three different formats in our wrestling mat options, and you also then have multiple size options within each format.
  • Roll Up Wrestling Mats: Roll-out mats range in thickness from 1.25 to 2 inches with a foam base. Sizes include 5x10 mats that you can place side by side for a standard 10x10 layout, a 6-foot width mat with custom cut lengths, and a few options for creating custom sizes.
  • Folding Mats: Fold up foam wrestling mats are usually 2 inches in thickness. They have a vinyl cover that connects multiple segments. You then can fold the segments onto each other for a thicker design or for storage. When laid out flat, you typically can select among mats of 4x8, 4x10, and 5x10 feet.
  • Puzzle Mats: One popular home wrestling mat option is a puzzle edge style mat. These 1.5 inch thick mats are usually available in sizes of 2x2 feet for BJJ and 1x1 meter for grappling and MMA. The puzzle edges pop together easily for a DIY installation.

Wrestling Mats for Home Use

Before selecting a product for use at home, make sure it will fit the area you have available. In a standard 10x10 foot room, for example, you could select our roll-out home wrestling MMA mats, where you can use two 5x10-foot mats to create a final 10x10 size.

Puzzle style mats are a great choice for a non-standard practice area, as you can just connect as many mats as you want to cover whatever space is available.

Wrestling Mats Q&A

Are roll-out wrestling mats good for home practice?

Roll out mats are great for use at home, as they have plenty of padding to keep athletes safe as they fall to the ground during the workout. We offer multiple sizes of roll up mats, but for a standard 10x10 foot room at your house, our MMA roll out mats that have a 5x10 foot size allow you to connect two of them for the full coverage area.

What are the top 5 best home wrestling mat options?

The five best home wrestling mats include roll out mats, puzzle style mats, and folding mats. These mats are all easy to install and provide plenty of cushioning to protect against falls during ground based workouts. You can safely install these mats yourself, saving you money versus having to hire someone to create the wrestling practice area at home.

What are the best interlocking wrestling mats?

The best interlocking wrestling mats are available in multiple sizes, helping you create whatever final coverage area you need. The best mats have puzzle style edges, which simplifies the installation process without having to sacrifice cushioning and durability.

How do you store home wrestling mats?

The best way to store your home wrestling flooring depends on the format you own. With a roll out mat, just roll it back up and store it in a closet or in a corner of the room vertically. For a folding mat, fold the sections upon themselves to cut down on the storage space required. Puzzle mats can be disassembled and stored in a stack of individual pieces.

Do people use martial arts mats for wrestling at home?

When wanting to practice wrestling at home, you could use interlocking martial arts mats to provide a safe space. This is a versatile type of flooring that provides good traction for making quick moves while delivering cushioning for ground-based workouts. Using martial arts mats for this purpose also opens up the space for a few different kinds of workouts.