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Options for Pool Deck Tiles

When summertime rolls around, few things are as enjoyable as spending time at the swimming pool. Kids especially love it, focusing on the fun they’re having. No matter how often you warn them of the danger of falls, kids will inevitably be running around the potentially slippery pool surround. You may want to install interlocking pool deck tiles to protect the kids when they decide not to listen to you and risk a slip and fall.

Crashing to the ground on wet, slippery concrete could cause significant injuries. When you install flooring for the pool area, you can introduce a slip-resistant surface that also delivers cushioned protection in case of a fall. At Greatmats, we offer a range of colors and designs with our pool decking over concrete so you can achieve the perfect look for your gathering space around the indoor or outdoor swimming pool while keeping everyone safe when they choose not to listen to you about running. (So, all the time.)

All About Non-Slip Pool Flooring

Non-slip pool flooring carries several properties that help it prevent slips.
  • Water Resistance: Materials should not absorb water, which can lead to mold and mildew formation as well as constantly slippery conditions.
  • Grippy Surface: Flooring for use around a swimming pool must maintain slip resistance even when puddles of water collect on it, and a surface texture pattern helps.
  • Durability: Wet environments around pools can be hard on floors, and these materials must resist damage from pool chemicals, constant dampness, and foot traffic.
  • Weather Resistance: For outdoor pools, the tiles must resist damage from constant sun exposure.
  • Comfort: Pool surround floors must deliver some cushioning to feel more comfortable on bare feet than bare concrete.

Ideas for Creating Pool Patio Surrounds

Some of the best pool deck tiles we offer for installation at a residential, private, school, or public pool include the following.
  • The Patio Outdoor Tile product is extremely durable, meaning it won’t show wear and tear from constant foot traffic or the legs of patio furniture.
  • The StayLock Perforated Tile product has plenty of comfort for those walking in bare feet.
  • The Soft Flex Tile maintains its traction in constantly wet areas around the pool. You also can safely deploy it in the pool’s shower, locker room, or spa areas.
  • The Ergo Matta Tile is an environmentally friendly product, consisting of recycled material, yet it remains highly durable. It works for either indoor or outdoor pools.

If you are unsure which tile to install, reach out to the pool deck tiling experts on the Greatmats customer service team.

Benefits and Features of Pool Deck Tiles

Customers appreciate the non-slip properties they receive from our pool deck tiles. However, there are additional benefits when you install these tiles.
  • Easy Installation: Most of these tiles contain tab and slot edges or puzzle edges, simplifying installation without needing glue.
  • Colorful Designs: You can select from several colors in the PVC plastic tiles, ranging from blue to gray to red.
  • Perforations: Some PVC pool tiles have perforations that extend through the entire thickness of the tile, allowing excess water to drain away.
  • Texture: Some tiles have a surface texture designed to improve traction for people walking with bare feet or in wet conditions.
  • Fall Height Protection: Some of these tiles have an ASTM fall height rating, meaning they’re certified to protect people from head injuries when they fall from a certain height.
  • Sound Dampening: For an indoor pool, PVC tiles can dampen the echoing sound from screaming and laughing children.

Pool Deck Tiles Q&A

Can you tile over a concrete pool deck?

Yes, you can install tile over a concrete pool deck. Interlocking tiles consisting of PVC plastic work well in this area, providing cushioning over the concrete and standing up to all kinds of weather.

What are the best rubber pool deck pavers?

The best rubber pool deck pavers often are playground tile designs. They have a solid configuration, rather than perforations, and provide cushioning versus concrete. They sometimes are available in colors other than black, which helps avoid extra heating in direct sunlight.

Is deck tiling slippery when wet?

Deck tiling is not slippery when wet, which is a big advantage versus bare concrete. Slip-resistant materials for pool mats for a deck primarily include PVC plastic or rubber, both of which are non-absorbent with a grippy surface.

What are the best pool deck flooring tiles?

The best pool deck flooring tiles stand up to constant water exposure, resist the formation of mold and mildew, provide slip-resistance, deliver protection against falls, have interesting colors in the design, and create a cushioned surface.

Do you need fall protection in pool deck flooring?

Having fall protection in pool deck flooring is important for numerous reasons. Water that splashes out of the pool could create a slippery space where someone could fall. If someone falls on a pool surround that’s bare concrete, a head injury is possible. Cushioned pool deck coverings create a surface that’s safer than concrete in case of a fall.