Virgin Rubber Flooring

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Virgin Rubber Gym Flooring

When selecting rubber floors, many products consist of recycled rubber. However, some layouts call for the use of virgin rubber flooring from Greatmats.

With new, virgin rubber in floor tiles, customers receive a natural form of rubber that’s appearing in its first product. The lack (or reduction) of recycled rubber in the flooring means it has less odor, and it tends to deliver a better appearance over a longer period of time with normal use.

Size and Shape Options

At Greatmats, we offer virgin rubber flooring tiles and mats in large sizes, allowing installers to cover a large room in a short amount of time.

The most common size of tile we offer is 2x2 feet, resulting in about 4 square feet of coverage per tile. Typically, we offer these tiles in a thickness measurement of almost 1 inch, which ensures they offer maximum durability. Expect each tile to weigh between 15 and 20 pounds.

We also offer these virgin rubber flooring tiles in sizes as large as 3x3 feet. When installing them in a huge workout space in a gym, for example, having about 9 square feet of coverage per tile is the best option for completing the layout as quickly and easily as possible.

We often offer these larger 3x3 tiles in thinner sizes ranging from 1/4 inches to 1/2 inches to cut down on weight. Expect these tiles to also weigh 15 to 20 pounds each.

Material Options

By using virgin, or new, rubber in these flooring squares, customers receive many benefits. Some of these benefits are minor, but they may be especially important for your planned use case.

  • Appearance: Tiles consisting of virgin rubber frequently can contain color flecks that are bright and maintain a great look, even in high foot traffic areas.
  • Durability: Virgin rubber flooring tends to last a little bit longer than recycled rubber floors, although both types of floors often last many years without needing replacing.
  • Precise measurements: It’s a little easier for flooring manufacturers to create precise measurement tolerances in the thickness of the tiles with virgin rubber than with recycled rubber, although the differences are only a tiny fraction of an inch.
  • Odor: Recycled rubber tiles can have a strong “new car” odor that doesn’t happen with virgin rubber tiles, even after they’ve been vulcanized.

Pattern and Texture Options

One of the biggest benefits of virgin rubber flooring is the ability to make great use of color in the tiles. These colors remain realistic over time, creating a more interesting look in the virgin rubber flooring in use at home or in a business.

Most of these new rubber tiles have a black background. However, they offer more choices in the colors of the flecks over the top of the black than a typical recycled rubber tile.

Often, these rubber tiles have a smooth top rather than a grooved texture molded into the tile’s surface.

Common Use Options

Rubber flooring works especially well for gym flooring, as it has the durability to stand up to intense workouts, including weightlifting workouts. Because of the various color options in these tiles, some schools may choose to match the flooring colors to their team colors.

Some companies may choose to install rubber flooring in areas where dampness may be present, such as locker rooms or industrial floors.

If you are concerned about remaining eco-friendly in your building while still using virgin rubber tiles rather than recycled rubber tiles, you have the option of recycling these new rubber tiles at the end of their useful lifespans.

Many of these products also use a combination of both recycled and virgin rubber materials.

Installation Options

These tiles often make use of an interlocking edge, which greatly simplifies the installation process. For a puzzle-style interlocking tile, just line up the tabs on one tile with the slots on the next tile and press them together. Because of the thickness of the rubber, it takes some force to connect the tiles.

We offer some tiles that make use of a Quad Blok installation system that securely connects adjacent tiles without being visible.

Some of these interlocking edges are visible. However, when connected securely, the interlocking edge should almost disappear from view because of the precise shape of the edges.

Most of these tiles do not need adhesive to hold them in place. They will remain connected in a dry-lay installation.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining our virgin rubber mats is an easy process. These tiles continue to look like new by applying simple cleaning techniques a couple of times per week.

Start by sweeping or vacuuming the surface of the rubber flooring layout to remove any dust or other particles. Such dry debris could grind into the surface of the rubber as people walk on it, causing difficult-to-clean soiling.

If desired, customers can mop the rubber using a neutral pH solution and warm water. After mopping, let the surface of the rubber dry naturally over a few hours rather than applying heat.