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Options for Modular Flooring

Although some people use the term modular flooring as a catch-all for easy-to-install tiles, it’s much more than that. These tiles provide excellent versatility, allowing you to use them in various cases. You can select from various styles and colors. These modular interlocking floor tiles don’t require glue, so you can pick them up and move them around as needed.

At Greatmats, we offer dozens of styles of modular flooring tiles, and these options consist of multiple different materials. Whether you’re creating an indoor exercise space, a comfortable basement family room, an outdoor pool surround, or anything in between, our modular floor covering options will give you good value with a DIY snap-together installation option.

Types of Modular Floor Tiles

Our modular flooring systems are available in dozens of designs, so you can match the material and style to your desired use case.
  • Raised base: Raised base floors have a stylish top layer, usually vinyl or carpet, with a sturdy plastic base. These are perfect to use in a damp basement, as they allow airflow underneath for evaporation.
  • Solid plastic: Polypropylene and PVC modular floor tiles consist of plastic that’s often waterproof. These plastic modular tiles can be rigid or flexible.
  • Carpet tiles: Modular carpet tiles are ideal for use in an industrial gym or home gym. They cut down on noise from workouts. They often are water-resistant or waterproof, so you can use them anywhere.
  • Rubber tiles: For sports workouts involving weightlifting or for workshop flooring where durability is vital, rubber modular flooring is easy to install while offering comfort in a long-lasting design.
  • Portable dance floor panels: Create a seamless dance floor wherever required with our modular panels. These panels fit tightly together, and they offer solid colors or wood grain finishes.

Where to Use Modular Flooring

Versatility is a significant benefit of modular flooring tiles. Some of the places you can use them include:
  • Trade shows
  • Indoor basketball courts
  • Indoor volleyball courts
  • Outdoor tennis courts
  • Roller hockey surfaces
  • Fitness centers
  • Pool surrounds
  • Basement family rooms
  • Portable dance floors
  • Commercial meeting areas
  • Warehouses
  • Home garages
  • Industrial garages
  • Entryways

Benefits of Modular Tiles

Modular flooring systems provide multiple benefits, including:
  • Simple installation as a DIY project to save money
  • Convenient snap-together design with no need for adhesive
  • Significant versatility for use in home, commercial, and industrial locations
  • After damage occurs to one tile, replace it alone rather than the whole floor
  • Expand the coverage area by adding more tiles at any time
  • Quickly assemble them for use and disassemble them for storage just as quickly
  • Comfortable designs
  • Receive waterproof and water-resistant protection
  • Perforated tiles allow standing water to drain away
  • Supports evaporation in a damp basement with a raised-base design
  • Tough designs that can support the weight of vehicles
  • Create a dance floor for practice anytime and anywhere
  • Show off your design chops with multiple colors and finishes

Modular Flooring Q&A

What is modular flooring and how do you buy it?

Modular flooring is an easy-to-use floor tile system that allows you to replace worn pieces or add more pieces for more coverage quickly. When wondering how to buy modular flooring, start by considering whether you want interlocking or non-interlocking designs of modular floor tiles.

What is the benefit of modular basement flooring?

The primary benefit of modular basement flooring is the ease of installation. It works nicely as a DIY solution. Most modular tiles used in a basement often consist of water-resistant materials that also resist the formation of mold and mildew, which can be important in a damp basement.

What is the best modular garage flooring for motorcycles, cars, and trucks?

The best modular garage flooring for motorcycles, cars, and trucks is TurboTile Diamond Garage Floor Tile. It can handle more than 10,000 pounds of static weight, yet it consists of a lightweight polypropylene plastic that simplifies installation.

What is the best modular flooring for a dance floor?

The best modular flooring for a dance floor is the EZ Portable Dance Floor Tile. These modular tiles create a tight-fitting dance floor that won’t have raised seams or trip hazards. The tiles have an impressive vinyl top layer with a wood-grain finish that looks like the real thing.

Is there a modular carpet flooring tile option?

Yes, there is a modular carpeting flooring tile option. At Greatmats, we have multiple carpet modular tiles, including interlocking tiles with puzzle-style edges, commercial-quality glue-down tiles, peel-and-stick carpet squares, and durable entrance tiles with a carpet top.