Foam Floor Mats for Kids

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Colorful and fun interlocking foam floor mats that are soft for kids

Creating a safe place for children to play requires making sure all toys or athletic equipment in the area are safe. It also requires paying attention to the floor. You may want to install floor mats for kids from Greatmats to create a safe landing place when kids may be playing roughly.

From toddlers who may trip and fall while learning to walk to older children who play rambunctiously, padding on the floors is a way to enhance the safety of the room and play area.

Size and Shape Options

Customers can order our floor mats for kids in a range of shapes and sizes, helping them find the best product for the specific use case.

We offer three kinds of flooring for children: Interlocking tiles, padded rolls and folding mats.

Our interlocking mats commonly have a size of 2x2 feet, which allows you to cover a large room efficiently. A few of these mats even measure 1x1 meter.

Because the edges of these tiles look like a jigsaw puzzle, you will have a slight interlock loss versus the amount of square footage you expect per tile.

These foam mats for children will have thickness measurements between 1/2 inches and 1-1/2 inches.

Our padded gym mats either fold up or roll up for storage after use. These mats typically measure between 4x8 feet and 6x12 feet. However, we also offer some roll-up mats that measure up to 42 feet in length.

These cushioned mats typically measure between 1-1/4 inches and 2-1/2 inches in thickness.

Material Options

Our floor mats for kids consist of a couple of different kinds of foam.

The interlocking mats consist of EVA foam. This is a closed-cell, firm type of foam that delivers waterproof capabilities. It is ideal for use in a basement where moisture may be present.

At a preschool or daycare facility, where children may spill water or drinks, the EVA foam will not soak up the moisture, giving you time to clean the mess.

We also offer a carpet tile that has interlocking edges. The back layer consists of foam with a carpet layer attached to the top. This is a waterproof type of tile, too.

The padded fold-up mats and roll-up mats have a cushioned foam core consisting of polyethylene foam or of a polyethylene/polyurethane combination. This type of foam depresses under impact and then bounces back to its original shape.

To protect the softer type of foam in rectangular mats, the manufacturer will use a vinyl cover that also helps the foam maintain its shape.

Some of the long foam rolls will use a carpet top layer, instead of vinyl, to provide extra traction for kids running across it.

Pattern and Texture Options

Our interlocked foam floor mats for kids have multiple textures and colors available.

Some of the foam mats have a thatch texture on the top, while others are smooth. Some feature a no-burn tatami surface that protects kids who fall from suffering a skin burn.

Color options available in the foam children’s tiles and in the vinyl-covered mats include:
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Royal blue
  • Sky blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Gray
  • Forest green
  • Kelly green
  • Lime green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Tan
  • White
  • Yellow

These mats are colorful, allowing the installer to create some fun patterns in the layout.

Some of the interlocking tiles are reversible, providing different colors on either side. There’s even a faux wood grain tile available.

A few fold-up mats have a rainbow design, using different colors of vinyl for each section of the mat.

Common Use Options

Our floor mats for kids commonly appear in locations where children may be running and playing indoors. The mats can go over the top of a hard surface, providing protection in case of falls. Some of the extra thick mats may even provide an ATSM fall height protection rating.

For specialized workouts like gymnastics or cheerleading, the padded roll-up or fold-up mats are ideal, as they provide extra cushioning in case of a fall.

Installation Options

Installers do not need to use adhesive or glue on these floor mats for kids. They work best in a dry lay installation, where installers can pick up the mats and move them at any time.

To install the interlocked mats, just line up the slots on one mat with the tabs on the next mat. Then press the edges together to lock them in place.

For the gymnastics or cheerleading mats, just unfold them or unroll them in the desired location. You can roll them up or fold them up again to return them to storage later.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

To clean these mats, start by sweeping the surface with a broom or by running a vacuum cleaner over the top. If using a vacuum, use a high setting, so the vacuum doesn’t make contact with the surface of the mat.

To clean the mats more thoroughly, use a gentle household floor cleaner and a mop or cloth. Do not use an excessive amount of water or cleaning fluid. Allow the materials to dry in the air. Avoid using a steam cleaner, as this could cause the mats to expand.