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Options for Foam Mats for Kids

When looking to create a fun play area or bedroom that your children will love, selecting a colorful floor is a great starting point. The key aspect of our play mats for kids is the dozens of colors we offer at Greatmats. You can mix and match colors to create a unique design that the children will love to use for playtime.

Our tiles often have interlocking edges that make it easy to install them, creating a DIY project where your children can help you.

Types of Kid's Floor Mats

When picking the best floor mat for kids that will fit your plans, pay attention to the format that’s available. Although we offer interlocking kids' foam play mats for use as the primary flooring, a couple of other options are available for special use cases.
  • Puzzle style: Our interlocking foam mats are easy to assemble and simplify, creating a perfect coverage size. They work as all-purpose flooring, as well as in a playroom. There’s no need to add glue, even if the installation will be left in place for a long time.
  • Folding mats: Folding foam mats typically work for athletics, but they can provide protection for kids who often roughhouse in a playroom. They have a highly cushioned interior foam with a tough vinyl cover.
  • Rollout mats: Rollout foam mats work similarly to folding mats, as they have a vinyl or carpet top layer with the foam layer attached to the bottom. They’re primarily useful for athletics or roughhousing rather than as a bedroom floor.

Material in Floor Mats for Kids

Our kids' floor mat products primarily use EVA foam. This type of foam offers an excellent combination of cushioning and firmness, giving it impressive versatility.

Not only is EVA foam comfortable when used as a floor, but it also delivers great value, which is ideal when you want to create a fun-looking floor for a kid's bedroom or playroom.

Should kids spill water or other drinks on the EVA foam mats, they will not absorb the liquid. EVA foam has a closed cell design, which makes it waterproof.

It’s also more durable than you may think, as it can stand up to regular foot traffic. Some of these foam mats for kids have a slight texture on the surface, which helps to prevent slips, even when wet.

Texture, Pattern, and Color Options for Foam Mats for Kids

One of the biggest benefits of our puzzle playroom mats for children is the wide range of colors available. Children are sure to find a color—or several colors—that they’ll love to use on the floor.

You can even mix and match colors and patterns from the same product line. Tiles from the same product line use the same thickness and the same interlocking edge design, allowing for mixing colors.

Reversible tiles are available, too, so you can create patterns by flipping adjacent tiles or flip a tile that has damage on one side, gaining a longer lifespan out from the floor. We also offer multiple tiles with patterns.

Multiple foam mat textures are available, including:
  • Smooth
  • Thatch
  • Tatami
  • Pebble

Where to Use Kids Floor Mats

These highly versatile foam mats for kids work in a variety of locations, including:
  • Playrooms
  • Kids bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Daycare spaces
  • Preschools spaces
  • Play spaces

Foam Mats for Kids Q&A

What are some popular basement playroom flooring options?

When creating fun play area flooring in a basement, waterproof EVA foam is the perfect choice. It can handle any dampness in the basement without absorbing it. The foam provides a nice layer of insulation against an often cold cement floor. Finally, EVA foam tiles are available in multiple colors, making the space fun.

What types of foam are children’s mats made of?

Typically, children’s foam floor mats consist of EVA foam, short for ethylene vinyl acetate. This is a safe material for kids to crawl on and sit on. It’s non-toxic, stain-resistant, and latex-free. It’s cushioned, yet it’s also firm enough for walking without sinking into it. Foam for kids athletics, like cheerleading and gymnastics, often is a highly cushioned material consisting of polyethylene foam.

What are the best puzzle play mats?

The best puzzle play mats for children typically consist of EVA foam. Once you decide on EVA foam mats with puzzle edges, you then can pick the thickness that matches your need for a cushioned surface and the colors or patterns that you want to use.

What are the pros and cons of kids' foam play mats?

Foam mats for kids have several advantages. They deliver cushioning, protection against falls, waterproof designs, ease of installation, affordability, multiple color options, and portability. One of the disadvantages of foam mats for kids is their inability to be used for weightlifting. Furniture can indent them over time as well.

What’s the best foam puzzle mat for toddlers?

The best foam puzzle mat for toddlers provides protection against falls as the child learns to walk. It has excellent cushioning, making the floor comfortable and safe for toddlers who are still crawling while also having a firmness that keeps toddlers who are learning to walk steadily on their feet. EVA foam is waterproof and easy to clean in case of an accident or a spilled drink.