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Kids Floor Mats, Floor Mats For Kids, Playroom Puzzle Flooring

are a great choice if you're looking for flooring for kids' playrooms and bedrooms. Because these mats are non-absorbent and lightweight, they're easy to clean and install, and make for a welcoming, safe floor. Greatmats has a wide variety of playroom floor mats and puzzle mats for kids, all available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors.

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Playroom Floor Mats for Kids, Puzzle, Kids Floor Matting

are a great choice if you're looking for flooring for kids' playrooms and bedrooms. Because these mats are non-absorbent and lightweight, they're easy to clean and install, and make for a welcoming, safe floor. Greatmats has a wide variety of playroom floor mats and puzzle mats for kids, all available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors.

How To Choose Flooring Where Kids Won't Get Hurt

While there's nothing that you can do to completely ensure that your kids won't get hurt, choosing the right playroom flooring can go a long way toward keeping your kids safer. When you select your playroom floor mats, think about the following factors to help you make the right choice:
  1. Choose flooring with an ASTM Fall Height Rating. Floor mats for kids that have an ASTM fall height rating have been tested to determine how much protection they provide against head injuries. The fall height rating indicates the height from which a child can fall where the flooring will still be able to provide protection. Many of our foam play mats and PVC plastic tiles are backed by fall height ratings, and they're a popular choice for indoor play areas.
  2. Look for a slip resistant surface. While foam mats are soft and forgiving, they can be slippery and may increase the frequency of falls. Look for a flooring that is forgiving, but that also provides plenty of traction.
  3. Make sure the kids floor mats you choose are mats that you can install right on top of your existing flooring. Most foam mats can be installed on top of concrete or hardwood, but if they're installed on flooring, the mats can slip and slide. Carpet-safe raised PVC tiles are usually the best option if you need to install them over a carpeted surface.
  4. Consider environmental challenges and conditions. For instance, damp basements can damage flooring, so you'll want a waterproof flooring if your basement has moisture issues. There are even tiles that are designed to allow for drainage and airflow beneath their surfaces, so if the tiles get wet it's no problem. For hot and humid areas, you'll want a product that undergoes minimal expansion because of humidity. You may need to leave room around the perimeter to allow for some expansion as conditions change.

If you're looking for a temporary play area that you can install and then easily remove again, our folding mats, roll out mats, and play mats may be ideal. With these flooring solutions, you can quickly transform any room in your home into a kids' play area. These flooring options offer the same comfort and protection that a permanent flooring can provide, but you'll have the versatility of being able to return your room to its original design to use it for other activities. You can just remove the mats once the kids are done playing so you can enjoy your room again.

Our kids play rugs are another great option that can add versatility and comfort to any room. The rugs help to encourage kids to learn and play, naturally. Colorful and full of games and educational activities, these rugs can help kids to learn essential skills such as counting, their ABC's, spelling, and symbol recognition.

We have plenty of floor mats that are ideal for kids flooring options.

Potential Uses for Kids Play Rugs and Floor Mats for Kids

No matter what type of space you need flooring for - a school, a daycare, or your own home - there are countless ways that you can put play rugs and floor mats to use. You can use these versatile products to:
  • Affordably create a permanent playroom right in your own home
  • Line the floor of a child's room for ongoing, safe play on a comfortable surface
  • Create a temporary play space just about anywhere without needing to sacrifice the use of your space
  • Convert a basement into a friendlier, kid-safe play area
  • Establish a safe play space that looks great in a day care, school, church, daycare, or other venue

Benefits of Kids' Play Mats

Playroom floor mats offer these additional benefits:
  • Safe, forgiving play surfaces help to minimize injuries and keeps kids safer
  • Easy cleanup saves you time, while the flooring continues to look great
  • Playroom flooring helps to protect your actual flooring from paint, spilled snacks, and other potential damage
  • Establish a play area anytime, anywhere with our portable options that can be laid on top of existing flooring
  • Encourage play and learning with our diverse line of floor mats for kids

With so many different playroom flooring options available, let's take a look at some of the products that have been the most popular.

Popular Kids Floor Mats

Foam Puzzle Mats
If you need to create a kids' space that is safe and comfortable, foam puzzle mats can be a low-cost option that offers a top-quality performance. These tiles are lightweight, conveniently sized, and incredibly easy to install. You can push the tiles' seams together in seconds to assemble a soft floor.

Foam puzzle mats for kids create surfaces that are comfortable and forgiving. The mats are available in different thicknesses, surface textures, and hardnesses. You'll find that many foam mats offer ASTM fall height protection. Some of these mats even have surface textures that can help to prevent friction burns if your kids' bare skin comes in contact with the mats. All of our foam mats are low-odor and make a great choice for indoor spaces such as playrooms, basements, and bedrooms.

If you're performing a wall-to-wall installation, foam mats are easy to cut to fit. Use a straight edge to guide your cut, and cut the mat with a sharp utility knife.

Because these mats are available in a huge supply of colors, you can create a brilliantly colored room that will bring any child's dreams to life.

Economical Foam Play Mats
When you're working with a tight budget, or you need to floor a large room or space, our four-pack of interlocking foam floor tiles make for an economical yet quality flooring choice. Each pack contains a mat in red, yellow, green, and blue, so you can create a colorful, fun floor that kids are sure to love. These mats are waterproof, so they're very easy to clean and spills are no problem. They're also scuff resistant, which helps to keep your flooring looking great even with significant use. Measuring 12mm thick, the mats add plenty of cushion to playroom floors and basements.

Our 1/2-inch thick economy puzzle style mats are another practical option. These mats are available in black, gray, and blue interlocking tiles that can be quickly installed in play areas. Just fit the mats together, connect the seams, and you're done and ready to get on with playtime.

Colorful Play Mats
If you're looking for a wide variety of color choices, then our 5/8-inch interlocking foam play mats may be just the perfect option. These tiles come in 15 brilliant colors, so you'll have potentially endless design options. Buy tiles all in your child's favorite color, or buy tiles in different colors to make fun patterns and designs.

These durable mats are both waterproof and stain resistant, so they're an ideal choice for both homes and schools. You can dry lay these mats directly over a concrete floor to transform any space into a safe play area. Each mat comes with two border strips, so island installations have a clean, finished edge. Best of all, these mats arrive right on your doorstep so you can get right to work on your flooring project.

You may also want to consider our 1/2-inch floor mats, which are also highly popular. These mats are available at discount pricing, so they're a practical option even for lower-budget projects. Choose from black, gray, and blue. Soft and comfortable, these mats are often used for kids' bedrooms, playrooms, and even in basements.

Scuff Resistant Foam Play Mats
For flooring that is durable enough to withstand plenty of use from kids who like to play hard, our Home Sport and Play 7/8-inch mat is a great choice. This scuff-resistant mat has a cross-thatch surface that adds plenty of durability. The flooring is strong enough to withstand all types of shoe traffic, but it's also forgiving enough to offer great shock absorption for a safe flooring surface. It's passed the egg-drop test, which means you can drop an uncooked egg onto this mat from 10 feet above, and the egg will bounce, rather than breaking. That's the kind of protection you want for kids who like to roughhouse.

While these mats are more dense and firmer than our premium mats, this means that they're also more versatile. You can use them in playrooms, but you can also install them in basements and use them in sports facilities. These mats can support larger kids, teens, and adults without being damaged, and if you practice martial arts, the mats can double for flooring in martial arts training spaces.

Play Mats With Fall Height Protection
When a mat offers fall height protection, it means that the flooring can absorb shock and reduce the chance of serious injury if a child falls from a particular height. Fall height protection is essential in flooring that will be used in indoor playgrounds. Whenever you have a situation where equipment brings a child up above the ground, there's an increased risk of injury associated with a fall. In cases like these, mats that offer fall height protection can help to reduce that risk of injury.

Our Indoor Playground Foam Tiles offer that valuable fall height protection, and are rated to help protect kids involved in falls of heights up to 4 feet. They also offer superior shock absorption and a no-burn surface, making them ideal for kids' play spaces, too. Kids can roughhouse with minimized risk of injury. Plus, while the mats are soft and comfortable, they're also strong enough so that adults can join in on the fun, too.

While our Home MMA BJJ Mats are primarily designed for home martial arts use, they are same mats as our Indoor Playground Tiles but are in a smaller 2x2 foot size. Consider using these mats for small playrooms.

While these tiles are a great choice for playroom flooring, they're durable enough to also be used as a home sports floor for practices. They can withstand the weight of both kids and adults, and can serve a variety of purposes in your home.

Skin Friendly Foam Tiles for Playroom
If your kids often crawl around, take a hard tumble, or simply fall onto a carpet, then you've probably dealt with floor burn and skin irritation. At Greatmats, we stock a number of interlocking mats that have a floor/skin burn-free surface for ouch-free play.

Our Home MMA BJJ Mats and Indoor Playground Foam Tiles are both equipped with a no-burn tatami surface, which makes them favorites among kids and parents, alike. These floors keep kids floor burn-free, so kids can roughhouse and wrestle all they want. You won't have to worry about burns on their knees, hands, or elbows.

Carpet Topped Floor Mats
Carpet topped floor mats and tiles combine the comfort of carpeting with the forgiving softness of foam, making for an innovative flooring solution for kids' play areas. Cheer rolls make for a comfortable surface with a carpeted texture, and are a great choice when you need a temporary flooring that is forgiving and safe for kids. Unroll the cheer roll, let the kids play, and then roll the flooring up again and store it away. Cheer rolls are great because they can be easily transported and installed wherever kids feel like playing.

If you're looking for something that's a little bit more permanent, or that will cover a larger area, our Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles may be the right option for you. These tiles feature a residential carpeting style and have a very forgiving surface. It's easy and fast to install the tiles, and they'll quickly convert a harder flooring into a practical play space.

Rubber Playroom Mats
When you know that your play area will see heavy use and traffic, consider our highly durable rubber play mats. These rugged mats can withstand significant use, though their surface isn't quite as forgiving as some of our foam flooring options.

For larger areas, like a paintball course or an arcade, rubber flooring rolls tend to be a more economical option over mats. Rolled rubber can quickly cover a large area, and results in fewer seams in your finished flooring.

Rubber play mats are often used in playgrounds to provide additional protection and durability in areas that see heavy use, like at the base of slides and underneath swings. These heavy mats are denser than foam or plastic flooring, and can help to prevent erosion or breakdown of the flooring in these areas. They're also durable enough to withstand all sorts of different shoe traffic, as well as the demands of outdoor use.

While rubber isn't quite as forgiving as foam, it's often used in areas that see intense play, like running or jumping, rather than areas where crawling or tumbling is more frequent.

PVC Playroom Flooring
When you need a balance between the comfortable cushion that foam flooring provides and the durability of the denser rubber flooring, consider PVC floor mats. Many of our PVC mats provide great cushion, but are a bit more durable than the softer foam flooring products.

Because PVC is denser than foam, you can place furniture and heavy objects directly on the flooring without creating lasting indentations in the tiles. This generally isn't the case with foam flooring, which can become permanently indented if a heavy object is left on top of it for too long. Additionally, some PVC flooring offers fall height protection, and many PVC tiles are used in indoor playgrounds. The tiles are forgiving yet durable enough to withstand both heavy traffic and the weight of playground equipment or furniture, making them a versatile addition to many different spaces.

Flooring Size and Thickness

We offer a wide variety of playroom floor mats and tiles in different thicknesses and sizes. Many of these mats are perfect for nap time for school kids, or for use with floor exercises at home. We also offer many folding and single-piece mats that allow you to add temporary extra protection and cushion to an existing floor or space. These mats are made with durability in mind; they feature a dense foam core and a thick vinyl exterior.

Most of our playroom floor mats are 2x2 foot puzzle mat-style squares, though some of the larger mats measure 3.3x3.3 feet. These puzzle mats are lightweight and can be easily transported and installed.

Most of our folding and roll out mats measure 5x10 feet, but they're also available in larger sizes for additional coverage. With our extensive selection of flooring products, Greatmats will certainly have the right products for just about any project. Many of our kids' floor mats are used in schools, daycares, churches, and kids' play areas all over the country.

These puzzle mats for kids are all designed to make for a simple installation that you can accomplish on your own. There's no need for adhesive, and our foam mats can be cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.

When planning your project, be sure to give our Pro Floor Designer a try. This online tool can create your room's layout to scale, so you can select a product and get a sense of what your finished project will look like. This tool also helps you to determine how much of a specific product you need to order. Not only can this save you money and keep you from ordering too much money, but it can also help you to be sure that you have enough flooring so you can complete your project in one go-round. Play with pattern ideas, different layouts, and even request samples to make your design and ordering process simple and easy.

Foam mats usually ship via ground service, and will be conveniently delivered directly to your door. Larger orders tend to ship via freight delivery to any location in the lower 48 states.