Perforated Floor Mats

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Drainage Mat Options for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

These rubber mats with holes are ideal for use in areas where people must stand and work for long periods of time and where water is present. Rather than allowing spills to collect on the surface of the mat, creating a slip hazard, the holes allow the water to drain away.

Size and Shape Options

Our perforated floor mats frequently appear in pre-cut rectangular shapes, providing a space to stand and work comfortably. With the rectangular shape of these work mats, they give workers the ability to move back and forth along a counter or an assembly line without having to step off the mat.

These anti-fatigue mats typically range in size from 3x3 feet to 3x20 feet. Multiple other sizes are available too.

We also offer rolls of perforated flooring that can cover a large area in a short amount of time. These rolls will measure anywhere from 1.5 feet to 4 feet in width and 20 to 80 feet in length.

Our rolls are extremely thin, usually 1/2 inch or thinner, so they are easy to cut to fit into a particular space. Just use a sharp utility knife.

Material Options

Because these perforated floor mats with holes have a design made to work in wet areas, they will use materials that provide a bit of grip when wet.

Many of the pre-cut mats consist of rubber, which is highly durable and can withstand excessive moisture while providing a sure footing. Rubber will work in a commercial kitchen setting, a factory, or a horse stall. It is made to last a long time.

Another option to use in a kitchen setting is a nitrile rubber mat, which has a foam and rubber blend. This allows it to stand up to grease that could spill on the mat in a kitchen setting.

The majority of rolled flooring will consist of PVC plastic. This material has a nice level of flexibility, which is ideal for a roll format. PVC plastic is able to withstand excessive water, such as that found around a swimming pool.

Pattern and Texture Options

The pattern and texture options in our perforated floor mats will primarily focus on the shape and size of the holes in the mats. Those with larger holes will allow liquids to drain through quickly, ensuring they don’t pool on the surface.

The majority of these mats will have round holes that extend through the entire thickness of the mat, effectively removing liquid from the surface.

For a bit more strength and the ability to support large weights, mats may use a different perforated design, such as a honeycomb shape. Waffle pattern perforations are also going to deliver extra strength to the mat’s materials compared to round perforations.

The majority of these rubber mats will appear in black. Grease-resistant mats will often be red. PVC plastic mats and rolls can appear in almost any color.

Common Use Options

Wherever people must stand and work in areas where spills are possible, our perforated floor mats are a good choice. Kitchens, dishwashing stations, and factory assembly lines are common places to find these mats in use.

People working in a laboratory setting or in an art studio where they must stand next to a counter for long periods of time may use these mats too.

For the roll format, customers may install the perforated flooring near a swimming pool or on a walkway in a garage. These are industrial-level materials that can withstand moisture and chemicals equally well.

We also offer a perforated roll that works for outdoor layouts in areas where people are standing in line. These rolls provide sure footing, even in rain or snow.

Installation Options

Installing our perforated floor mats is an easy process. They do not require the use of glue, as most customers want to be able to move the mat in and out of place rather than make a permanent installation.

If you have concerns about the mats sliding out of place, you may want to use some vinyl tape to secure them.

Some of the rubber perforated mats have tabs and loops on the edges, allowing the installer to create a large layout that works like interlocking tiles.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Cleaning these mats and rolls is an easy process. When using them for an outdoor installation or in indoor areas with a floor drain, just rinse them with a garden hose or gentle power washer and allow them to air dry. Excess moisture will fall through the perforations to reach the subfloor.

If you want to mop the materials to remove stubborn soils, use a neutral-pH cleaning solution with warm water. After mopping the surface, allow it to air dry naturally.