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Aircraft Hangar Floor Covering - Hangar Floor Tiles

Polyethylene & PVC Plastic Flooring for Aircrafts & Aviation Settings

PVC plastic flooring works well for exterior installations, as it can have protection from UV rays built into it. Some flooring tiles will have perforations to allow chemicals, moisture, and rainwater to flow through. Most are very durable and chemical resistant, with the ability to withstand heavy loads, impact, abrasion, wear, and chemical spills.

People parking, storing, and performing maintenance on, or getting on or off of an aircraft will appreciate being able to stand on a dry surface as the moisture and water drains through the perforations in the PVC plastic.

PVC plastic tiles offer a suitable solution for potentially wet spaces, as they provide a sure footing for people walking or standing. Some types of PVC plastic will have built-in resistance to chemicals and oils, which may be an essential feature when servicing aircrafts.

Aircraft hangars are essential to aircraft owners, as having a safe and protective space to store an aircraft is a top priority. Whether an airplane, helicopter or other craft, commercial and private pilots and owners require a designated space to park. Airports and airlines are investing in infrastructure and facilities often located near an airport or maintenance garage, where the craft will be kept when no passengers or pilots are in the plane. PVC plastic tiles offer the perfect flooring solution for these hangars.

Greatmats - For Flooring Solutions For All Types Of Aircrafts And Aviation Settings

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