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Rubber is the most common material for commercial gym flooring. Rubber gym flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, including rolls, tiles and mats. As a general rule, most commercial rubber gym flooring will be at least 8mm or 3/8 inch thick do to the high traffic and level of abuse it endures in a public setting. Rubber gym flooring supports heavy weight loads and is one of the most slip resistant surfaces.

Another popular option for commercial gym flooring is low profile PVC tiles. This form of flooring generally offer more color and texture options, but will not offer the same level of impact absorption - especially from dropped free weights. This type of flooring is an excellent solution for supporting heavy weight equipment and exercise machines.

Commercial Gym Foam Flooring is generally reserved for body weight exercise- based gyms such as martial arts studios, dance fitness, cardio kickboxing and similar style gyms.

Polypropylene plastic gym flooring is generally designed for sport courts for basketball, volleyball, etc.

You can also use artificial gym turf for sled work as well as speed and agility training.

We even have commercial grade gym carpet tiles and vinyl rolls available.

If you have a need for any specific kind of commercial gym flooring, feel free to contact us for help.