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Grappling Mats for Dojo and Home Flooring

Grappling mats are an affordable way to create an exercise space for home workouts that’s comfortable, while providing a sure footing for athletes. They work nicely in a martial arts studio, too, creating a cushioned landing space.

With grappling mats for sale from Greatmats, you receive an excellent value as well. These are the best quality mats, providing long lasting performance, even when deployed in tough commercial locations.

What Kinds of Martial Arts Work With Our Grappling Mats?

For any of the grapple disciplines listed here, having a cushioned type of flooring is important. When athletes may fall to the floor while working out, the cushioned surface helps them avoid injuries.
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu: Thick mats tend to work best for this discipline, also known as BJJ, as athletes receive a firm footing for making quick moves, along with cushioning for ground fighting. Puzzle jiu jitsu mats are a common choice for this discipline, and they often have a tatami surface that helps the athletes avoid floor burns.
  • Judo: Because judo is a takedown martial arts discipline, cushioned folding gym mats and roll up gym mats are popular selections. Fold up mats typically carry 1.5 inch or 2 inch thickness measurements. Roll up mats often appear in 1.25 inch thickness measurements. They can go straight over the subfloor.
  • MMA and submission grappling: Our mixed martial arts mats, or MMA mats, can include tiles with an interlocking puzzle style edge, roll out mats that are easy to store after class, and highly cushioned gym mats. Submission grappling disciplines like Russian sambo work well with these MMA mats, too.

Color Options for Grappling Mats

Because these grapple mats often consist of foam or vinyl-covered foam, customers typically have several different color options available to them.

This is a great feature for a martial arts studio that may want to use the different colors to designate areas of the studio for certain age groups or for performing certain types of workouts.

Some of these products feature different colors on either side of the reversible tile, allowing studio owners to change the look of the flooring to match different plans for the space. The most popular colors available are:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Red