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Affordable grappling mats with interlocking no burn tatami surface, foam puzzle mats

Grappling workouts can involve a variety of techniques and martial arts disciplines. For that reason, you’ll want grappling mats that can fit a variety of use cases, ensuring you always have the best flooring available for your garage workout space, dojo, studio, or academy.

Considerations when shopping for grappling mats for various types of martial arts disciplines

Brazilian jiu jitsu. Multiple types of flooring will work for Brazilian jiu jitsu. Start by seeking a thick type of foam mat that will deliver both a firm footing for the athletes and a slightly forgiving surface for falls during this ground fighting discipline.

Many jiu jitsu grappling mats are available in 1.5 inch thickness measurements, which has a nice level of cushioning. Greatmats EVA foam is firm enough that athletes will not sink into the surface, allowing them to make quick movements against the opponent.

BJJ mats are portable in nature. They often have dimensions of 2x2 feet, while only weighing a few pounds.

These tiles have puzzle style edges, so they fit together tightly without the need for adhesive. The puzzle edge is easy to use, meaning one person can assemble and disassemble the floor in a short amount of time.

Judo. For a takedown style of martial arts combat, judo is a discipline where grappling mats are commonly in use. A closed cell EVA foam material is ideal for judo matting, as it has the right level of durability for a busy studio setting.

With judo and other martial arts where throws may occur, you will want a mat with a fall height rating. The ATSM certifies flooring with fall height ratings, determining how far a person can fall and still be protected from head injuries.

For judo and other takedown martial arts, an ATSM fall height rating of at least 4 feet is recommended.
In many cases additional, padding may be desired for those learning how to fall and throw. Folding gym mats are a common solution in most cases, but for the best fall protection, you may want to try a extra thick safety mat.

As an additional benefit, foam tiles made for judo practice often have a tatami textured surface. If you buy tiles with a tatami design, the athletes will have a sure footing, and with Greatmats special non-burn tatami design athletes also will not suffer skin burns during practice sessions.

Interlocking foam mats work nicely for judo, delivering cushioning properties as well as a sure footing. Often times, judo mats are reversible, meaning if one side begins to show wear or becomes damaged, you can flip the mat over and receive twice as much lifespan from the mats.

Submission grappling. Russian sambo and MMA are common types of submission grappling, where the idea is to achieve a dominant position over an opponent or to end the fight with a submission hold.

For creating MMA practice areas, grappling mats often will consist of an EVA foam with the same tatami surface mentioned earlier. These mats should have a thickness of 1 to 1.5 inches, providing the cushioning necessary to help athletes avoid injuries from falls with enough firmness to accommodate a stand-up game.

Wrestling. It’s easy to lay out a wresting workout area in your home using wrestling roll mats. During practice time, just roll out the mat, creating an instant area for a safe practice. And when it’s time to return the room to its original purpose, roll up the mats and take them to storage.

A common size for a wrestling mat coverage is 10x10 feet, providing plenty of space for a regulation workout. Because these mats roll up to a small size, they’re a portable option for practice anywhere.

Because of the intensity of wrestling workouts, you need durable materials, ensuring you receive the most value for your purchase. Our mats often will have a vinyl surface layer, which provides durability and a sure footing, bonded to a foam underlayer, giving athletes the cushioning they need.

The vinyl layer should be easy to clean and should have antimicrobials built into it to prevent the formation of mold and mildew.

Folding grappling mats work nicely for takedowns.

Underneath the vinyl is a soft foam that protects athletes when they fall to the ground during a workout or a match. The extra cushioning is especially nice for young students, who may be nervous about falls during practice.

Our folding grappling martial arts mats often consist of four or five panels, each 1 to 2 inches in thickness. When the workout is over, just fold the panels onto each other, and you’ll have mat that’s small enough to be easily stored.

Count on us to have affordable grappling mats and flooring for sale that’s ready for immediate delivery. Our flooring can turn any gym into a safe grappling workout area.

To learn more about your options for flooring for grappling practice sessions, visit our buyer’s guide. We offer blog entries, installation ideas, product videos, and customer testimonials.