Pentz Carpet Tiles and Planks

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These tiles are available in multiple neutral and bright colors, making it easy to match the current decor of the room. They’re also stain-resistant and carry a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Size and Shape Options

Each color and style of Pentz carpet is available in two sizes. You can select a 24x24-inch carpet square, or you can select a 12x48-inch carpet plank.

The 24x24 pieces are available in a carton of 18 squares for 72 square feet of coverage. With the 12x48 rectangular pieces, you’ll receive 14 pieces per carton, yielding 56 square feet of coverage.

Because the two sizes of these carpet planks are both available in the same colors, you can coordinate the different sizes to match the layout of an odd-shaped room.

Both sizes of the Pentz carpet flooring tiles measure 1/4 inch in thickness, which includes the backing and the pile height of the tiles.

Material Options

These tiles make use of an Encore SD nylon material or an APEX SDP polyester in the fibers. These materials make the tiles extremely durable, creating one of the industry’s best warranties. These tiles offer:

  • Lifetime performance for wear
  • Lifetime fiber performance for static
  • Lifetime stain removal
  • Lifetime colorfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants
  • Lifetime for tuft bind strength, guarding against edge ravel, yarn pulls, and zippering
  • Lifetime against delamination

The backing for the Pentz carpet consists of a Nexus modular backing system. This backing holds the carpet fibers in place, preventing unraveling and other problems that would shorten the lifespan of the carpet tiles. The backing provides both stain and wear resistance.

The face weight of the carpet fibers is 15 or 16 ounces. The carpet layer uses a level loop style.

Pattern and Texture Options

Greatmats offers dozens of different color and pattern options with these models. Each of the colors and patterns fits within four different families of Pentz carpet planks and squares.

  • Colorburst: The Colorburst family of carpet tiles includes solid colors like dark red, yellow, dark blue, olive green, orange, and black.
  • Echo: The Echo design of carpeting will include multiple neutral colors with subtle lined patterns in a lighter color throughout each piece.
  • Magnify: With the Magnify line of carpeting, customers receive primarily gray shades of color with random brighter colors in wide stripes across the gray.
  • Reverb: Our Reverb style of carpet planks and squares consists primarily of narrow stripes of light and dark grays, although some models have occasional light colored stripes mixed in with the grays.

These tiles carry a Texture Appearance Retention Rating (TARR) of either 3.0 or 3.5. This creates a wear-resistant carpet that also holds its color successfully.

Common Use Options

Customers can install these carpet squares in any commercial or retail location. They have durability that allows them to stand up to areas of heavy foot traffic.

These tiles often appear throughout office buildings. They look great, so they’re appropriate to use in customer-facing lobbies, but they also fit in walkways and aisles in areas where employees are working.

Retail locations, such as hotels, stores, and restaurants, can use these tiles successfully. Installers can mix and match the families of these Pentz tiles to yield a memorable design that customers are sure to notice and love.

Another common use case is in preschools, daycare centers, or libraries. Some customers may use varying colors of carpet squares to create different areas for certain activities, such as a reading space or a place for playing games.

Installation Options

Customers can perform the installation of these tiles as a DIY project, or they can hire a professional. This is a glue-down style of carpet tiling, so the installation process could create a bit of a mess.

Depending on the family of tiles you purchase, you can use multiple different installation methods, including:
  • Ashler
  • Brick
  • Herringbone
  • Monolithic
  • Non-directional
  • Quarter turn

Should the installer need to cut any of the tiles to fit a certain space, cutting through the thin tiles with a utility knife and straightedge is an easy process.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Cleaning the Pentz carpet takes very little time. Treat these flooring pieces just like you would treat any kind of carpeting. Proper cleaning will almost create a revival of the pile height of the carpet, giving it a like-new look.

For areas with frequent foot traffic, you will want to vacuum the space on a regular basis, usually daily. Vacuuming ensures that any dirt does not grind into the carpet fibers and cause difficult-to-clean stains.

Should you find staining, you can spot clean the carpeting as needed. The manufacturer recommends using a dry extraction cleaning process on a bimonthly basis.