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Gaga Pit Flooring - 4 Products

Gaga Pit Flooring, Floor Tile for Gaga Pits
4 Products

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Perforate gaga pit floor tiles, Outdoor modular gaga pit floors
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s available as modular, perforated, drain-through tiles designed for exterior use. Our outdoor modular flooring tiles for gaga pits are easy to install and to keep clean. This flooring option features UV color-stable floor tiles that are easy to cut to fit any shape installation. Install gaga pit flooring to keep the kids out of the dirt and everyone's clothes much cleaner than when the game is played on typical dirt or grass surfaces.

All these gaga pit flooring tiles are designed to stay dry, even during wet weather as water flows through the tiles rather than pooling on top.

Our flooring allows players to run and jump without slipping or tripping on uneven surfaces. Some of these tiles also provide ASTM fall height ratings, helping prevent injury from inevitable falls that occurring during athletic activities such as these.

Note: Gaga, considered to be a kinder and gentler version of dodgeball that originated in Israel, is believed to have been first played in the United States in the 1960's. The game can be played by individual or teams inside a hexagon shaped ''pit'' with flat walls. Gaga is also known as Israeli dodgeball, octo-ball or panda ball.