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Options for Gaga Ball Pit Flooring

You might be more familiar with Lady Gaga than Gaga Ball, but you can be a fan of both! Gaga ball is a sport that’s growing in popularity (even some Little Monsters love to play it). When you want to create a fun place for you and the kids to exercise, building your own place to play gaga ball is easier than you think. Greatmats has the best gaga ball pit flooring options for your DIY project.

You can build a court for gaga ball in your backyard, at a school, at an after-school activity center, at a neighborhood or city park, or at a church. Our customer service team has plenty of ideas to help you create the best surface when you are building your gaga pit.

Types of Outdoor Gaga Pit Flooring

The best surface for gaga pit flooring depends on the planned use case. You have three primary options for installing your gaga pit floor.

Plastic Tiles

Polypropylene, polyethylene, and PVC plastic products are available in multiple colors that will ramp up the level of fun for the kids. These plastic flooring tiles provide practicality, too, delivering good traction on a smooth surface, a bit of cushioning in case of falls, and excellent durability. Many plastic tiles have perforations that allow rain to drain away.

Rubber Tiles

Finding the best gaga ball pit rubber flooring is easy with the help of the Greatmats customer service team. Many of our gaga pit rubber floors have several colors available in addition to the traditional black, meaning you can include a fun design in the pit. Rubber is durable, delivers traction, and stands up to weather.


Artificial turf is a great flooring for gaga ball pits, as it looks green all year around while mimicking a natural grass surface without the upkeep struggles. When installed properly, it provides a perfect surface for ball sports, yet it won’t show wear and tear like natural turf. If you want colors other than green, Greatmats has plenty of options for you.

Qualities to Seek in Gaga Ball Pit Flooring

Here are some of the best qualities to seek in a gaga ball pit mat.
  • Flat surface: It is a quick sport, so the surfaces should be flat without edges or bumps that players could trip on. Tiles should connect securely in order to create safer surfaces.
  • Shock absorption: Even with the smoothest surface, trips and falls will happen in this sport. Seek out materials that ensure a softer landing and, ideally, a configuration that absorbs shock to help reduce the chance of injury. Some come with ASTM fall ratings to help keep players safe.
  • Weatherproof: Because it is usually installed outdoors, gaga pit flooring needs to be able to handle weather of all kinds.
  • Drainage: The gaga pit flooring will likely see plenty of rain between games. Look for a configuration that drains fast to allow use again soon after a storm.
  • Ease of installation: If it’s a DIY install, then look for a model that can be installed over a variety of surfaces, like dirt or sand, without requiring extensive site prep.
  • Portability: To have the option to relocate the gaga pit flooring in the future, select gaga ball pit flooring that installs without the need for glue.
  • Low maintenance: Spend more time playing and less on maintaining it. Simplifying the maintenance process guarantees plenty of time for fun.

Benefits of Gaga Pit Mats

Some of the key benefits of using flooring for gaga pits from Greatmats include:
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Perforations to promote drainage
  • Resists wear and tear
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without glue
  • Some protection against falls
  • Multiple color options
  • Some tiles use recycled materials
  • Can handle temperature extremes

Gaga Ball Pit Flooring Q&A

What are the best portable grass mats for indoor gaga ball pits?

The best portable grass mats for indoor gaga ball pits are those that are easy to install while creating an attractive surface area for this game. We offer interlocking turf that’s perfect for the small coverage area of an indoor gaga ball pit, although you could use a roll of turf for a better value per square foot, especially if you have more than one pit to construct.

What are the top gaga ball pit flooring options?

The top gaga ball pit flooring options are those consisting of PVC plastic, rubber, and artificial turf. All of these materials provide a smooth surface, cushioning in case of falls, portability, and water-resistant capabilities.

What are the best materials for gaga ball pit flooring?

Among the best materials for gaga ball pit flooring, Ergo Matta is at the upper end of the price spectrum. However, these tiles are as good as it gets for this use case in terms of quality. These consist of recycled PVC plastic, so they’re an eco-friendly product. These school gaga pit mats are fall-rated up to 20 inches in height, which helps to promote safety in case of a trip or slip. They're frequently used in preschools and playgrounds because of their safety design, so they're a smart pick for gaga ball flooring.

How big should gaga pits be?

The proper size of a gaga pit should have a rough diameter of 15 feet to 25 feet for a standard octagon or hexagon-shaped court. However, for those who want to go a little bigger or smaller, that’s acceptable.

How do you make a gaga ball pit?

To make a gaga ball pit, start with pit wall sections that are around 24 inches to 30 inches in height. A bit shorter or taller is okay too. Create a hexagon or an octagon shape with the walls, using gaga ball pit brackets to connect the sections and to make a foldable gaga ball pit. The interior gaga ball pit dimensions will be about 15 feet to 25 feet in diameter upon completion. Using perforated tiles underneath helps with draining rainwater.