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Discover various tap dance flooring options for your commercial dance studio

Tap dance flooring is a beneficial option for practicing at home. It also works at a dance studio that offers individual instruction and classes involving tap dancing.

Greatmats’ tap dance flooring materials return the desired surface feedback and the best sound to help dancers improve. Whether choosing a roll, a mat, or a tile design, tap dance practice is easier with our products.

How Customers Use Our Tap Dance Flooring

Whether offering tap as part of a multi-student dance class or when practicing individually at home, we have many types of tap dance floors that our customers use successfully.

  • Individual Tap Dance Practice: When one person is practicing tap alone, customers often select our tap dance floor kit. These easy-to-assemble kits range in size from 3x3 feet to 6x6 feet, so one person can practice comfortably.
  • Portable Dance Floor for Tap: Customers who don’t have a specific space devoted to tap practice can use portable tap dance flooring to set up a practice space anywhere. Installation goes quickly with our portable tap dance floors, allowing you to make creating the layout a DIY job.
  • Permanent Tap Dance Floor: In a studio where tap dance classes occur frequently, having a flooring option that can remain in place is important. We offer many rolls of marley dance floor that work for tap.
  • Versatile Tap Dance Flooring: At a studio or home practice space where multiple types of dancing occur, having one flooring that works for tap dance, hip hop, ballet, modern, and other dances is important. We offer rolls of all-around dance flooring to help these customers.

Styles of Tap Dance Flooring That Customers Can Select

Many of our flooring for tap practice will have a faux wood grain finish, resembling a traditional dance floor. Such dance flooring products have a vinyl top layer with the wood grain pattern printed on it over a plastic interlocking base. Wood grain options include:
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Walnut

We also offer rolls of marley flooring for tap dancing. These are solid-colored floors, typically in black or gray. To help hide oxidation marks from the tap shoes, black is the better choice.