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Find a large variety of for home and pro, including folding mats, rubber interlocking gym mat options, tumbling mats, cheer mats and exercise floor mats and gym mats for sale for kids. We offer thick mats up to 2 inches thick that are easy to transport and store at home.

Home and School Gym Mats

For gymnastics workouts at home or at a studio, having the right flooring available is extremely important. The best mats will keep students safe, while delivering the perfect surface and cushioning for multiple disciplines.

Greatmats has many different kinds of gym mats for sale, all of which match nicely with different types of skill building sessions. We also deliver quite a few thick gym mats that will allow students to practice new skills and tumbling passes without concern over hard landings that lead to bruises.

Another usage option for this type of product is as exercise floor mats. When students or athletes are performing workouts while lying or sitting on the floor, the cushion in our best exercise mat products makes the workout more comfortable. For those workouts where the athletes will be in bare feet, having a padded material is a nice advantage, as they will have good cushioning for ankle and knee joints.

Exercise Gym Mats

The thickness of the folding exercise mat is another key consideration. Having a mat that’s too thick for a certain type of workout could create a tripping hazard. Should the athlete sink into the mat too far, the cushioned material may catch the athlete’s foot as he or she tries to make a quick step, causing a stumble. Thick mats with extra padding are best used for workouts where athletes will need a soft landing spot, such as during gymnastics tumbling passes or cheerleading jumps. Some customers choose to use our tumbling mats for martial arts practices too. If the martial arts workout involves throws and falls between the athletes, having a high level of padding protects everyone better than limited padding.

Greatmats delivers a large number of folding gym mats that offer a stable padding versus cheap tumbling mat options. These mats work nicely for workouts where athletes, cheerleaders, and gymnasts need to be able to move their feet quickly. Having a firm type of padding provides a firmer surface, allowing for a sure footing.

For workout areas where large, permanent gym mats would cause problems with other uses cases planned for the area, a folding exercise mat from Greatmats is a smart idea. These mats have four or five connected panels that fold on top of each other, accordion-style. Once the panels are folded up, it’s easy to move the padded mat into a storage area, freeing the space for other uses. Carrying the mat is much easier when it’s folded up to a small size. When it’s time for the workout, just unfold the mat and use it. These mats can be used when they’re folded up too, which results in a thicker, but smaller, padded mat that works nicely as a landing area.

Rubber Mats for Gym Floors

Versus rubber gym mats, our padded gym mat products don’t weigh as much. This means the exercise floor mats are a smart choice in areas where customers need to move the mats around regularly. Our gym matts also have more padding than rubber mats, making them comfortable to use. For those who need the durability of rubber products, Greatmats has many different choices available.

Our padded mats deliver a nice level of cushioning for use in a playroom as kids gym mats. If the children like to do some roughhousing in the playroom, having a padded type of gym flooring available can make the area safer. Young children who are just starting to participate in martial arts or wrestling classes can also use these mats to work on their skills at home inside a playroom area or in the basement.

Many of our gym mat products consist of a foam material. In some of the thinner mats, we provide a foam with a bit more firmness, which yields a good footing for cheerleading and martial arts moves. Thicker mats tend to have a softer type of foam that’s made more for shock absorption to protect against falls and to cushion landings.

The surface of the mats typically will consist of a durable vinyl or a carpet top. Vinyl delivers a sturdy footing that helps the athletes avoid slips. But vinyl also has a little bit of give to it, which allows the foam to move naturally and properly absorb the shock of a jump or fall.

Carpet Top Gym Mats

Carpet top roll out mats yield a step up in traction from what’s found with vinyl. Gymnasts and cheerleaders will use the carpet top mats to make tumbling passes. The carpet top design often mimics what’s found in competition-level cheerleading flooring. Some types of padded cheer flooring with carpet tops can be rolled up and stored easily.

We also offer some styles of padded mats that have hook and loop connectors on the ends and sides of the mats. This allows customers to connect mats side by side or end to end to quickly create a larger area for workouts or a longer tumbling pass. The connectors will hold the mats tightly in place, even when they’re placed under the stress of athletes running across the top of them. And when it’s time to end the workout, it’s easy to pull apart the mats and return to the original layout. Martial arts studios looking to create a temporary competition area often use these connectible mats to create a large padded space.

Thick Gym Mats

Vinyl-covered gym matts have a tough exterior that allows them to stand up to repeated uses. Tears and punctures are rare with this type of mat. Transporting this vinyl covered mat to competitions or practice areas is easy too. It’s lightweight enough to be carried easily, yet the vinyl covering provides a lot of stability to stack the mats in storage.

In fact, most of the mats for gym use we offer at Greatmats are made to be easily transported. We understand that gymnastics and cheerleading teams sometimes have to move to different practice areas, especially in a school where gymnasium space must be shared among multiple teams. With our portable padded mats, coaches can ensure the athletes always have a safe type of flooring for practices.

Athletes like our mats because they’re available in many different color combinations. Gymnastics studios and cheer teams looking to having padding available in their team colors can select from the multiple colors we offer. Our folding mats may be designed with different colors in each panel, which allows for some really fun combinations. We also offer some folding mats with the same color across every connected panel. Some types of mats can be printed with special logos or illustrations of team mascots. Please ask our customer service team about options for special colors or logos for these mats.

Gym Mat Interlocking

Versatile interlocking gym mats are great options in a martial arts studio, where some students will be wearing shoes, while others will be barefoot. The foam in these mats works especially well for disciplines like Judo, Ju Jitsu, and MMA. Having an interlocking design in this type of gym mat works well for our customers who are seeking a DIY installation. With the interlocking edges in the individual pieces, the flooring stays together, even when placed under stress, and no adhesive is required.

Another benefit to the vinyl covered mats is how easy they are to clean and sanitize. Just wipe down the mats with a basic household cleaner and a mop or microfiber cloth.

For studios using gym mats, finding materials that are safe for athletes is important. During workouts, athletes will sweat on the mats. They also might spill water or sports drinks on the mats. Many of our customers are seeking a type of mat that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and that won’t absorb liquids. A mat that soaks up moisture and remains wet could allow the formation of mold and mildew, creating unwanted odors and shortening the lifespan of the mat.

Greatmats uses materials in its gym matting that don’t absorb liquids. For example, our vinyl covered EVA foam mats resist liquids in two ways. The vinyl covering doesn’t allow water to penetrate the cover, keeping the interior of the mat dry. Additionally, we use a closed cell EVA foam in the construction of the mats, which doesn’t absorb liquids.

Rubber Gym Mats

Another popular type of material for those who are concerned with the mats absorbing liquids is rubber. For gyms, rubber is an extremely durable material that provides a good value over time. Rubber does not absorb water or other liquids, and it’s easy to clean.

No matter what type of mat is in use in the athletic studio, it’s important to remember that the mat by itself does not guarantee safety. Students need proper instruction and need to follow proper techniques to remain safe.

For those who have questions regarding our gym mats for sale, please contact the Greatmats customer service team. We understand that with so many different products offered, it can be a little confusing to find just the right mat for each use case. We’ll help our customers find the right material, thickness, and mat size for their needs, delivering all of our products quickly and at a great price.