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Artificial Turf Rolls for Golfing

Find a large selection of artificial golf turf roll options for outdoor course, indoor putting facilities and golf simulators, including our two most popular products - Money Putt Artificial Grass Turf Rolls & Perfect Putt Turf. Money Putt Turf offers a high end, realistic putting surface.

Golf turf is one of the best golfing surfaces available. Made for durability, natural look, feel and performance, these artificial grass surfaces have widely become the chosen surfaces for golfing facilities worldwide. There are turfs designed specifically for putting greens, driving, shoes, tees and more.

You can even install many of them indoors for golf simulators and mini golf courses. Whether you just want a place to practice or are equipment a professional facility with the best possible golfing surfaces, this should be your first stop.

Golf turf comes in many forms, from mats designed to putt on, to full artificial turf rolls. There are indoor and outdoor options, as well.

Golf turf is used for mini golf, golf simulators, hitting, and more. Many of these artificial grass solutions can endure a tee and golf club, golf shoes, and links equipment that a traditional course would withstand. Synthetic green golf turf is one of the best ideas to consider for mastering your game.

Greatmats offers the best links turf options available anywhere. They are made extremely well and offer tremendous quality and value. There is a large selection of artificial golf turf roll options for outdoor courses, indoor putting facility options, and golf simulators.

Waterproof 15-foot wide rolls are durable products that offer a virtually maintenance-free practice area for your golf game. They are designed to react naturally for a true ball roll, and they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They can be custom cut to any length, and they can be glued or taped down.

If installed outdoors, you will want to stitch the pieces together to create a proper installation, and so that you can secure it in place with staples, you’ll need to build a little area with treated lumber around the edges. You could also glue down the turf to concrete, similarly to what you would do indoors.

These rolls can be installed at a home or business to create a space to perfect your short game. They are attractive and virtually maintenance free. When preparing for installation, keep in mind that some do require some extensive prep work for an indoor or outdoor installation, like sand infill and grading. The Greatmats’ team can help you with figuring out exactly what you’ll need.

Range turf rolls are extremely robust and durable, making them suitable for your golf course, driving range, or indoor practice facility. With their durable construction, you can count on these made in the USA products to give you the best and safest possible materials available.

The polypropylene yarn in these products looks realistic and endures constant use, ensuring that the areas of your golf environment that take the most traffic will remain green and intact. They also have a layered woven polypropylene material that stands up to regular use, allowing you to push tees into the material to practice with a realistic tee height.

These artificial turf rolls can be found at top golf courses throughout the country. When used as an artificial tee box grass, such as on the driving range or on par-3 tee boxes where golfers often tee off with irons, these types of rolls can be used in place of natural grass. When used outdoors, you'll receive a long lifespan, as the yarns have been UV treated to provide protection against harmful rays from the sun. You can install this product using a sand infill product to help with drainage from rain. Or, for an indoor installation, you can glue or tape down the artificial tee box grass.

Padded rolls are among the best products to consider if you want to duplicate the look and feel of a natural golf green. When you select this type of golf turf, you’ll enjoy an excellent putting surface that delivers a realistic roll with natural putting speeds that simulate grass you'd find on your favorite golf course.

This type of golf turf is great for use on undulated surfaces and for portable applications. By creating undulations in the sub-surface, your golf green turf will have a realistic performance level like you'd find on a natural grass green on the golf course. Keep in mind, professional precision work for the slopes and undulations may be required when you choose this type of product. The overall size of the putting green installation determines whether it requires a professional installation or whether you can install it yourself. If you have any questions, the team at Greatmats can help.

Pro Style Mats are made in the USA and feature a durable nylon backing and realistic pile height. They can be used outdoors or indoors as large scale golf simulator mats or practice mats. They are 100 percent recyclable, UV stable, and virtually maintenance free. They offer consistent performance over time and use, so when you go with these mats, you really can’t go wrong.

Greatmats truly offers the very best golf turf options available anywhere. With different sizes and types available, there is something that would be perfect for any person or space.

If you would like more detailed information about any of the turf options, the team at Greatmats is available to help. They can answer all of your questions, and they can even help you decide which one may best serve you. They can also send you samples or help you place your order.