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Plastic flooring from Greatmats consists of a number of different designs, creating one of the most versatile types of flooring materials on the market. You might even struggle to recognize some of these floors as consisting of plastic.

Make use of plastic flooring indoors or outdoors. Some of the tiles have a solid design, while others have holes that extend through the entire thickness of the tile, allowing water to drain to the ground underneath. It’s easy to clean, too.

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Ideas Before You Buy

Where will you use your plastic flooring?

Plastic flooring has many different uses. To find products for these different use types, visit any of the product categories below.

Top 10 Questions

Below are the most popular questions we've received around plastic flooring. Click the question to find to get a detailed answer and explanation on these topics.
  1. What Are the Pros and Cons of PVC Flooring?

  2. Pros and Cons of PVC Flooring: PVC is an extremely versatile type of plastic flooring, as it’s easy to clean while providing cushioning. It’s water resistant, too, but it could suffer scratches.

  3. How Do Polyethylene Flooring, Polypropylene Flooring, and PVC Floor Tiles Differ?

  4. Types of Plastic Floors Compared: PVC flooring offers flexibility that’s great for use indoors or outdoors. Polypropylene floors resist chemicals and can withstand heavy loads. Polyethylene floors can provide significant cushioning.

  5. What Makes Plastic Flooring Good For Basements?

  6. Basement Flooring Options: Plastic is a great flooring for basements because it is moisture resistant. Foam and rubber also work well in basements.

  7. What Are the Top 5 Deck Tile Materials?

  8. Deck Flooring Options: Plastic also works well for an outdoor deck, even serving as a runner around a pool. Other options to consider include rubber, foam, wood, and artificial turf.

  9. What Are The Best Plastic Decking Tiles?

  10. Best Plastic Decking Tiles: In deck and patio areas, especially around a pool, PVC plastic can provide a fall height rating to protect kids who may be running nearby and who could fall.

  11. How Do You Tile a Garage Floor With Plastic Flooring?

  12. Garage Floor DIY Project: Because plastic flooring with interlocking edges is so easy to install, most people can install these tiles themselves over the top of a concrete garage floor.

  13. How Do Foam and Polypropylene Backed Carpet Squares Compare?

  14. Carpet Tiles With Plastic Bases: When choosing to install interlocking carpet tiles, you can pick between tiles with a sturdy plastic base and with a cushioned foam base.

  15. How Do You Clean Plastic Garage Floor Tiles?

  16. Ease of Cleaning Plastic Floor Tiles: When you install plastic tiles in areas where soils and grime commonly appear, such as in a garage, one of the big advantages is how easy these tiles are to clean.

  17. What Are PVC StayLock Perforated Tiles Used For?

  18. Versatility of Perforated Plastic Tiles: In areas where standing puddles from rain can create slip hazards, installing perforated plastic flooring allows the water to drain away, creating a safer space.

  19. How Do You Cut Plastic Roof Tiles?

  20. Cutting Plastic Tiles to Fit: When doing a DIY installation of plastic floor tiles, you may have to cut some tiles to a smaller size to fit against a wall. Often, you can use a utility knife for this job.

Best Products

Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles

Max Tile Raised Plastic Base Vinyl Flooring

Our Max Tile Raised Floor Tile provides a look that resembles a hardwood floor. Its raised plastic base makes it perfect to install in a basement or garage where moisture on the subfloor may be present.

Patio Outdoor Tiles

Perforated Plastic Outdoor Patio Floor Tiles

Our Patio Outdoor Tile works well on a deck or patio, as it allows rainwater to drain through the perforations. This PVC plastic flooring is available in several colors and has flexibility for comfort.

StayLock Tile Perforated

Perforated StayLock PVC Deck Floor Tiles

Another high quality plastic flooring for use on a deck, play area, or roof top is the StayLock Perforated Tile. Installation simply involves snapping the tiles together, and the finished layout carries a fall height rating of 20 inches.

Staylock Tiles Bump Top

Bump Top StayLock PVC Anti Fatigue and Gym Floor Tiles

A PVC plastic mat that’s ideal for use in a home gym or commercial sports gym is our StayLock Bump Top Tile. The surface of the plastic has a textured pattern, helping athletes to maintain a sure footing.

StayLock Tiles Orange Peel

Orange Peel Texture Top StayLock PVC Anti Fatigue and Gym Floor Tiles

A type of plastic floor that provides anti-fatigue benefits for a gym or a trade show is our StayLock Orange Peel Tile. These tiles snap together for a DIY project in very little time with a hidden interlocking system.

Products Types & Options

Max Tile StayLock Perforated Staylock Bump Top Court Floor Tile Perforated Garage
max tile plastic base floor tile blue stay lock plastic outdoor tiles black staylock bump top plastic floor tiles hard plastic floor tiles hard plastic perforated garage floor tiles
Surface solid perforated solid solid perforated
Thickness 5/8” thick 9/16” thick 9/16” thick 5/8” thick 5/8” thick
Location indoor indoor/ outdoor indoor indoor indoor/ outdoor
Flexibility firm flexible flexible firm firm
Material polypropylene plastic PVC plastic PVC plastic polypropylene plastic polypropylene plastic

Texture Options for Plastic Flooring

  • Smooth
  • Perforated
  • Diamond Plate
  • Orange Peel
  • Leather
  • Coin
  • Button / Bump
  • Raised Squares
  • Marquis
  • Cleats

Customer Installations

L.E. Phillips Senior Center

Max Tile Aerobic Flooring at LE Phillips Senior Center

The L.E. Phillips Senior Center is able to hold regular fitness classes for its residents on the Max Tile, which has excellent durability. It’s easy to clean and easy to install as well.

Homeowner Jason Ballard

Carpet Tile Modular Squares in Basement

After a flooded basement from a failed sump pump left Jason Ballard with ruined carpet, he needed a new solution. Our raised carpet tiles have a plastic base that lifts away from the subfloor, allowing moisture evaporation underneath the tiles.

Homeowner Doug VanWormer

PVC Patio Outdoor Tiles Over Wooden Deck

After years of scraping and re-staining his deck, Doug VanWormer was on the lookout for a less time-intensive solution. Our perforated PVC plastic tiles went directly over the deck surface, creating a stylish look that stands up to the elements.

Homeowner Ashley Radetich

Staylock Orange Peel Tiles for Home Gym

As a fitness and nutrition coach, Ashley Radetich knows the importance of great flooring in a home gym. She chose to install our interlocking PVC tiles with an orange peel texture directly over existing carpeting with excellent results.

Car Show Enthusiast Mark Lund

Diamond Plate Modular Garage Floor Tiles with Mark Lund

When Mark Lund began traveling with his vintage restored automobiles at car shows, he needed to install a temporary show floor under the car at each location. Our interlocking polypropylene plastic tiles look great, while being easy to transport, install, and disassemble after the show.

Ramsey County Family Service Center

Entrance Linear Tiles at Ramsey County Family Service Center

When the Family Service Center needed highly durable entrance tiles to handle significant foot traffic, they chose our Entrance Linear Tile. It has a PVC plastic base with carpeting sections over the top that deliver traction. Perforations in the plastic allow liquid from shoes to drain away.

Neuman K9 Academy

Patio Outdoor Tile Subflooring at Neuman K9 Academy

Having an indoor training area for dogs during Minnesota winters was important when Neuman K9 Academy opened a new facility. The facility used our raised PVC tiles as a base layer to combat moisture before placing foam tiles over the top for maximum comfort for the animals and handlers.

Northwoods Dance

Plastic Dance Subflooring at Northwoods Dance

To create sturdy base layers under its thin marley dance floor, Northwoods Dance used our polypropylene plastic flooring and foam tiles. The mixture of sturdiness and cushioning in the base layers is ideal for giving dancers the safest area to practice.

Home Dancer Timmorie Freeman

Plastic Ballet Subfloor With Timmorie Freeman

When professional dancer Timmorie Freeman needed to create a home dance studio for practice and for giving video lessons, she turned to Greatmats. Our polypropylene plastic flooring created the perfect base layer underneath her roll of marley dance flooring.


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