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Staylock Orange Peel Interlocking Tile over Carpet Installation Video

By Greatmats Staff Created: August, 2017 - Modified: September, 2023

StayLock Orange Peel tiles are excellent for home gym, basement, or ergonomic flooring installations. Made of a soft PVC material with a raised base, they are great for providing cushion and are safe for both wet and carpeted areas. These tiles even offer a 20-inch critical fall height rating for safety and are most commonly installed over hard floors such as concrete.

Installing the ergonomic floor tiles over carpeting is easy as the tiles clip snugly together. No tools are required if you are not customizing the floor to accommodate obstacles or wall-to-wall installations. If customization is desired, that's easy as well. All you'll need is a tape measure, straight edge, pen, and sharp utility knife.

Start in a corner with the loop sides of the tile facing out. Work your way out of the corner evenly in both directions as well as the center. Keeping each tile facing the same direction, press the tabs on the straight edges of the tile down onto the loops of the previously laid tiles until you feel it pop into place.

Once you've run out of room for full tiles, measure the distance from the remaining walls to already installed tiles and mark that distance on the tile you'd like to cut. Keep in mind the direction of the tiles when cutting.

Place the cut tiles flush with the wall and your installation is complete. Ramped border pieces are sold separately in both black or yellow options and with tab or loop connections. Corner border ramps have both the tab and the loop connection. Border ramps are connected in the same fashion as the tiles.

StayLock Orange Peel Tiles are available in Black and Gray.

Staylock Bump Top Tiles are installed in the same fashion and are available in Black, Gray, and Brown.

Enjoy your new Staylock Gym Floor!