How to Clean Garage Floor Tiles - Snap Together Plastic Tiles

By Greatmats Staff Created: February, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

Cleaning polypropylene modular garage floor tiles is a simple process. All you will need is a bucket of hot water, common household floor cleaner and a mop.

Mop the floor using these three steps:
- Changing out soapy water solution frequently will yield the cleanest floor.
- Be sure to mop up all residue to prevent a cloudy appearance.
- For stubborn areas, scrub with an oil and grease remover solution and a sponge.
Allow to air dry.

Avoid applying excessive amounts of water of soapy water solution to the floor as it may its way between the tiles. With a raised base, small amounts of water that may get through the seams will have enough airflow to dry on their own.

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