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Carpet Tiles Modular Squares

Soft & Durable Recycled Carpet Tiles Modular Squares

$6.59/tile (You Save 38%)
Reg: $10.75/tile - $10.54/sqft
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About this item

Top Features for Carpet Tiles Modular Squares

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Soft and durable
  3. Made from recycled content
  4. Raised base allows airflow
  5. Buffers against cold concrete subfloors
  6. Easy click together interlocking connectors for DIY installation
  7. Handles high roll loads, quality construction
  8. Removable floating floor system
Use Types

Basement Floor, Office Floors, Entry Ways, Laundry Rooms, Trade Shows, Portable Floor, Event Floors

Carpet Tiles for Basement with Raised Base

Our own carpet tiles for basement are made in the USA and are easy to install on hard flat surfaces, such as concrete. They will not absorb moisture. If the subfloors do become damp, these ensure airflow beneath the base platform. They can be disassembled and reinstalled as needed. These raised carpet squares for basement work anywhere. And because they are easily assembled and disassembled, use them as a temporary solution. Then return all rooms to the original look after an event.

Construction and Installation the Basement Carpet Tiles

Our products outperform carpet squares for sale by our competitors. Ours include durable plastic polypropylene bases with recycled content carpeted tops.

This yields the best basement carpet tiles, featuring a durable build quality that will last a long time. Yet the surface on the top gives all of the benefits of carpeting, including softness not achieved by other options that specialize in firmness.

Upon ordering, the carton contains both vertical and horizontal orientations. The carton has half of each type of orientation. Install them in alternating orientations to yield a checkerboard pattern. These are common types of installations with ThermalDry carpet tiles for basement, as the lay of the grain varies across the manufacturing run.

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Product Questions:

Can these tiles support heavy objects such as couches and entertainment centers?
Yes these carpet floor tiles can support common household furniture. Take a look at how this customer used the carpet tiles in his basement.
We have these in our basement, have had them for a few years. We absolutely love the floor and it has held up well. We just had flooding in the basement and the tile were covered with water for a short time until we got it pumped out. Will they dry or do we need to pull up the whole floor?
I would power wash them clean, then stand them on end and let them dry out, should be fine.
Can you put a pool table on the carpet tiles?
We recommend using plastic coasters underneath the feet in this case.
Can this product be installed over existing carpet such as at a trade show or convention center?
Yes this raised carpet tile can be installed over existing carpeting and is a great solution for portable flooring.
Can you place a washer and dryer on top of these tiles?
That might be a little too heavy, not really tested to that degree.
Can the tile be cut to make a perfect fit up to a wall?
Yes the tiles can be cut with a table saw or utility knife. You may find this installation video helpful for cutting your carpet tiles.
Is it 4.69 for one or per package
The cost is per tile.
Can you put a treadmill on these tiles? I loved the raised idea to keep moisture away in my workout area. I'm afraid to buy your fabulous looking rubber matting In case of moisture and definitely fear of a rubber oder.
Yes a treadmill should be ok.
I'd like to install these over a slightly uneven concrete basement floor. Should we use an underlayment? We live in the northeast so the concrete floor gets very cold, worried about condensation. Thanks!
You can do a moisture test on your basement floor first in order to determine if moisture is coming up through the concrete from below. A rubber underlayment will make the tiles more quit and the floor softer.
Can these be used on slightly bumpy or uneven concrete floors?
Yes somewhat, that of course depends on how uneven the surface is.
Is there a border edge available for these tiles?
Yes this tile has the Click tile border option.
We want to build a bedroom in our basement but we get some seepage. Would we be able to use these as our bedroom floor and build walls on them?
I would not recommend to build walls on top of these tiles, and you can use the tiles in the finished room.
Is it soft enough for a baby? If juice spills on it does it go through the cracks?
Yes liquids can go in between the cracks and I would use a baby mat with an infant.
Hi, we live in an RV and the floor gets cold in the winter. Will these tiles provide any insulation? Also, the flooring we have is similar to the formica type floors you'd find in any average kitchen, will these tiles stick or slide on it, mar or discolor the surface? Thanks, J
Hi J- The tiles will provide some insulation from the cold sub floor. The tiles can be installed directly over the sub floor and should not slide, stick or discolor the surface.
Can they be used on a concret patio outside
These tiles are for indoor use only.
Will these hold up to high heels?
Yes, these tiles will hold up to high heels.
Can you install these over existing carpet?
These raised carpet tiles can be installed over a low pile, commercial grade carpeting.
Can I mix the raised carpet tiles with the raised woodgrain tiles. Will they click together and be the same height.
The Carpet Tiles Modular will interlock to the Basement and Portable Event Floor Tiles. The Basement Tiles are 5/8'' thick. The Carpet Modular Tiles are 9/16'' thick. They are very close to the same height
Can these tiles be used for a home gym with weight bench, treadmill, peloton, etc
These tiles are not designed to take any dropping of free weights, they can withstand the weight of static exercise equipment
Can you steam clean these?
We do not have experience with steam cleaning these tiles and therefore would not recommend this as we are not certain how this would effect the adhesive.
What is the size of the tile?
1.01 ft x 1.01 ft
In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Carpet on Plastic
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 9/16 inch
Width 1.01 feet
Length 1.01 feet
SF per Item 1.02
Weight 0.85 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 20
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Carpet top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Click together tiles
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year limited
Click Tile Border Ramp
Weight: 0.17 lbs
Click Tile Corner Ramp
Weight: 0.15 lbs
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18 star ratings

Customer Rating:

I love this product. It was easy to install myself with the use of a table saw. You could rent one but with the cash I saved after watching a few u tube videos, I rewarded myself with the purchase of a new one. I started in the corner and worked my way down the room. I placed a 1,000 pound gun safe on it with no issues of dipping or dimpling. I dropped in some floor board trim on the edges and cut the tricky corners and closet pieces etc. with the saw and soon it was done after a few hours. I occasionally used a mallet to tap in but mostly snapped in and stepped on it as I reached for the next square. Great product, great company with great service. I am a real customer with real pictures from my basement and I say this product is a pleasure to work with and it seems very strong and should last a very long time.

Customer Rating:

Easy to install. Happy to buy local WI products

Customer Rating:

Floor installation doesn't come any easier than this. Like Lego its just snaps together. Mine was a basement installation where there are times a little water comes in through the walls but with the carpet elevated on these plastic tiles there are no worries. I have looked for years for a solution to this problem and this is the ticket. The only problem with these tiles is there is a slight noise when you walk on them but this is a combination of a unlevel floor and the hollow space under the tile which magnifies the sound. We are looking into a throw rug to baffle the sound. Additionally if there is flooding you can remove the tiles wash them and return them back into service, how cool is that. Your sales rep Joanne was a great help and went out of her way to help me with the purchase. The tiles are made of excellent materials and once you get the installation technique down the installation is very fast. The only slow portion of the installation is the trim pieces which I cut using my table saw and a coping saw. Now that I have one bedroom done I will be purchasing more for the other rooms.

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