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How to Choose the Proper Tent and Event Flooring

By Paige Cerulli Created: February, 2018 - Modified: May, 2024

When you're planning an event, you'll need to pay attention to every detail. From choosing the right location to selecting decor, there's a lot to think about. Tent and event flooring is one of the factors that you don't want to overlook. Choosing the proper flooring isn't important just in terms of safety, but can also contribute to the overall success of your event.

When it comes to temporary floor covering for party or other event use, you'll have plenty of products to choose from. The following questions can help you to get a better sense of your events, your flooring needs, and which products are suitable options for you.

Will the event take place indoors our outdoors?

The location of your event is possibly the most significant factor that will determine which flooring options are appropriate, and which won't suit your needs. Temporary flooring for events that will take place inside doesn't need to be able to withstand the environmental factors that outdoor event flooring will be exposed to. While some products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, you'll need to make sure that the product you consider is right for the environment.

When considering flooring for an outdoor event, consider how the outdoor flooring will handle factors such as:
- Weather fluctuations
- Installation over uneven ground
- Moisture and heavy rains
- UV rays

Greatmats offers many different outdoor flooring options, so you'll be able to find something to suit nearly any environment and occasion.

What surface will you install the floor on?

Consider the subsurface that will support your tent flooring or temporary flooring. Many flooring products can be installed on hard, flat surfaces. Things get a little more complicated if you're installing on top of carpet.

Outdoor installations may require some planning. Some products can be installed on top of irregular surfaces, like dirt, stones, sand and grass. Other flooring isn't quite as versatile, and may require a hard, flat surface.

If you're able to choose the location of your flooring, then opting for a flat, firm surface will give you more choices in terms of flooring options. However, even if you're working with an irregular surface like grass or sand, we have options that will accommodate your situation.

What activities will the floor be used for?

Different types of temporary event flooring are suitable for and created with different activities in mind. For instance, there's a big difference between the potential uses for temporary dance flooring and artificial turf flooring options.

Think about the types of activities that will take place on the event floor. Do you need a space that can double as a dance floor? Would something that offered ergonomic benefits be a better fit for your event? You'll also want to consider the types of shoes that attendees will be wearing. Some flooring types, like artificial turf or perforated tiles, aren't usually a great match for high heels. Make a list of the activities the floor will need to support, and refer to it as you explore your flooring options.

What qualities do you want or need your flooring to have?

Imagine your ideal temporary event floor. What does it look like? What qualities does it have? Make a list of the qualities you want in a floor. Consider including the following factors:
- Appearance
- Anti-fatigue properties
- Weather resistance
- Fall height protection
- Installation method
- Ease of transportation and storage
- Versatility (Can you install it in different areas? Can it accommodate a variety of activities?)
- Durability
- Warranty

What is your budget?

As early on in the process as possible, determine what your flooring budget will be.
When determining whether a flooring option will fit into your budget, ask yourself the following questions:
- How much total flooring will I need, and what is the total purchase cost?
- Can I install this flooring myself in order to save money? Or do I need to budget for professional installation?
- Does the flooring require a subfloor? If so, that needs to be added to the budget.

Greatmats offers many options when it comes to temporary floor covering for party and event use. These options are accessible by a wide range of budgets. We even have a price match guarantee, so you'll never overpay for flooring when you shop with us.

Temporary Event Flooring Product Options

Here's a brief overview of the choices you'll have in terms of temporary event flooring. We've highlighted some of the qualities offered by each flooring type, and have made some suggestions for potential uses of each flooring type.

Outdoor Event Flooring

Outdoor event flooring products are specifically made to withstand repeated outdoor use. Among our outdoor event flooring, you'll find products that are:
- UV resistant
- Waterproof
- Designed to drain water away from the surface
- Able to be installed on a variety of surfaces, even on uneven, irregular surfaces
- Easy to clean up

Outdoor flooring is highly versatile. Most outdoor options are perforated, so even if it rains on the day of your event, you don't have to worry about standing water on top of the flooring. From serving as a walkway to acting as a tent mat, outdoor flooring can serve many different purposes.

Consider outdoor flooring for:
- Outdoor ceremonies and events
- Outdoor tent flooring
- Temporary floor covering for party, outdoor fashion show, and event use
- Walkways
- Ground protection for events with heavy traffic

Artificial Turf Flooring

Artificial turf flooring offers a unique aesthetic to any event. Artificial turf tiles provide you the look and feel of real grass indoors, but without any of the upkeep. Plus, once you install the tiles, you can enjoy the flooring immediately - there's no waiting for the grass to grow.

Many venues prefer artificial turf because of its following benefits:
- Instantly get the look and feel of real grass
- No upkeep and maintenance time or financial investment required
- Get the look of grass year-round, no matter the climate

Artificial turf tiles mean that you can quickly and easily install an attractive flooring surface. Turf makes for great photo opportunities, and is appropriate for a number of events, including:
- Graduation ceremonies
- Weddings
- Garden parties
- And more

Temporary Event Dance Floors

Temporary event dance floors allow you to create a dance floor just about anywhere. Because portable dance floors consist of individual tiles, you can create floors that are the exact size that you need for a particular event, avoiding empty or overly crowded dance floors.

Many venues invest in portable dance floors because of their benefits:
- Easy transport, and fast, easy installation
- Raised plastic base tiles can be used both wet and dry areas
- Highly versatile, temporary dance floors can be installed over carpet, concrete, or any flat surface

Temporary dance floors allow you to get more use out of limited space, transforming one space into a multi-use area. When you're done with the event, just pack up the dance floor and store it away. Portable dance floors are popular for:
- Event venues
- Weddings
- Traveling dance troupes
- And more

Ergonomic Event Flooring

Planning to spend a good deal of time on your feet during an event? Then you may want to consider ergonomic event flooring. This temporary flooring option makes for a more comfortable surface, and can help to prevent fatigue. Consider the many benefits it offers:
- Individual ergonomic tiles are easy to transport and install
- Create a floor that's the exact size and dimensions that you need
- Provide attendees with a comfortable surface that helps to prevent fatigue
- Choose from a variety of different materials, some of which are ideal for kids, while others are durable enough to withstand high heels

Ergonomic event flooring is versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of events. Consider it for:
- Networking events
- Trade shows
- Kids' parties
- And other events where guests will spend lots of time on their feet

Vinyl Show Floors

If you want to add class and style to your event, our vinyl show floors will make an eye-catching addition. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors, and create a truly lasting impression with a stunning runway, display floor, or other element of your event.

Vinyl show floors offer many benefits:
- Stunning, eye-catching appearance
- Easy installation means that you can focus on the other elements of running your event
- Choose from flooring designed for one-time installation or repeated installations

Vinyl show floors are frequently used for events including:
- Car shows
- Fashion show runways
- Stage flooring
- And more

Your Next Steps In Planning Your Event

As you narrow down your flooring choices, be sure to give our customer service team a call. Our flooring experts would be happy to help you choose the right product for your event, and can also provide product samples and shipping quotes.