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StayLock Tile Bump Top Black


Fatigue Flooring Tile, StayLock Bump Top Tile, Ergonomic Aerobic Flooring, Athletic Modular Flooring Tiles

Fatigue Flooring Tile, StayLock Bump Top Tile, Ergonomic Aerobic Flooring, Athletic Modular Flooring Tiles

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(24 Reviews ) Write a Review
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Top Features for StayLock Tile Bump Top Black

  1. Install over carpeting or cement floors
  2. Durable like rubber, cushion like foam
  3. Active locking connector system requires no glue
  4. Waterproof and resistant to most acids and oils
  5. This modular floor tile fits together tightly and will not separate over time
  6. Ideal for industrial ergonomic and athletic flooring applications
  7. Full color flooring tiles are easy to maintain
  8. Durable PVC flooring does not require an underlayment
Use Types

Fatigue Flooring Tile, Aerobic Floors, Ergonomic Cushion Flooring, Home Gym Floor Tile

Staylock Bump Top modular athletic and is easy to assemble and is a fantastic flooring tile for large-scale installations. Use Staylock Bump Top flooring tiles for indoor installations in industrial ergonomic and athletic aerobic flooring applications and home gym floors.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead and/or Phthalates, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners, avoid bleach


Ships in cartons via ground service to your door, for larger orders product may ship freight delivery.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
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In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type PVC Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 9/16 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.50 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 26
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 75-85
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Bump top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Leed Points Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 5 year limited
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Product Questions:

Would this work on top of my hardwood floors in my living room? I'm looking for something that won't slip and has cushion for my intense, cross-training workouts. Bonus if I can de-assemble the flooring fairly easily for hiding away when company comes over.
This floor can be dis-assembled, but its not that easy for repeated dis-assembly. Its great for intense workouts on top of any hard flat surface and will most likely not slip around, the larger the layout the less likely for slippage. Also consider a roll of our plyometric rubber material, which is easy to roll up and store.
I want to use this in my garage for a workout space but in the event that I need to bring my car into the garage Is the flooring able to withstand it or will it ruin the flooring?
The car may deform the tiles, would could test it and see.
We currently have interlocking cheap mats that we picked up from Lowe's in our home gym and our dogs nails are tearing up the surface of it. Will light scratches effect the flooring at all or is it pretty durable as far as light scrapes/scratches?
This PVC tile is very durable and will not puncture from dog claws.
can this be used outdoors for small playground
Use the perforated version of this tile, call Staylock Perforated tile. This tile is great for outdoor use and features a 20 inch ASTM fall height rating. Install a geo mesh weed barrier below the tiles.
I want to do an entire room above cement. All e pictures are of partial areas. Does it work well for that? How would you do the pieces around the edges?
This tile can be installed on concrete, in a partial or full room layout as needed, the product does have border ramped edges. We also have good videos of installations. Please contact customer with further questions.
Will this product be sturdy enough for a weight lifting workout if assembled on top of carpet?
Yes these tiles can be installed over carpeting, but these tiles are not as hard as rubber, and some customers have found them to be too soft for weight lifting equipment.
If laid out on hardwood floors will the hard wood be scratched underneath? Would a thin carpet need to be used to protect the floor?
If the tiles dont move around, then the PVC Staylock tiles will not scratch the hardwood as the Staylock tiles are a softer plastic material.

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Customer Rating:

Super tough, great product. Will buy again, for sure.
Thanks, Great Mats!!

Jamestown, TN

Customer Rating:

Finally got it all installed. I love it.

Buford, GA

Customer Rating:

Our goal is to slowly convert a home office space into a weight room. After extensive research and several samples later, we decided on the staylock bumptop. We started with 52 pieces to try before fully committing. We love it! We're really excited about the product and excited to see how the space will turn out when totally complete. We have a few more purchases to make to cover the whole floor but are thrilled so far.

Atlanta, GA

Customer Rating:

My husband and I were looking for the perfect flooring solution to place over carpet in a home gym on the second floor of our home. This is the perfect solution. It assembles easily and the pieces lock securely. WE have a long way to go to complete the project but are very happy with the results so far.

Buford, GA

Customer Rating:

Great product for all purpose exercise surface over carpet. Helps absorb impact with Hiit exercises. Would highly recommend and am planning purchasing additNo am units for future expansion.

Plano, TX

Customer Rating:

Great floor for home gym. No need for sub floor over concrete. Love it.

Beaver Creek, OH

Customer Rating:

Can't believe I put this bad boy together by myself. ... They have held up really well. ... It doesn't slide at all on the carpet.

Traverse City, MI

Customer Rating:

Very pleased with these mats for home gym. Lock tight and seal very nice. Placed over plywood resting on carpet.

Colorado Springs, CO

Customer Rating:

Easily installed and wears great. Endless dimension options and the borders make it trip free.

New YorkCity, NY

Customer Rating:

I absolutely love this product, it is sturdy, yet soft enough to do exercise directly on my mat.

I used to have a cheaply made version of this mat that I got at a hardware store, and when I would put any of my lifting equipment on it, the pieces would break apart from one another and tear under the weight.

My 'fitness' room is all carpeted floor. This product has just enough give to bend and not break due to the unevenness of the carpet, yet strong enough to keep my equipment elevated and level.

Canton, OH

Customer Rating:

I've held off on writing a review for some time to give service a chance to respond to issues I had with product. But since I never received a response, I will share my experience here.

My major problem with the tiles is that they are not firm enough for the intended and promoted use case(s) - home gym flooring, equipment support, etc.. Long story short, I can depress areas of the tile a significant amount with just my thumb. In bare feet, my heels sink into areas of the tile that don't have direct floor contact. This makes for an unstable surface for workouts requiring stability. Any item placed on the floor leaves deep marks - not sure how they could ever stand up to any heavy gym equipment when they can be deformed by hand. For reference, I am 6' 1'' and about 205 pounds.

I also had an issue with the strong smell (off-gassing) but that has since resolved - just was quite overwhelming initially and for weeks after.

I'll wrap up by saying I potentially could have gotten a bad batch of tiles (some are worse than others but all are softer than expected and portrayed). I even suggested this possibility in my inquiry to service. Since ''softer'' tiles are sold at discount prices on website, the potential for softer batches from the production process clearly exists.Disappointingly, I didn't receive a response of any kind let alone an offer to remedy.

State College, PA

Customer Rating:

Very durable, easy to install, and easy to clean! Perfect mats for the small home gym I created.

My Tools Used: A box knife, a straight edge metal yard stick, a pencil, and a board to cut on.

My Method Used: I laid down all the full locking pieces I could and then precisely measured the wall-to-mat-gaps. I matched the measurements to each square piece (top side up) using two pencil marks per square (one on each end). I laid my pieces on a board and lined my metal yard stick up to each of the two pencil marks on each end. I pressed very firmly on the yard stick and pressed firmly on my box knife, repeating the cut until separated. The key here is to never move your yard stick once you start your first cut. If you move it, your repeated cuts through the rubber will be crooked. I was able to use on side of the box knife blade for the entire room. Slices like butter and I didn't lose any fingers... whew! Be careful using this method. Other methods might make it easier such as using an electric skill saw as they do for laying wood floors down.

My square footage estimates for the entire order allowed me one extra rubber square after making a few mistakes along the way so the project was a success.

Very happy with my purchase of this product. The mats seem like they will last through much abuse and I'm not afraid to get them scratched up over time as they have a rugged look anyhow. Easy to sweep and wipe clean so now I can sweat buckets without worrying about our new carpet.

I highly recommend this product!

Melissa, TX

Customer Rating:

Arrived when they said it would. Install was quick and easy. It is performing as expected.

Forest City, IA

Customer Rating:

The StayLock Bump Top mats proved to be the perfect foundation for my new home gym. I wanted something that would protect my carpet from sweat, yet provide a solid platform for riding my bike, lifting weights, and jumping around doing HIIT training. These StayLock mats meet all of that criteria while elevating the look and feel of my home gym to that of a professional one. Additionally, Beth with customer service was extremely helpful in determining the proper quantity of pieces that I needed and finding me a reasonable shipping quote. The installation was fairly easy and took me a little over 2 hours to install 90 sqft.


Customer Rating:

We had our basement refinished one year ago. At that time, we decided to use rubber mats we already had purchased. Since the mats were on top of carpet, they continued move and separate and we decided that our home gym needed something more permanent. We purchased and installed the Staylock Bump Top Black mats. They were extremely easy to install and it gave our basement a professional home gym look.

Highlands Ranch, CO

Customer Rating:

We had our basement refinished one year ago. At that time, we decided to use rubber mats we already had purchased. Since the mats were on top of carpet, they continued move and separate and we decided that our home gym needed something more permanent. We purchased and installed the Staylock Bump Top Black mats. They were extremely easy to install and it gave our basement a professional home gym look.

Highlands Ranch, CO

Customer Rating:

The StayLock Bump Top product is a very good, solid platform for weight training. My sense is that there might be better choices for plyometric-based workouts if you are looking for more cushion. It is very easy to put together and stays together perfectly. I installed this over carpet (that has a carpet pad underneath) and it has a functional trainer on top of it on one end. No problems with the tiles staying together even where there is a 200+ pounds on/around the seams. I would buy this product again. I do wish that GreatMats could find a cheaper solution for shipping. It was $50+ dollars for shipping alone on enough tile to cover a 6x8' area.

Lexington, MA

Customer Rating:

The perfect solution for home gym/work area on carpeted surfaces

Gaithersburg, MD

Customer Rating:

Order #: 1441399

After getting new carpet in my basement when my home gym is, my old rubber mat just wasn't doing the trick anymore. The higher pile of the carpet made the old mat slip and slide when I did my P90X workouts each morning; not a good thing.

So I researched and researched to find good gym flooring options that go well over carpeting and I stumbled across a blog post from Greatmats. They said their staylock bumptop flooring was the perfect solution. After reading a couple of reviews about the flooring I was sold.

I ended ordering about 56 sq ft (or 56 tiles) of the flooring along with the edging so their wouldn't be a lip. Took me about half an hour to install - it only required a rubber mallet and I followed the instructions from a Greatmats youtube video I found on ''how to install''. Super simple. All and all this product has worked perfect and it doesn't slide one bit during my workouts!

Only thing that surprised me was that there doesn't seem to be an option to order just the corner edge pieces of the mat. I ordered the edge pieces thinking it would come with the corners but it didn't. I hope I can just order those corner pieces - I only need 2! You can see in the pictures what I mean.

Garnet Valley, PA

Customer Rating:

This is a great product for those who wants a home gym. Holds well and stays firmly on carpet.

Sunnyvale, CA