StayLock Tile Perforated Colors 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

Interlocking PVC StayLock Rooftop, Pool & Deck Tile Perforated Colors

  • Rooftop installation over rubber membrane for residential
  • ASTM 1292 fall height rated at 20 inches
  • Quick and easy DIY installation with an active locking connector system
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$5.98/tile (You Save 32%)
Reg: $8.89/tile - $8.89/sqft
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  • Light Blue

  • Dark Green

  • Light Gray

  • Terra Cotta

  • Tan


Staylock Perforated Tile Black Hand Video

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Top Features for StayLock Tile Perforated Colors 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

  1. Rooftop installation over rubber membrane for residential
  2. ASTM 1292 fall height rated at 20 inches
  3. Quick and easy DIY installation with an active locking connector system
  4. Made in the USA
  5. Color consistent from batch to batch, UV stable color 3-5 years
  6. Decking tiles will not separate over time
  7. Waterproof and resistant to many oils and acids
  8. Non-slip and durable and fast draining indoor/outdoor flooring

Use Types

Deck Tiles, Rooftop Flooring, Pool Surrounds, Wet Areas, Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor PVC Decking Tiles, Raised PVC Flooring Tiles for Wet Areas

offer concrete patio installed deck flooring for homes and light residential condos that’s easily installed and is exterior 3-year UV-rated. StayLock has a slip resistant perforated top surface, and it is offered in many popular colors.

These decking tiles measure 1x1 with 1 square feet of coverage and are made in the USA of durable plastic material. Ours provides foot traction and comfort to bare feet, such as at patios, spas, pool surrounds, and rooftop decks.

Pool and Spa Applications

It works as an indoor floor tiling option for showers, greenhouses, kids play areas and indoor industrial applications. This is rated for residential installations when used outdoors, for example, on flat rooftops.

If looking for a good value, this Greatmats outdoor deck flooring offers the durability required. These PVC deck tiles have a 3-5-year UV stable colorant and anti-fungal additive, ensuring that they work especially well where they need to stand up to tough weather and varying temperatures, clearly outperforming cheap deck tiles. Additionally, they have a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


Product Questions:

Q: Hi! Would this product be good for under an area with our pool and kids swing set? Thanks, Christie
A: Yes this product can be installed outdoors on any surface including dirt or grass, and is good for wet areas. The tile will provide some traction when wet and will provide drainage.
Q: Can this product be installed over rubber roofing?
A: Yes this product is an excellent choice for installation directly over rubber roofing membranes. The underside of this tile features rounded feet that will not damage rubber roofing membranes.
Q: can this product be installed outdoors over sand
A: Yes this tile can be installed over any outdoor surface, for sand or dirt, we recommend a landscape fabric geo mesh material be laid down first before the tiles go down.
Q: How do you cut this product for fitting around obstructions?
A: This PVC outdoor rated deck and rooftop floor tile can be cut using a sharp utility knife, leave one inch for expansion in the summer.
Q: Can you use a snow shovel on this material?
A: Yes this tile can be shoveled in the winter.
Q: How many tiles per carton?
A: We can put 26 per carton, they are sold by the piece, with a minimum order quantity.
Q: Could this product be used to resurface a wood deck that I don't wish to paint any more?
A: Yes this tile can be installed over any hard flat surface, including a deck.
Q: Can they be laid over cement?
A: Yes these outdoor tiles can be installed over any hard flat surface.
Q: I have a cement area 18 ft. long by 4 ft.wide..How much would I need to order to cover the area?
A: That would be 72 SF or 72 tiles.
Q: Are tapered trim pieces available for this product?
A: Yes in the related products on this page, you will find ramped border pieces.
Q: My pool surround isn't flat. There are areas where the concrete slopes slightly lower to French drains. Will either the ''Staylock'' or ''Patio outdoor tile'' flex slightly to conform to these areas? Which would be better?
A: Both of these PVC outdoor plastic tiles will flex with the contour of this surface. Both will work well. The Staylock is UV rated for 7 years, while the Patio Outdoor Tile is not.
Q: Can this product be used on uneven floors?
A: Yes this is a good option for uneven surfaces as the tiles will flow with the floor.
Q: Can you put these tiles directly over grass
A: Yes, if the ground is very flat and the grass is very short. The tiles will undulate with the surface of the grade. Normally a hard flat surface for installation is recommended.
Q: One of the reviews mentioned ''buckling'' when in direct sunlight. Do you have suggestions for how to accommodate for this?
A: All rubber or plastic tiles will expand to some extent when installed outdoors, its a good idea to leave room for a little expansion.
Q: Is this Strong enough to have a wooden kids swing set installed on top of it. I'm looking for product to put between wood and earth.
A: That depends on the amount of weight per post. Consider this tile are designed for humane use. Its best to place a large heavy swing set or playset on the ground and then surround the area with these outdoor perforated tiles.
Q: Do the tiles get hot in the summer months? Looking for something for the wooden pool deck that does not get hot. How is it to walk on around the pool in the summer?
A: We have tested the tile by laying it outside in summer sun and we dont see it getting hotter than other types of surfaces, based on a touch test.
Q: Can these mats be installed on a concrete basement floor
A: Yes these tiles can be installed on any hard flat surface.
Q: Would these tiles be ok to put on top of asphalt roll roofing?
A: Yes these tiles are rubber and asphalt roof safe, for residential use and light commercial in limited use conditions.
Q: I would like to use these in on my playground. What is the fall zone? Do you give discounts with large quantities?
A: The fall height is 20 inches and we have discounts starting after about 1000 SF.
Q: Does this product feel hot to the touch when in direct sunlight?
A: Depending on the temperature and the person touching the tile. I know kids are more sensitive than adults for example. Generally these outdoor PVC floor tiles will not be much hotter than the outdoor temperature. Because they are perforated they dont absorb as much heat as a solid surface might.
Q: How easily do these clean? Can you sweep debris such as leaves and pine needles off or do they get stuck inside the holes?
A: These Tiles can be lifted easily to sweep or clean beneath. They can also be power washed.
Q: Have a concrete patio. If the patio is removed, leaving only the rock underneath, can this product be used in place of the removed concrete? Like the fact that water seeps through the product. Thanks
A: These Staylock Perforated Tiles work best over a flat or fairly flat surface. We suggest taking the rock out before installing the Staylock Tiles.
Q: Will this product work for a sport court. I see other tiles labeled as such however I want a cohesive look if we decide to use this specific product under our deck. Also our deck is 1200+ sf so there are several piers to go around are these easily cut to wrap around piers?
A: Staylock Perforated tiles may be too flexible for a sport court area. Please contact our sales department for recommendations for your specific area.
Q: Do balls, like a basketball, bounce well on these tiles?
A: A well-inflated basketball will bounce well on this product if it is installed over level, hard surface such as concrete. The Staylock Perforated Tiles are not rigid enough to remain flat over uneven surfaces, such as for a true bounce. You can also consider a more rigid option, such as our Patio Outdoor Tile: They too should be installed over concrete or asphalt.
Q: Is this product slippery when wet in bare feet?
A: These mats are not slippery when wet with bare feet.
Q: I am building a dog litter box for my patio. Does this material hold up to urine? Thank you
A: Yes. It is non absorbant.
Q: How long can I expect this product to last on a flat roof?
A: It is guaranteed for 3 years. Beyond that, it really depends on how often and how hard it is used.
Q: Can this product be used inside of a hot tub? Like a non slip rug/mat? Thanks
A: Yes.
Q: I want to lay these over dirt what do you recommend using underneath?
A: This could vary depending on the installation. For temporary installations, the product can be placed directly on the ground without much prepping required. For more permanent installations, the ground should be compacted first. For both of these, the surface should be relatively level to ensure the tiles can properly interlock with one another. Feel free to reach out to our team for more information regarding this.
Q: How thick is the tile?
A: 9/16 inch
Q: what is the exposed edge treatment?
A: We offer border edges for use with this product.
Q: HI! Do you recommend these to create a non-skid/non-slip surface inside a locker room shower stall? Thank you! Cat
A: Yes, these tiles are non-slip, durable and fast draining which makes them an excellent choice for shower areas.
Q: mold and mildew resistance?
A: Yes. This is resistant to both.
Q: Hi. I ordered black tiles a few months ago. Is this color still available?
A: Yes. You can find find Staylock Tile Peforated in black here.
Q: Hello can the deck tile be cut I have curves on my concrete
A: Yes. These can be cut using a power saw or a sharp utility knife.
Q: Is it safe to use these tile in Florida on a flat roof over TPO? Will these tile not fly away in the wind? Can we use glue to glue them down? Is there a Florida Approval for this product or an NOA?
A: This product has not been tested for use in high winds/hurricane conditions and is typically not glued down due to expansion and contraction.
Q: I am interested in StayLock Tile in blue color (approx 6800 SQFT) Please let me know this tile availability
A: Please call 877-822-6622 to speak with a member of our sales team to discuss options for this request.
Q: I have a goofy shaped deck. How would I be able to use your product?
A: These tiles can be trimmed with a sharp utility knife.
Q: I will use these on my wood deck. Can I put my patio table (with umbrella) and chairs on it? Thank you.
A: Yes. These will support that kind of weight.
Q: Is this good for a enclosed concrete screen porch
A: Yes. This is a great solution for that.


In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type PVC Plastic
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 9/16 inch
Width 1.00 feet
Length 1.00 feet
SF per Item 1.00
Weight 1.25 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 26
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Material Hardness Shore A 85
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In USA
Surface Finish Perforated top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated Yes
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 year limited




StayLock Border Edge Black Weight: 0.31lbs $3.95 /tile
StayLock Corner Black Weight: 0.07lbs $3.95 /tile



Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

130 star ratings

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1 star

Customer Rating:

We used these mats in a childcare facility. They were purchased for an outdoor playground setting.

We laid them over commercial landscape fabric. They were very easy to snap together…..took us less than 2 hours from start to finish.

Customer Rating:

I bought the Staylock perforated mats for our backyard and absolutely love them. I chose the terra cotta for the majority of the surface area and the black for a border so it matched the edge/corner pieces. I was converting an old cement slab into a play area for our kids (about 15x15), and these mats were not only the most affordable option but they are also amazing quality. The area I was covering was NOT level and had a few areas where two sections of cement had separated quite a bit so i was worried how well this flooring would lay. but it has been amazing, since these mats are flexible they just lay right over and smooth out the uneven areas really well. my husband and i installed ourselves, it was very easy although it started to wear on your thumbs. our son even helped, using a rubber mallet to lock the pieces together after we lined them up. the kids spent most of the summer playing in pools/water tables/splash pads and this flooring does great with filtering the water through the holes so i never have sitting water. it *does* get slippery when wet and my kids have wiped out a few times, but they just hop up with no complaints! we have lots of leaves falling and so far no stains from wet leaves sitting on the floor either. not sure how it will hold up over winter but so far so good, would definitely recommend!

Customer Rating:

Super easy to install; helpful advice on the phone and it looks FABULOUS! My balcony had Dektek on it and it wasn't a great installation with wrinkles, water, dirt - now I can walk on it without worry and it always looks great. The tiles weren't cheap but the value far exceeded the cost - I am so happy I did this instead of indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Customer Rating:

Our existing deck had serious problems.
To enter the study space on the second floor, the Clinic staff people had to climb up the outside concrete stairs from the Clinic, and then walk across a modified bitumen roof to the door.
We paid dearly to have a wooden “platform” type “deck” built on the modified bit roof. It was terrible. The platform was taller than the top stair, and also taller than the threshold of the entrance door to the study. We were still stepping onto the bare roof at the top of the stairs, and then stepping down onto the bare roof close to the entrance door to the study. Everyone on the Clinic staff wanted to simply walk across a flat smooth surface to their door.

“StayLock” perforated roof tiles have greatly improved happiness and safety of the Clinic study. The physicians and the nurses no longer trip over the edge of the wood deck. They don’t need to step over the snow-and-ice puddle in front of their door.

We have covered the ugly black roof without repeating the failure of the previous design:
The StayLock deck covering is thin enough to be built all the way to the door, and all the way to the top of the stairs. It is no thicker than a thickly padded rug.
The tiles are easily removable, in case roof repairs are needed.
The StayLock tiles are flexible enough to “relax” down onto the underlying modified bitumen roof, which is definitely not smooth and flat.
We are shovel snow and apply salt.

Our new StayLock tiles are thin, removable, flexible, durable, and beautiful. Our deck is now a place to have lunch with a friend.

Customer Rating:

An excellent rubberized tile for roof decks. The flexible and rounded ''feet'' on the waffled underside are just right for protecting TPO and PVC membranes. None of the sharp, rigid edges or points found on many other 12x12 tiles designed to lie flat. And easy to install! I've assembled these on warm summer days and in the cold of winter. They behave differently in the cold but are still flexible and easy to click together. Best of all, they lay flat over slight variations in the surface of the substrate beneath. No ''rocking'' whatsoever!

Customer Rating:

The before and after of my daughter's deck.

Customer Rating:

Great product. I live in a 4 season area of the country. Ceramic tile cracked in winter, carpet outdoor..... stayed dirty and always had mold. Everything was a poor option until I found GreatMats. Easy to install, keep clean, looks great ( everyone comments)... The big box stores offere nothing like this. Good bye to mold, dirt, odor, fading, cracking! Perfect and easy to install!